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Japanese for Travelers: The Indispensable Guide to Japan
Japanese for Travelers
The Indispensable Guide to Japan
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 4805310464
Japanese for Travelers is a useful resource for visitors making their way around Japan. Packed with expressions for everyday occasions, practical advice and cultural information, this handy book is a tool for the traveler who is out not only to survive, but succeed, while staying in Japan.
Outrageous Japanese: Slang, Curses & Epithets
Outrageous Japanese
Slang, Curses & Epithets
Paperback      ISBN: 4805308486
The Japanese are extraordinarily polite and soft-spoken people who are always indirect and evasive in their dealings with each other. Right? Well, not really. They can be just as explicit, vicious, vile and downright vulgar as anyone else when they want to be.

This little gem of a book teaches you hundreds and hundreds of Japanese taunts, threats, curses and expletives that you'll never find in any dictionary-showing you how the Japanese really talk to one another when they are angry or emotional. It leaves no taboo untouched and sets the record completely straight.

Intended for students of all levels and anyone interested in how Japanese is really spoken, this book is absolutely indispensable for foreigners who live in Japan and want to know what is being said when someone insults you in Japanese!
Tuttle Japanese Business Dictionary
Tuttle Japanese Business Dictionary
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 480530913x
Doing business in Japan can be a trying experience for both English and Japanese speakers, due in large part to the language barrier. The Japanese Business Dictionary contains 4,000 key terms that provide the essential vocabulary for clear and productive business discussions.

Each term is listed alphabetically, with the Romanized pronunciation (including the author's unique phonetic system to facilitate correct pronunciation even for those with no knowledge of the Japanese language) and the Japanese script, followed by its English explanation. Where appropriate, example sentences are also included to demonstrate the proper usage of the terms. The book also features useful information about Japanese business etiquette and common Japanese expressions.
All Romanized English-Japanese Dictionary
All Romanized English-Japanese Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 0804833060
This is a pocket sized English to Japanese Romanji dictionary

This dictionary contains only Romanji, not Japanese Characters, and so is easy for foreigners who cannot read characters to use and pronounce Japanese. Since its first publication, this eminently practical pocket dictionary has proven its value many times over, not only to foreigners wishing to express themselves in Japanese but also to Japanese studying English. Presenting all definitions in romanized Japanese, it is simple and concise, yet remarkably comprehensive for a work of its size. For the benefit of students of Japanese, the main body of the dictionary is preceded by a brief but useful summary of grammatical rules. For the convenience of Japanese students of English, all English entries are followed by their pronunciations according to the International Phonetic System.
  • Contains over 14,000 entries.
  • Japanese and English phonetic pronunciations.
  • Notes on Japanese Grammar and the Japanese language.
Barron's Traveler's Language Guide: Japanese
Barron's Traveler's Language Guide: Japanese
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 0764132083

Up-to-date in content, beautifully illustrated with color photos, packed with bilingual lists of vital words and phrases, and overflowing with helpful travel advice, this book is a perfect take-along for both business and vacation travelers to Japan. Page edges are color-tipped--a different color for each section--so that on-the-go travelers can refer to any one of 17 separate general topics and find the information they're looking for in a hurry. Color-coded topics include:

  • Culture and customs
  • Making travel arrangements in Japanese
  • Words and phrases for telling time, days of the week, seasons, and colors
  • Getting around in Japan via public transit, driving, or bicycling
  • Food and dining
  • Cultural sites, such as museums, theaters, and sports arenas
  • Many others

    A substantial red-coded section in this book is devoted to vocabulary. It gives travelers a bilingual dictionary in two sections--from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese. Small enough for easy packing with travel luggage, and featuring a clear, vinyl jacket that will stand up to the wear and tear of many journeys, this book is both practical and good-looking. Titles in Barron's Traveler's Language Guides series are available for seven different languages and countries.
  • No Title, Jap. Fiction
    No Title, Jap. Fiction
    by Missing
    Paperback      ISBN: 4061157000
    Kana-A-Day Practice Pad
    Kana-A-Day Practice Pad
    Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 0804835470

    Master hiragana and katakana in just minutes a day with Kana A-Day Practice Pad. Perfect for both beginners studying the Japanese language and those wishing to hone their kana writing skills, this pad introduces one new kana on each sheet, with readings, stroke order, and sample vocabulary words. All hiragana and katakana are included, along with their sound changes and combinations. For easy reference and review, a booklet listing all kana is included.

    by Misc
    Paperback      ISBN: 4334731767
    The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide
    The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide
    1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0804832765
    This is a useful and user-friendly Japanese adjective guide and workbook.

    To effectively learn Japanese, a strong knowledge of Japanese vocabulary is needed. The complete Japanese Adjective Guide is a simple approach to understanding Japanese grammar and syntax, methodically leading students through the intricacies of adjective use. Exercises build mastery and confidence as grammar topics are introduced. Regular and "na" adjectives are discussed in separate sections to allow beginning students to clarify differences. Vocabulary is kept to a minimum, with a concentration on the fundamental patterns of adjective use--what works with one adjective will work with another like it--and beginning Japanese language students with limited vocabulary will be able to do the exercises without the distraction of constantly looking up new words.

    An invaluable workbook for any student of introductory Japanese, The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide is written so the reader can master adjectives, which in turn will help distinguishing desu forms and verbs. Lessons are incremental, with easy-to-follow explanations for independent study--gradually working up to the more difficult patterns, and include many memory drills to afford the opportunity to thoroughly master the topic at hand. This volume also includes a convenient glossary of nouns. Highlights of this book are:
    • Clear explanations of every adjective formation.
    • Comprehensive exercises and drills.
    • Completely romanized for ease of use.
    Webster New World Japanese Dict
    Webster New World Japanese Dict
    by Webster
    Paperback      ISBN: 0028614119