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Chinese Families in the Post-Mao Era
Chinese Families in the Post-Mao Era
Hardcover      ISBN: 0520077970

How have the momentous policy shifts that followed the death of Mao Zedong changed families in China? What are the effects of the decollectivization of agriculture, the encouragement of limited private enterprise, and the world's strictest birth-control policy? Eleven sociologists and anthropologists explore these and other questions in this path-breaking volume. The essays concern both urban and rural communities and range from intellectual to working-class families. They show that there is no single trend in Chinese family organization today, but rather a mosaic of forms and strategies that must be seen in the light of particular local conditions.

Remembering China 1935-1945
Remembering China 1935-1945
Hardcover      ISBN: 0898231701

This captivating memoir characterizes life in China during a tumultuous period in its history. Bea Exner Liu moved to China in 1935 to teach English. She married a Chinese, and witnessed the Japanese invasion of China during the years 1935 to 1945. Using narrative and quoting the letters she wrote to her family over those ten years, Liu presents a clear and sometimes shocking picture of daily life. Chinese political structure, availability of adequate medical care, and the daily grind of raising a family during a time when bombing raids were routine are all treated with Liu's adept language and gentle humor.

Colors of the Mountain
Colors of the Mountain
Paperback      ISBN: 0385720602
Colors of the Mountain is a classic story of triumph over adversity, a memoir of a boyhood full of spunk, mischief, and love, and a welcome introduction to an amazing young writer.

Da Chen was born in 1962, in the Year of Great Starvation. Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution engulfed millions of Chinese citizens, and the Red Guard enforced Mao's brutal communist regime. Chen's family belonged to the despised landlord class, and his father and grandfather were routinely beaten and sent to labor camps, the family of eight left without a breadwinner. Despite this background of poverty and danger, and Da Chen grows up to be resilient, tough, and funny, learning how to defend himself and how to work toward his future. By the final pages, when his says his last goodbyes to his father and boards the bus to Beijing to attend college, Da Chen has become a hopeful man astonishing in his resilience and cheerful strength.
Empress Dowager CIXI: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China
Empress Dowager CIXI
The Concubine Who Launched Modern China
Paperback      ISBN: 0307456706

A New York Times Notable Book
An NPR Best Book of the Year

In 1852, at age sixteen, Cixi was chosen as one of Emperor Xianfeng's numerous concubines. When he died in 1861, their five-year-old son succeeded to the throne. Cixi at once launched a coup against her son's regents and placed herself as the true source of power--governing through a silk screen that separated her from her male officials.
Drawing on newly available sources, Jung Chang comprehensively overturns Cixi's reputation as a conservative despot. Cixi's extraordinary reign saw the birth of modern China. Under her, the ancient country attained industries, railways, electricity, and a military with up-to-date weaponry. She abolished foot-binding, inaugurated women's liberation, and embarked on a path to introduce voting rights. Packed with drama, this groundbreaking biography powerfully reforms our view of a crucial period in China's--and the world's--history.
Red China Blues: My Long March from Mao to Now
Red China Blues
My Long March from Mao to Now
Paperback      ISBN: 0385482329

Jan Wong, a Canadian of Chinese descent, went to China as a starry-eyed Maoist in 1972 at the height of the Cultural Revolution. A true believer--and one of only two Westerners permitted to enroll at Beijing University--her education included wielding a pneumatic drill at the Number One Machine Tool Factory. In the name of the Revolution, she renounced rock & roll, hauled pig manure in the paddy fields, and turned in a fellow student who sought her help in getting to the United States. She also met and married the only American draft dodger from the Vietnam War to seek asylum in China.

Red China Blues is Wong's startling--and ironic--memoir of her rocky six-year romance with Maoism (which crumbled as she became aware of the harsh realities of Chinese communism); her dramatic firsthand account of the devastating Tiananmen Square uprising; and her engaging portrait of the individuals and events she covered as a correspondent in China during the tumultuous era of capitalist reform under Deng Xiaoping. In a frank, captivating, deeply personal narrative she relates the horrors that led to her disillusionment with the "worker's paradise." And through the stories of the people--an unhappy young woman who was sold into marriage, China's most famous dissident, a doctor who lengthens penises--Wong reveals long-hidden dimensions of the world's most populous nation.

In setting out to show readers in the Western world what life is like in China, and why we should care, she reacquaints herself with the old friends--and enemies of her radical past, and comes to terms with the legacy of her ancestral homeland.
China's New Rulers: The Secret Files
China's New Rulers
The Secret Files
Paperback      ISBN: 1590170725

At the Chinese Communist Party's 16th Congress in November 2002, a group of new leaders took over the world's most populous country. Their accession as the Fourth Generation of rulers of the People's Republic--following the generations of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Jiang Zemin--signaled the end of a long, complex struggle for power.

Yet little has been known outside high Party circles about either that struggle or the men who emerged victorious from it. China's New Rulers, based on confidential Party files leaked to a Chinese writer abroad, offers an unprecedented glimpse into the most orderly succession in the turbulent history of the People's Republic. At its center are detailed descriptions of the nine men who will rule China for the next five years--their backgrounds, their characters, and their visions for the future. Among the challenges they will face are economic reform and China's integration into a global economy, pressures for political liberalization and human rights, ethnic unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang, the status of Taiwan, and relations with the US.

China's New Rulers is an extraordinary account of a high-level political drama that has largely taken place in secret. It portrays many key figures in the Party, government, and military, and provides new information on Jiang Zemin's thirteen years in office. Most importantly, it contains the first insights into matters of great importance to the West: who will lead China, what changes they may bring to their country, and how they may act as international partners and competitors.

Teaching in Wartime China: A Photo-Memoir, 1937-1939
Teaching in Wartime China
A Photo-Memoir, 1937-1939
Hardcover      ISBN: 0870239120

After graduating from Yale in 1937, Gulick spent two years in China's Hunan province teaching English at a mission school for Chinese boys. During this time, he travelled widely in the area and kept journals of his travels. He draws on both journals and photographs to create this memoir.

Ancestors: 900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family
900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family
Hardcover      ISBN: 0688044611
The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution
The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution
Paperback      ISBN: 1931859841

The story of contemporary China typically dates back to Mao's 1949 revolution. But in this classic work of Marxist scholarship, historian Harold Isaacs uncovers how workers and peasants struggled for a different kind of revolution, one built from the bottom up, in the 1920s. The defeat of their heroic efforts profoundly shaped the further course of modern Chinese history.

Harold Isaacs was an acclaimed Marxist historian who identified with Leon Trotsky's critique of the Soviet Union's degeneration under Stalinism during the 1920s. The Tragedy, his major work, is dedicated to the "martyrs" of the 1925-1927 revolution, who fought for a truly democratic society.

The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II
The Rape of Nanking
The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II
Paperback      ISBN: 0140277447

In December 1937, in what was then the capital of China, one of the most brutal massacres in the long annals of wartime barbarity occurred. The Japanese army swept into the ancient city of Nanking and within weeks not only looted and burned the defenceless city, but systematically raped, tortured and murdered more than 300000 Chinese civilians.