Air Combat
Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds
Fighter Pilot
The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds
Paperback      ISBN: 0312569513
Robin Olds was many things to many people. To his West Point football coach he was an All American destined for the National College Football Hall of Fame. To his P-38 and P-51 wartime squadrons in WWII he was the aggressive fighter pilot who made double ace and became their commander in nine short months. For the pioneers of the jet age, he was the wingman on the first jet demo team, a racer in the Thompson Trophy race, and the only U.S. exchange officer to command an RAF squadron. In the tabloid press he was the dashing flying hero who married the glamorous movie star. For the current crop of fighter pilots he is best known as the leader of the F-4 Wolfpack battling over North Vietnam. For cadets at the Air Force Academy he was a role model and mentor. He was all of those things and more. Here’s Robin’s story in his own words and gleaned from the family and friends of his lifetime. Here’s the talent and learning, the passion and leadership, the love and disappointments of his life. Few men have written on the tablets of aviation history with such a broad and indelible brush. Olds was a classic hero with vices as well as virtues, a life writ large that impacted many.
Fighters over the Fleet: Naval Air Defence from Biplanes to the Cold War
Fighters over the Fleet
Naval Air Defence from Biplanes to the Cold War
Hardcover      ISBN: 159114616x
Fighters Over the Fleet is an account of the parallel evolution of naval fighters for fleet air defense and the ships they sought to defend. This volume concentrates on the three main advocates of carrier warfare: the Royal Navy, the U.S. Navy, and the Imperial Japanese Navy. Because radar was not invented until the mid-1930s, fleet air defense was a primitive effort for flyers during the 1920s. Once the innovative system was developed and utilized, organized air defense became viable. Thus major naval-air battles of the Second World War--like Midway, the "Pedestal" convoy, the Philippine Sea and Okinawa--are portrayed as tests of the new technology. However, even radar was ultimately found wanting by the Kamikaze campaigns, which led to postwar moves toward computer control and new kinds of fighters. After 1945, the novel threats of nuclear weapons and stand-off missiles compounded the difficulties of naval air defense. The second half of the book covers the U.S. and Royal Navies' attempts to resolve these problems by examining the U.S. experience in Vietnam and British operations during the Falklands War. The book then turns to the ultimate U.S. development of techniques and technology to fight the Outer Air Battle in the 1980s before concluding with the current state of technology supported carrier fighters.
Fighters Under Construction in World War Two
Fighters Under Construction in World War Two
Paperback      ISBN: 1781590346
There has been bookshelf after bookshelf of books written about British aircraft, the Royal Air Force and the activities of its pilots during World War Two. But little has appeared in print about the unsung heroes, those that designed, built and maintained the fighting equipment used to eventually defeat the enemy, until now.
The First Team: Pacific Naval Air Combat from Pearl Harbor to Midway
The First Team
Pacific Naval Air Combat from Pearl Harbor to Midway
Paperback      ISBN: 159114471x
Independent scholar Lundstrom presents an operational history of carrier-based air warfare in the Pacific during the period 1939-1945. Drawing upon interviews with both American and Japanese pilots, he recounts the exploits of a group of ace fighter pilots known as the "first team" and places their extraordinary accomplishments within the context of larger carrier operations. The appendices offer supplemental information on such topics as aerial fixed gunnery, naval flight formations, and Japanese combat methods. This is the first paperback edition of a volume previously published in 1990. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
First to Jump: How the Band of Brothers Was Aided by the Brave Paratroopers of Pathfinders Company
First to Jump
How the Band of Brothers Was Aided by the Brave Paratroopers of Pathfinders Company
Paperback      ISBN: 0425265986
Told from the perspectives of the daring men who led the way to victory in World War II, an exciting story of the U.S. Army Pathfinders, who were the first into combat and the last out, details their training, bonding and battlefield exploits. 40,000 first printing.
Flyboys: A True Story of Courage
A True Story of Courage
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316105848
A chilling true story of World War II describes the story of eight young American airmen who were shot down over Chichi Jima, one of whom was rescued by an American submarine and went on to become president of the United States, and the other seven who were captured by Japanese troops and whose fate has remained a secret for nearly sixty years. 500,000 first printing.
Flying American Combat Aircraft of Ww II: 1939-1945
Flying American Combat Aircraft of Ww II
Paperback      ISBN: 0811731243
Riveting, first-person accounts that put the reader in the cockpit. Dozens of photographs of the planes and the pilots that flew and fought in the skies from Tokyo to Berlin. Find out what it was like to fly some of the all-time classic aircraft of World War II, including the P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, P-40 Kittyhawk, and many more!
Gear Up, Mishaps Down: The Evolution of Naval Aviation Safety, 1950-2000
Gear Up, Mishaps Down
The Evolution of Naval Aviation Safety, 1950-2000
Hardcover      ISBN: 1682470059
"Less than five years after naval aviation had been in the forefront of the forces that defeated Imperial Japan, it found itself in serious trouble. One of the first steps to re-order priorities and save naval aviation was to solve the problem of increasing numbers of accidents. Over the next fifty years that problem was indeed solved to the extent that today, despite hot wars, cold wars, contingencies and peacetime operations in support of friends and allies the Navy/Marine accident rate is at least as good as that of the Air Force and approached that of commercial aviation. The keys to how this was achieved lies with dedicated and professional leadership, a focus on lessons learned from mishaps and near-mishaps, a willingness to learn and adopt new leadership, training, management, maintenance and supply styles and procedures. All this and more is described in this book."--Provided by publisher.
Grumman F7F Tigercat
Grumman F7F Tigercat
Paperback      ISBN: 0942612752
The XF7F-1 (Grumman G-45) was ordered on June 30, 1941, and was intended to be operated from the forthcoming 45,000 ton Midway class carriers. It was to be the first twin engine with tricycle undercarriage. It was heavily armed with four-20 mm guns in the wing roots and four 50 cal in the nose with strong point under the wings and fuselage to carry bombs and the Navy torpedo. This book covers all of the many versions along with its use as a firebomber, and some aircraft that are saved in the museum.
Harnessing the Sky: Frederick
Harnessing the Sky
Frederick "Trap" Trapnell, the U.S. Navy's Aviation Pioneer, 1923-52
Hardcover      ISBN: 1612518486
Authors Trapnell and Tibbitts present students, academics, and general interest readers with an examination of life and aviation history of Frederick “Trap