Air Combat
Warbirds: The Aviation Art of Adam Tooby
The Aviation Art of Adam Tooby
Hardcover      ISBN: 1781168482
Offers a collection of the artist's detailed digital illustrations featuring a wide variety of military airplanes in dramatic scenes, covering over one hundred years of aviation history.
Winged Brothers: Naval Aviation As Lived by Ernest and Macon Snowden
Winged Brothers
Naval Aviation As Lived by Ernest and Macon Snowden
Hardcover      ISBN: 1682472965
"Winged Brothers recounts the service of two brothers through more than forty years of naval aviation in both peace and war. The older brother, Ernest, entered naval aviation in an era of open-cockpit biplanes. In World War II he led first a squadron, then an air group to one of the most distinguished combat records in the Pacific theater. The younger brother, Macon's story guides the reader through the Navy's transition from piston-engine aircraft to jets, inside the inter-service disputes at the start of the atomic age, from straight to angled flight decks, through flight testing high performance aircraft, and to supersonic combat over Vietnam. Through personal letters, official reports, first-hand accounts, and first-person interviews, the brothers' relationship is revealed to the reader"--
Wings for the Fleet: A Narrative of Naval Aviation's Early Development, 1910-1916
Wings for the Fleet
A Narrative of Naval Aviation's Early Development, 1910-1916
Paperback      ISBN: 1591145902
The men who ventured into the air in the Navy’s first aircraft were not only daring—they had vision, persistence, and a nearly unlimited determination to convince the skeptics that their frail kite-like structures could someday possess military value. Wings for the Fleet is the story of their trials, tragedies, and triumphs. These men patched cooling systems with chewing gum, lived by “crash, repair, and fly again,
Wings of Valor: Honoring America's Fighter Aces
Wings of Valor
Honoring America's Fighter Aces
Hardcover      ISBN: 1591146410
A hero’s action is always extraordinary because it is so contrary to the basic human instincts of self-preservation and survival. For the fighter ace, it is often “kill or be killed
XC-142A Tiltwing Vstol Transport
XC-142A Tiltwing Vstol Transport
Paperback      ISBN: 0942612884
Air Force Legends Number 213 is a book about the test and development of vertical take off and landing of an aircraft.
The Yard: Building a Destroyer at the Bath Iron Works
The Yard
Building a Destroyer at the Bath Iron Works
Hardcover      ISBN: 0060192461
A exploration of the Bath Iron Works in Maine, where Navy ships have been built for a century, presents a fascinating look at the world of ship building, even as the new millennium changes the traditional ways of working. Tour.