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With the Peasants of Aragon: Libertarian Communism In The Liberated Areas
With the Peasants of Aragon
Libertarian Communism In The Liberated Areas
Paperback      ISBN: 0995660905

In 1936, the people of Spain rose up, overthrew their masters and took power into their own hands. In the villages and small towns of Aragon, they began to live in a way never seen before in modern Europe. Their ideal - libertarian communism.

This detailed eyewitness account of the collectives in the heartland of the revolution shows how ordinary people, inspired by the anarchist principles of equality and solidarity, organised freely to build a new world, whilst resisting a bloodthirsty fascist uprising.

It is a document of extraordinary importance; not only for the facts presented but because it informs the reader of today how, and in what circumstances, an idea regarded as purely utopian can become a reality.

Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 8499533876

Yerma is married to an honest man, but her life runs with blood. Written in 1934, the play tells the story of a childless woman in a time when women's value came entirely from bearing children. Her desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually leads her to commit a horrible crime. The dilemma of this work is Freudian in nature: If someone loves but does not have desire, can they make someone else happy and give her a meaningful life? At the same time, if she cannot articulate what she wants in the terms of modernity, we never know whether she wants to be a mother, wants to be desired, or wants to be fulfilled? Fortunately, the talent of Garcia Lorca goes above and beyond and creates a work that reveals new facets of personal growth and frustration with each reading

La vida corre por la sangre de Yerma y est casada con un hombre honesto. El dilema de esta obra es freudiano, si alguien ama y no desea, puede hacer feliz a alguien y puede, incluso, darle una vida intensa? A la vez no puede articular qu quiere en los t rminos de la modernidad. Quiere ser madre, quiere ser deseada, quiere ser plena? Nunca sabremos del todo qu quiere. Por suerte el talento de Garc a Lorca va m s all y a haciendas de todo esto cada lectura de esta obra nos revela otra arista de las b squedas personales y la insaciable incapacidad para encontrar alguna forma de epifan a.