Air Combat
Catkiller 3-2: An Army Pilot Flying for the Marines in the Vietnam War
Catkiller 3-2
An Army Pilot Flying for the Marines in the Vietnam War
Hardcover      ISBN: 168247352x
"Catkiller 3-2 is a memoir of one of the pilots who flew low-flying, unarmed, single-engine aircraft in support of Marine ground units during the Vietnam War. The author was a part of the Army's 220th Reconnaissance Aircraft Company (RAC), which arrived in Vietnam in late June 1965 Because of the shortage of existing Marine Birddogs, the 220th was immediately reassigned to I Corps and came under the operational control of the Marines. The author details the tactics, restrictions, aerial maneuvers, and dangers experienced by the Army pilots and Marine aerial observers during flying these missions. He also discussesf the cultural mores, attitudes, and recreational activity of these young pilots and observers supporting the ground forces."--Provided by publisher..
Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass
Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass
Paperback      ISBN: 0984611479
In 1946, the Navy embarked on the development of the Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass, a high-performance, carrier-based jet fighter that would be equal, if not superior, to any land-based fighter. It was tailless for compactness and weight reduction and incorporated afterburning jet engines for transonic speed performance and unparalleled rate of climb. This is a detailed account of how its bright promise went unrealized because the technology required to fulfill it was not yet mature. More than 200 pictures, many not previously published, and almost 70 illustrations, most created for this monograph by the author, augment the 44,000 words of text.
Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Roles
Chinese Aerospace Power
Evolving Maritime Roles
Hardcover      ISBN: 1591142415
This work offers a broad overview and appraisal of recent developments in Chinese aerospace and maritime power and examines implications for the US military, especially Chinese prowess in fielding advanced cruise missiles and China's long-range precision-strike capabilities that pose a threat to forces in the Western Pacific theater; emphasis is on how the US can deter armed conflict with China and maintain a dominant presence in the region. Coverage encompasses China's existing aerospace system of microsatellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as China's aircraft carrier program now under development. The book surveys Chinese aerospace assets for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and counter-ISR, and considers prospective maritime missions that might develop further in the future as the result of advances in Chinese aerospace. B&w maps are included. The book consists of revised and updated papers from a December 2008 conference sponsored by the US Naval War College's China Maritime Studies Institute, plus invited new papers, written by technical specialists in the US Air Force, US Navy operators, and regional experts. The editors are affiliated with the College's China Maritime Studies Institute. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
The Complete Book of the SR-71 Blackbird: The Illustrated Profile of Every Aircraft, Crew, and Breakthrough of the World's Fastest Stealth Jet
The Complete Book of the SR-71 Blackbird
The Illustrated Profile of Every Aircraft, Crew, and Breakthrough of the World's Fastest Stealth Jet
Hardcover      ISBN: 0760348499
The ultimate SR-71 book which profiles the history, development, manufacture, modification, and active service of all 50 models in the SR-71 program. At the height of the Cold War in 1964, President Johnson announced a new aircraft dedicated to strategic reconnaissance. The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane flew more than three-and-a-half times the speed of sound--so fast that no other aircraft could catch it. Above 80,000 feet, its pilots had to wear full-pressure flight suits similar to what was used aboard the space shuttle. Developed by the renowned Lockheed Skunk Works, the SR-71 was an awesome aircraft in every respect. It was withdrawn from use in 1998, when it was superseded by satellite technology. Twelve of the thirty-two aircraft were destroyed in accidents, but none were ever lost to enemy action. Throughout its thirty-four-year career, the SR-71 was the world's fastest and highest-flying operational manned aircraft. It set world records for altitude and speed: an absolute altitude record of 85,069 feet and an absolute speed record of 2,193.2 miles per hour. The Complete Book of the SR-71 Blackbird covers every aspect of the SR-71's development, manufacture, modification, and active service from the insider's perspective of one of its pilots and is lavishly illustrated with more than 400 photos. Former pilot and author Richard Graham also examines each of the fifty planes that came out the SR-71 program (fifteen A-12s; three YF-12s; and thirty-two SR-71s) and tells each plane's history, its unique specifications, and where each currently resides.

The Concise Illustrated Book of Fighters of World War II
The Concise Illustrated Book of Fighters of World War II
Hardcover      ISBN: 0831796634
Consolidated P2Y Ranger
Consolidated P2Y Ranger
Paperback      ISBN: 0989258319
The book begins with a 24-page in depth review of the origins of the patrol flying boat covering most Curtiss boats (except the NC boats), the Naval Aircraft Factory PN boats and their derivatives (Douglas PD-1, Keystone PK-1, Martin PM-1/2), the Boeing PB-1, and the Hall PH-1/2/3 and XP2H-1. Thirteen 3-view drawings by Lloyd Jones help illustrate this section. The book then goes on to cover the Consolidated XPY-1 Admiral, Consolidated Model 16 Commodore, Martin P3M-1/2 and XP2M-1 before detailing the Consolidated's P2Y Ranger development and squadron usage. The P2Y was the aircraft that put Consolidated on the map of great aircraft manufacturers and led to the PBY and PB2Y flying boats that served with such distinction during WWII.
Convair PB4Y-2/P4Y-2 Privateer
Convair PB4Y-2/P4Y-2 Privateer
Paperback      ISBN: 0984611460
The Privateer was a heavily armed (6-twin .50 cal. machine gun turrets) four-engine, long range, land-based, patrol bomber developed from the famous B-24/PB4Y-1 Liberator. It was responsible for sinking over 550 Japanese ships and shooting down almost 50 enemy aircraft. It usually operated alone but sometimes with a second Privateer on its missions lasting up to 11-12 hours at a time.
Convair Xp5Y-1 & R3Y-1-2 Tradewind
Convair Xp5Y-1 & R3Y-1-2 Tradewind
Paperback      ISBN: 0942612345
Corsair: The F4U in World War II and Korea
The F4U in World War II and Korea
Paperback      ISBN: 1557509948
Barrett Tillman's fast-paced history of the legendary F4U Corsair presents a riveting picture of the men and machines committed to two major wars and several minor conflicts. From the nerve-wracking test flights of the 1940s to the details of F4Us active nearly forty years later, this book is filled with the stories that gave birth to the legendary exploits of aces such as Boyington, Hanson, and Walsh, along with descriptions of Charles A. Lindbergh's combat missions. With its sleek silhouette and bent wings, this Cadillac of the props doubled as a day and night fighter, flew off carriers or from land, and served both as a dive bomber and reconnaissance plane. During thirty months of combat in World War II with the U.S. Navy and Marines, the Corsair shot down more than two thousand Japanese planes. In the Korean war, the "U-bird," as it was then called, became the beloved "Bent Wing" to thousands of U.S. and allied troops.
Courage and Air Warfare: The Allied Aircrew Experience in the Second World War
Courage and Air Warfare
The Allied Aircrew Experience in the Second World War
Paperback      ISBN: 0714641480
Colonel Wells investigates the nature of aerial warfare and the men who took part. The book analyzes aircrew selection, reaction to combat, adaptability to stress, morale, leadership and combat effectiveness, and compares the efforts of the US Eighth Air Force and RAF Bomber Command.