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Thoth Tarot Deck
Thoth Tarot Deck
Cards      ISBN: 0880793082
Mystical Origins of the Tarot: From Ancient Roots to Modern Usage
Mystical Origins of the Tarot
From Ancient Roots to Modern Usage
Paperback      ISBN: 0892811900
Thoroughly examines the original historical source of each tarot card, how the card's divinatory meanings evolved from these symbols, and provides authentic spreads and divination techniques from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Original.
Tarot for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Reading the Cards
Tarot for Beginners
A Practical Guide to Reading the Cards
Paperback      ISBN: 0738719552
Tarot for Beginners makes it easier than ever to learn all you need to know about reading the cards. Award-winning tarot expert Barbara Moore provides a complete foundation in tarot, clearly explaining each aspect while encouraging you to develop your own unique reading style. Begin with the history and myths behind tarot, and discover the meanings of all seventy-eight cards—broken down into suit, number, and major and minor arcana for simpler learning. You'll also explore symbols, reversals, spreads, interpretation techniques, tarot journaling, and more. Sample readings of predictive, prescriptive, interactive, and intuitive styles will also help you give insightful and fulfilling readings for yourself and others.
Cosmic Tarot Deck
Cosmic Tarot Deck
Cards      ISBN: 0880793953
Tarot of the Cat People
Tarot of the Cat People
Cards      ISBN: 0880790784
The New Tarot Handbook: Master the Meanings of the Cards
The New Tarot Handbook
Master the Meanings of the Cards
Paperback      ISBN: 0738731900
Renowned author Rachel Pollack has spent more than forty years studying and practicing Tarot. This insightful guide distills her vast knowledge and offers a direct, accessible approach to mastering the cards. This book will teach you the meanings of the cards and enable you to begin doing compelling readings right away. More seasoned readers will find that this basic reference has a richness and depth that will call you back again and again to discover your own truth within the cards. —Find new descriptions and divinatory meanings with a modern twist —Learn not only what each card signifies, but how to discover what it means to you —Enhance your understanding of the cards with information about numbers, elements, astrology, and Kabbalah —Try the unique spreads inspired by each Major Arcana card —Understand Tarot’s rich history, including Eden Gray’s immense influence
Tarot Spells
Tarot Spells
Paperback      ISBN: 0875426700
Most people think that Tarot cards are only for doing readings. Some know they can also be used as focal points in meditation. But those in the know have the secret--some incredibly powerful magic can be performed easily with the help of the Tarot. Now you can discover those secrets and use them to improve your life with Tarot Spells by Janina Renee! Techniques of using the Tarot cards for magic are fully explained in this book. Also covered are preparations and additions, such as how to add candles, gemstones, colors and crystals to enhance your spell. But mostly this book is about using the cards of the Tarot to cast spells that will change your life. You'll be able to cast spells to ease stress and increase psychic ability. You'll get a spell to encourage your debtors to finally pay you, and a spell to tap your unconscious mind for knowledge. There are spells for healing and job hunting, for finding a home and to get more friends. There are spells to bring peace between you and other family members. You'll find spells for business, for success in competition and for courage. The list of spells just goes on and on! If you have been using the Tarot, here is a chance to increase your knowledge of the power of the cards. The book is illustrated with beautiful designs from the Robin Wood Tarot, but you can use the spells with any Tarot deck. If you want to make changes in your life, here is a way to work magic with no tools other than your Tarot deck. For ease and power, you will want to work with the secrets revealed in this book.
Gummy Bear Tarot
Gummy Bear Tarot
Cards      ISBN: 1572814713
Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot
Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot
Cards      ISBN: 1572816562
Companion cards to the acclaimed book, The Sacred Tarot in full color
Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot: The True Story of the World's Most Popular Tarot
Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot
The True Story of the World's Most Popular Tarot
Paperback      ISBN: 0738741191
An exploration of the worlds and environments that shaped both Waite and Smith shares previously unseen creator material and practical guidelines for interpreting the symbols and intentions of their popular tarot deck.