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250 Essential Japanese Kanji Characters
250 Essential Japanese Kanji Characters
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 4805309474
Tackling kanji-the system of Japanese writing based on Chinese characters-is the most challenging aspect of learning the Japanese language. 250 Essential Japanese Kanji Characters Volume 1 and Volume 2 are time-tested books that have now been enhanced and revised using proven methods from the Kanji Text Research Group at the University of Tokyo.

Together, these updated volumes incorporate all 410 kanji required for the AP exam, along with practice questions. Each lesson helps you master a new group of kanji, with either an etymology or a memory aid offered to give students a basis for understanding and memorizing the kanji systematically and correctly.
The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide
The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0804832765
This is a useful and user-friendly Japanese adjective guide and workbook.

To effectively learn Japanese, a strong knowledge of Japanese vocabulary is needed. The complete Japanese Adjective Guide is a simple approach to understanding Japanese grammar and syntax, methodically leading students through the intricacies of adjective use. Exercises build mastery and confidence as grammar topics are introduced. Regular and "na" adjectives are discussed in separate sections to allow beginning students to clarify differences. Vocabulary is kept to a minimum, with a concentration on the fundamental patterns of adjective use--what works with one adjective will work with another like it--and beginning Japanese language students with limited vocabulary will be able to do the exercises without the distraction of constantly looking up new words.

An invaluable workbook for any student of introductory Japanese, The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide is written so the reader can master adjectives, which in turn will help distinguishing desu forms and verbs. Lessons are incremental, with easy-to-follow explanations for independent study--gradually working up to the more difficult patterns, and include many memory drills to afford the opportunity to thoroughly master the topic at hand. This volume also includes a convenient glossary of nouns. Highlights of this book are:
  • Clear explanations of every adjective formation.
  • Comprehensive exercises and drills.
  • Completely romanized for ease of use.
Japanese for Fun: A Practical Approach to Learning Japanese Quickly (Audio CD Included) [With CD]
Japanese for Fun
A Practical Approach to Learning Japanese Quickly (Audio CD Included) [With CD]
Paperback      ISBN: 4805308664
This is a concise guide to learning beginner Japanese and includes an accompanying audio CD

This pocket book is intended for people who want to learn the basics of the Japanese language quickly. Whenever you have a few minutes--waiting in a hotel lobby, riding on a train, or whatever--open this book and you can learn phrases you'll use again and again during your stay in Japan. The book is divided into twenty-one chapters, each covering a specific topic. Each chapter includes the following three sections:
  • Words & Expressions: This section introduces words and expressions needed in specific situations. Vocabulary is presented systematically for quick and easy understanding.
  • Expressions in Context: This shows how to use in context the words and expressions given in the preceding section. Gives you confidence in using new words in original sentences.
  • Additional Words & Expressions: This section enables you to create many new sentences using the patterns just learned. There's no need to memorize all the words or phrases presented here: concentrate on just those you want to use.

To use this book, start by reading the first three chapters of the book. These introduce many of the most commonly used words and phrases and familiarize you with the basic sentence structures. After Chapter 3, go straight to any chapter that interests you. If you want to know what to say on the phone, read Chapter 14: if you have to take a train, a few minutes with Chapter 6 should enable you to reach your destination quickly and conveniently. Although this book contains over three hundred carefully selected words and expressions, there is very little grammar included and there is no need for hours of rote memorization. All that is required is a few minutes of your time.
Outrageous Japanese: Slang, Curses & Epithets
Outrageous Japanese
Slang, Curses & Epithets
Paperback      ISBN: 4805308486
The Japanese are extraordinarily polite and soft-spoken people who are always indirect and evasive in their dealings with each other. Right? Well, not really. They can be just as explicit, vicious, vile and downright vulgar as anyone else when they want to be.

This little gem of a book teaches you hundreds and hundreds of Japanese taunts, threats, curses and expletives that you'll never find in any dictionary-showing you how the Japanese really talk to one another when they are angry or emotional. It leaves no taboo untouched and sets the record completely straight.

Intended for students of all levels and anyone interested in how Japanese is really spoken, this book is absolutely indispensable for foreigners who live in Japan and want to know what is being said when someone insults you in Japanese!
Dictionary/guide to Japanese Literature
Dictionary/guide to Japanese Literature
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Boxed      SKU: 1199157708
by Misc
Paperback      ISBN: 4331651428
No Title, Jap. Fiction
No Title, Jap. Fiction
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Paperback      ISBN: 4061157000
Japanese a Language Map
Japanese a Language Map
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 094450213x

Each Language Map contains over 1,000 words and phrases split into important sections covering the basics for your trip to Japan. This unique Language Map is a lightweight phrasebook, but in a durable, laminated, fold-out format.

Beginner's Kana Workbook: Practice Drills for Writing Hiragana and Katakana
Beginner's Kana Workbook
Practice Drills for Writing Hiragana and Katakana
Paperback      ISBN: 0844283738

Beginning This beginner's workbook helps students learn both hiragana and katakana writing systems. After learning hiragana writing, students move on to katakana. Then they write sentences containing both hiragana and katakana.

Living Language iknow Japanese
Living Language iknow Japanese
Compact Disc      ISBN: 1400009367

iKnow Japanese will turn your iPod into a pocket translator, allowing you to hear and see more than 1500 essential words, phrases and conversations. You simply upload the iKnow files to a video iPod, and you can listen to and see foreign language expressions and English translations. A convenient navigation menu allows you to quickly find the phrases you need, and there's plenty of repetition to perfect your pronunciation. Whether you want to order dinner in a restaurant or ask for directions, iKnow Japanese enables you to learn the basics and communicate easily without looking like a tourist with a dictionary in hand Key features: - You can see and hear all the essential words and phrases you need, including conversations - Topics include greetings and polite expressions, asking directions, meeting people, ordering in a restaurant, and more - Pocket-sized insert and installation instructions included Works on any video-compatible iPod Nano, Classic, Touch, and iPhone.