101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius
101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0071772685
Packed with the latest technologies and countermeasures for spy devices 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius, Second Edition shows you how to reclaim your privacy by targeting the very machines that invade your space. Learn how to disable many spy devices by hacking easily available appliances into cool tools of your own, and even turn the tables on the snoopers by using gadgetry to collect information on them. Featuring easy-to-find, inexpensive parts, the book shows you how to build your very own spy gadgets and countermeasures arsenal that would make MacGyver proud. 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius, Second Edition - Features projects that use easy-to-find, inexpensive parts and contain step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions - Offers alternative design ideas for each project and leaves room for modification and improvisation to allow you to mix or alter the designs depending on the parts available - Filled with revised projects that have been taken to the next level with more modern parts - Enhances hands-on technical skills and introduces easy-to-create countermeasures - Aims to put the power back into the hands of the "little guy" by teaching how to turn the tables on snoopers
50 Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy
50 Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0735216134
Describes the history of economic change through the fifty inventions that had the most impact and explores the hidden connections they share, from paper money and the horse collar, to bar codes and spreadsheets.
50 Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy
50 Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy
Paperback      ISBN: 0735216142
NAMED A BEST BOOK OF 2017 by BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK, THE FINANCIAL TIMES, AND AMAZON A lively history seen through the fifty inventions that shaped it most profoundly, by the bestselling author of The Undercover Economist and Messy. Who thought up paper money? What was the secret element that made the Gutenberg printing press possible? And what is the connection between The Da Vinci Code and the collapse of Lehman Brothers? Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy paints an epic picture of change in an intimate way by telling the stories of the tools, people, and ideas that had far-reaching consequences for all of us. From the plough to artificial intelligence, from Gillette’s disposable razor to IKEA’s Billy bookcase, bestselling author and Financial Times columnist Tim Harford recounts each invention’s own curious, surprising, and memorable story. Invention by invention, Harford reflects on how we got here and where we might go next. He lays bare often unexpected connections: how the bar code undermined family corner stores, and why the gramophone widened inequality. In the process, he introduces characters who developed some of these inventions, profited from them, and were ruined by them, as he traces the principles that helped explain their transformative effects. The result is a wise and witty book of history, economics, and biography.
Aeronautical Chart User's Guide
Aeronautical Chart User's Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 1510725520
The updated 11th edition of the Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide by the FAA is a great reference for novice pilots and professionals alike. Printed in full color with detailed examples, this book provides all the information students and pilots need to know about all the symbols and information provided on US aeronautical charts and chart navigation publications. Readers will find information on VFR charts, aeronautical chart symbols, helicopter route charts, flyway planning charts, IFR enroute charts, explanation of IFR enroute terms and symbols, Terminal Procedure Publications (TPPs), explanation of TPP terms and symbols, airspace classifications, and an airspace class table.

Airplane Flying Handbook: FAA-H-8083-3B
Airplane Flying Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 1510712836
The Federal Aviation Administration’s Airplane Flying Handbook provides pilots, student pilots, aviation instructors, and aviation specialists with information on every topic needed to qualify for and excel in the field of aviation. Topics covered include: Ground operations Cockpit management The four fundamentals of flying Integrated flight control Slow flights Stalls Spins Takeoff Ground reference maneuvers Night operations And much more Updated to include the most current information, the Airplane Flying Handbook is a great study guide for current pilots and for potential pilots who are interested in applying for their first license. It is also the perfect gift for any aircraft or aeronautical buff.

America the Ingenious: How a Nation of Dreamers, Immigrants, and Tinkerers Changed the World
America the Ingenious
How a Nation of Dreamers, Immigrants, and Tinkerers Changed the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1579656943
What are the origins of the electric guitar? How did the whaling ship work? Why was the invention of the electric motor so crucial for the New York City subway? The incredible stories behind these strokes of genius and more, told by author Kevin Baker, fill the pages of America the Ingenious. Here are 76 of the most intriguing, important, and ingenious inventions realized in America, from the Panama Canal, the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater to the oil rig, the electric sewing machine, and the telephone. Who came up with these ideas? How long did they take to realize? What were the complications? How, exactly, do these things work? And how have they affected who we are today? This book will satisfy the curiosity of history and miscellany buffs alike. Readers will walk away with a new appreciation for these world-changing inventions, as well as a newfound understanding of what makes America the perfect breeding ground for ingenuity.
Ancient Inventions
Ancient Inventions
Paperback      ISBN: 0345401026
A compendium of odd facts and entertaining curiosities featuring more than three hundred illustrations reveals the ancient origins of many of humankind's most important inventions, from the chewing gum of the Aztecs to Stone Age brain surgery. Reprint.
The Anti-gravity Files: A Compilation of Patents and Reports
The Anti-gravity Files
A Compilation of Patents and Reports
Paperback      ISBN: 1939149754

Applied Minds: How Engineers Think
Applied Minds
How Engineers Think
Paperback      ISBN: 039335301x
This fascinating volume explores the unique visions and mental tools of engineers, revealing the influence they wield in transforming problems into opportunities and how the concepts of prototyping, reliability, standards, optimization and feedback are put to use in diverse fields.
The Atlantic Crossing Guide: Preparation, Passages and Cruising Grounds
The Atlantic Crossing Guide
Preparation, Passages and Cruising Grounds
Hardcover      ISBN: 1472947665
The Atlantic Crossing Guide, expanded and refreshed in its 7th edition for a new generation of Atlantic cruisers, is the well-established and definitive reference, relied upon by thousands of cruisers crossing the Atlantic in both directions. It is packed with information and collective wisdom of cruising sailors from over four decades, this edition includes updated advice on: PREPARATIONS: - Suitable boats, including considerations of hull integrity - Equipment and maintenance - Advances in navigation and communications systems - Access to weather and routeing information - The balance of power input and usage - Planning for hurricane season - Risk management - Crew harmony and health - Provisioning PASSAGE PLANNING - Atlantic weather systems, including tropical waves and hurricanes - Common routes and timings across the Atlantic - Seasonal cruising along bordering coasts and within Atlantic island groups - Fog and ice in the higher latitudes - Key landfalls The comprehensiveness of this new edition will both inspire dreamers and instill confidence in those about to depart.