Acts of the Apostles: Passages for Translation
Acts of the Apostles
Passages for Translation
Greek    Paperback      ISBN: 1853994766
This text contains extracts in Greek language for the purposes of translation, which are accompanied by translation and commentary in English.
Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day: New Testament Greek Workbook for Laymen
Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day
New Testament Greek Workbook for Laymen
Paperback      ISBN: 076420985x
A practical and easy-to-use introduction to New Testament Greek for those who have neither the time nor the opportunity for a formal seminary Greek course.

Biblical Greek
Biblical Greek
Paperback      ISBN: 0310262941
This series of laminated sheets enables students and pastors to see critical material at a glance and serves them well as they review for tests, for comprehensive exams, and for later on in life.
Demosthenes: Olynthiacs
Paperback      ISBN: 0862920736
This edition is in part a new work, and partly a revised and expanded version of the Pitt Press edition by J.M. MacGregor (Cambridge University Press, 1915). The Introduction is based on MacGregor's, revised and with an additional sections on Olynthos and the Chalcidian League, and Demosthenes' oratory. There is a also a new bibliography. The Greek text follows, along with a completely new commentary by E.I. McQueen, concentrating mainly on questions of grammar and syntax. The two Appendixes, on the Order of the Olynthiac Speeches and the Theoric Fund, have been completely rewritten to take account of modern scholarship.
Dirty Greek: Everyday Slang from
Dirty Greek
Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!"
Paperback      ISBN: 1612430252
An Off-Color Guide That Reveals The Contemporary Colloquial Language Greeks Actually Speak Nothing is censored in Dirty Greek. This book presents cool things to say for all casual situation: shopping, parties, nightclubs, sporting events, and even romance and sex. There are sweet words to entice a local beauty to watch the sunset on Santorini and less-than-businesslike rebuffs for overly persistent street vendors. It contains casual expressions for describing ancient architecture that makes one sound smart and cool and also offers enough insults and swear words to offend every person in Greece – without even mentioning that Italy is better at soccer or that the Turks brew tastier coffee.
From Alpha to Omega: Ancillary Exercises
From Alpha to Omega
Ancillary Exercises
Greek    Paperback      ISBN: 0941051617
Workbook to accompany From Alpha to Omega: A Beginning Course in Classical Greek.
Greek: A Language Map
A Language Map
Paperback      ISBN: 1931873844
A trip to Greece conjures up images of sunshine, beaches, history, architectural marvels and fabulous food. "GREEK a language map" provides hundreds of words and phrases at your fingertips so you’ll find exactly what you need at a glance. Greeting the locals with "hi" (yah-soo), visiting the Parthenon and shopping for bargains are thrilling when you can speak Greek! Now with a new section, ?Phone, Mail and Internet,
Greek Dictionary & Phrasebook
Greek Dictionary & Phrasebook
Greek    Paperback      ISBN: 0781812720
The bilingual dictionary includes carefully selected vocabulary with phonetic pronunciation for Greek words. The phrasebook allows instant communication on everyday topics like dining, accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing.
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics
An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament
Hardcover      ISBN: 0310218950
For seminary students, the goal of studying Greek grammar is the accurate exegesis of biblical texts. Sound exegesis requires that the exegete consider grammar within a larger framework that includes context, lexeme, and other linguistic features. While the trend of some grammarians has been to take a purely grammatical approach to the language, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics integrates the technical requirements for proper Greek interpretation with the actual interests and needs of Bible students. It is the first textbook to systematically link syntax and exegesis of the New Testament for second-year Greek students. It explores numerous syntactical categories, some of which have not previously been dealt with in print. Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics is the most up-to-date Greek grammar available. It equips intermediate Greek students with the skills they need to do exegesis of biblical texts in a way that is faithful to their intended meaning. The expanded edition contains a subject index, a Greek word index, and page numbers in the Syntax Summary section.
Greek-English Concise Dictionary
Greek-English Concise Dictionary
Greek    Paperback      ISBN: 0781810027
This dictionary list over 16000 words and includes vocabulary of practical use to people travelling, staying or living outside their native land. This dictionary is useful for travellers, business people and emigrants.