Zapatista!: Reinventing Revolution in Mexico
Reinventing Revolution in Mexico
Paperback      ISBN: 0745311776

This collection on the Zapatista uprising brings together contributors from Mexico, the United States and Britain. The editors examine the formation of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and discuss the key themes of the uprising - from the central issue of what it means to have a revolution that does not aim to take power to the meaning of identity and non-identity, the question of gender, race and class and the role of the Internet and electronic media. The significant contribution that the EZLN's spokesman, Subcomandante Marcos, has made to revolutionary literature is a theme that runs throughout the book.

Zapatistas: The Chiapas Revolt and What It Means for Radical Politics
The Chiapas Revolt and What It Means for Radical Politics
Paperback      ISBN: 074532486x

The Zapatista Army for National Liberation burst onto the world stage on 1 January 1994. Zapatista commander Subcomandante Marcos announced a revolution, and declared war on the Mexican government and global capitalism. Since then, the Zapatistas have inspired thousands of activists across the world. They have attracted much attention from political theorists and analysts. Despite this, there is little consensus about the real nature and efficacy of the movement. Zapatistas provides a bold new approach to understanding the insurrection. Mentinis spent nine months visiting the Zapatista autonomous zone, and the result is this unique exploration of the indigenous political theory emerging within the movement. Combining this with an analysis of the integrity of the Zaptista project, Mentinis draws on the concept of the 'event' from Badiou, ideas from Situationism, the 'project of autonomy' of Cornelius Castoriadis and the 'constituent power' of Antonio Negri, to present a rigourous account of the movement and the impact it has had on radical political theory.