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Red Azalea
Red Azalea
Paperback      ISBN: 0425147762
Reveals the author's experiences in China during the final years under Mao and conveys the oppressive brutality that was endured as well as the resilience of human spirit that perpetuated survival throughout the nation. Reprint. NYT.
Life and Death in Shanghai
Life and Death in Shanghai
Paperback      ISBN: 014010870x
This account of the horrors faced by the author during China's Cultural Revolution tells of her arrest, the failed attempts to make her confess to spying, her imprisonment, and the story of her survival
The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices
The Good Women of China
Hidden Voices
by Xinran
Paperback      ISBN: 1400030803
Drawing on personal interviews with, anecdotes by, and experiences of modern Chinese women at all levels of society, this fascinating study looks at what it means to be a woman in today's China and the political, social, cultural, and personal upheavals they have endured in a complex and repressive society. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.
All About Shanghai: A Standard Guidebook
All About Shanghai
A Standard Guidebook
Paperback      ISBN: 0195815947
First published in 1934, this book brings Shanghai in its heyday vividly to life. Shanghai remains the most modern city in China, although today much of the glamour is gone. With All About Shanghai, the enterprising tourist can recapture the atmosphere of this extraordinary city.
The Experience of Modernity: Chinese Autobiography of the Early Twentieth Century
The Experience of Modernity
Chinese Autobiography of the Early Twentieth Century
Hardcover      ISBN: 0472098217
In The Experience of Modernity: Chinese Autobiography of the Early Twentieth Century, Janet Ng Examines the place of autobiography in the China of the May Fourth Era (1917-40). The May Fourth Era began as a movement to make classical literary language accessible to the common people - and became a broader political movement against imperialism. The writing of autobiography was influenced by this social and political mission of literature. But autobiography was also a uniquely potent venue for individual expression. The Experience of Modernity explores autobiography's dual nature - as well as its popularity - using the autobiographical writings of Chen Hengzhe, Lu Xun, Hu Shi, Xie Bingying, Xiao Hong, Eileen Chang, Yu Dafu, and Shen Congwen.
Hungry Ghosts: Mao's Secret Famine
Hungry Ghosts
Mao's Secret Famine
Paperback      ISBN: 0805056688
Exposes the horrible result of Mao's attempted utopian engineering in China between 1958 and 1962, uncovering a bloody trail of terror, cannibalism, torture, and murder
Gender and Change in Hong Kong: Globalization, Post Colonialism, and Chinese Patriarchy
Gender and Change in Hong Kong
Globalization, Post Colonialism, and Chinese Patriarchy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0774809949
China Men
China Men
Hardcover      ISBN: 0394424638
The author describes the Chinese experience in the U.S. through incidents from her childhood, the history of early Chinese immigrants, and Chinese myths and tales

First edition; signed copy

Empire: Impressions From China
Impressions From China
Hardcover      ISBN: 8874391277
This collection of duotone photographs of contemporary China evokes the timeless spirit of this ancient and rapidly changing culture. The innate and mysterious details that make China unique are captured in fleeting facial expressions and gestures and in fragments of architecture and landscapes. The moving, highly personal view of China that emerges in these images typifies the strength of the human spirit and its ability to overcome adversity.
Sons of the Yellow Emperor: A History of the Chinese Diaspora
Sons of the Yellow Emperor
A History of the Chinese Diaspora
Paperback      ISBN: 1568360320
THE FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNT OF THE WORLD'S GREATIEST CONTINUING MIGRATION The Chinese Diaspora stretches all over the world. It represents the most widespread and prolonged series of migrations by one nation ever. Chinese emigrants have been tycoons in Hong Kong and America, coolies in Peru and South Africa, underworld gangsters in San Francisco and Bangkok. Today, whether as near-slave laborers on illicit planes and freighters, or as bankers and traders from a world network of high finance, the Chinese are on the move as much as ever. In this rich blend of history, biography, and travel, noted author Lynn Pan recounts why emigrants have left China; how their dispersal has been shaped and stimulated by imperialist Western powers; and how the all-male frontier groups were transformed into complex communities organized by clan, dialect, and secret society. In the process, she takes us inside the supposedly closed world of the overseas Chinese and shows how, in a curious boomerang effect, these expatriates are currently changing the supposedly eternal face of China-perhaps forever. A new afterword by the author comments on the ironies that result when multiculturalism and emigrant culture meet head-on.