United States Armed Forces
The Coast Guardsman's Manual
The Coast Guardsman's Manual
Paperback      ISBN: 1591142180
Regardless of rank or time in service, all Coast Guard personnel find this manual to be essential to their professional development. Its value as a ready source of guidance is attested to by generations of men and women who have made it a part of their personal libraries since 1952, when the first edition was published. Today, it remains the basic training manual for entry-level personnel at enlisted and officer training schools. This tenth edition is designed to bring the reader into the twenty-first century of training and operations. New materials and photographs fully describe the modern Coast Guard and its equipment. Updated information is offered on Coast Guard missions, organization, history, maritime law enforcement, intelligence, among other subjects. Continued emphasis is placed on safety of life, protection of national assets, and defending the homeland. This book is ideal for anyone serving in the U.S. Coast Guard.
Colonial American Troops 1610-1774 3
Colonial American Troops 1610-1774 3
Paperback      ISBN: 1841764833
From the earliest English settlements the survival of the infant colonies in North America depended upon local militias. Before the mid-18th century royal troops were seldom shipped out from Britain, and the main burden of successive wars with the American Indians, and with Britain's colonial rivals France and Spain, fell upon locally raised units, which also fought alongside the Crown forces during the major operations of the French-Indian War of the 1750s. This final book of a fascinating three-part study covers the militias and provincial troops raised in the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, Nova Scotia, Hudson's Bay and Quebec Province; and also Rangers, and colors and standards.
The Complete U.s. Army Survival Guide to Tropical, Desert, Cold Weather, Mountain Terrain, Sea, and NBC Environments
The Complete U.s. Army Survival Guide to Tropical, Desert, Cold Weather, Mountain Terrain, Sea, and NBC Environments
Paperback      ISBN: 151070745x
Within this indispensable guide, you’ll find every tip that you’ll ever need to thrive in any type of landscape, in any degree of climate. From managing the heat of the tropics to combatting the chill of the mountaintops,The Complete Guide to Desert, Forest, Jungle, Plain, Mountain, and Urban Environment has got you covered. Within these pages you’ll discover such vital tips as: How-to treat hypothermia The correct method of righting a capsized craft Tips for minimizing the dire effects of chemical exposure And dozens more crucial survival tips! With dozens of photographs and illustrations demonstrating these procedures and techniques first-hand, this guide is an essential read for every outdoorsmanfrom the novice weekend camper to the most seasoned survivalist. If you can’t find it inThe Complete Guide to Desert, Forest, Jungle, Plain, Mountain, and Urban Environment then you don’t really need it.
Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield
Dirty Wars
The World Is a Battlefield
Paperback      ISBN: 1568589549
The journalist author of the best-selling Blackwater reveals how forces within the U.S. military have been empowered by the last two presidential administrations to conduct covert wars and hunt down enemies throughout the world without Congress's approval, activities that are triggering high levels of risk and instability. Reprint.
Down Range: Navy Seals in the War on terrorism
Down Range
Navy Seals in the War on terrorism
Paperback      ISBN: 1400081017
A former Navy SEAL and author of The Warrior Elite draws on firsthand interviews with warriors fresh from combat in the Middle East and other theaters of war to explore the role of U.S. Special Operations Forces in the battle against international terrorism, examining the grueling SEAL training and offering profiles of the elite warriors and their battlefield roles. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.
The Downsized Warrior: America's Army in Transition
The Downsized Warrior
America's Army in Transition
Hardcover      ISBN: 0814755844
Based on hundreds of interviews with officers and military leaders, as well as Pentagon documents, the author examines the effects of reductions in personnel and equipment on the U.S. Army's morale, discipline, and ability to fight future wars. UP.
A Family's Guide to the Military For Dummies
A Family's Guide to the Military For Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 0470386975
Expert advice on all aspects of military life A Family's Guide to the Military For Dummies is for the millions of military dependents, family members, and friends who are looking for straightforward guidance to take advantage of the benefits and overcome the challenges unique to life in the military. This comprehensive guide covers such key topics as introducing military life to readers new to the armed forces, financial planning, relocation, deployment, raising kids alone while a partner is away, and taking advantage of the available benefits. It offers tips and advice for dealing with emotions that surround events like deployments, deciphering the acronyms used in daily military life, forming support groups, keeping track of a loved one's whereabouts, and surviving on a military base in a foreign country.
Fields of Combat: Understanding PTSD Among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
Fields of Combat
Understanding PTSD Among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0801449804
Medical anthropologist and academic Finley (Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, and U. of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio) reports findings of fieldwork conducted by the author in 2007 and 2008 investigating PTSD in veterans returning to the San Antonio area. Based on 20 months of interviews conducted by the author with some 133 veterans--from Vietnam as well as Iraq and Afghanistan--family members, clinicians, and other community members about war and trauma, the text examines the cultural, political, and historical influences shaping individual experiences of PTSD. Finley finds that the many ways that combat PTSD is understood in American life have a profound effect on how veterans understand their own symptoms, feel about their diagnosis, and make their decisions about coping and care seeking. Combining both an academic and narrative writing style, this timely work should be of interest to academics, researchers and mental health care professionals, as well as veterans, their families, and concerned general readers. ILR Press is an imprint of Cornell U. Press. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
The Finishing School: Earning The Navy SEAL Trident
The Finishing School
Earning The Navy SEAL Trident
Paperback      ISBN: 0609810464
A sequel to The Warrior Elite is an in-depth account of Navy SEALs advanced combat training, noting the fierce screening process by which basic training graduates are identified; their grueling training in such areas as precision shooting, secure communications, and parachuting; and their specialized operations training. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.
First Call: The Making of the Modern U.S. Military, 1945-1953
First Call
The Making of the Modern U.S. Military, 1945-1953
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316100927
A dramatic history of American military structure after World War II features such actors as Harry Truman, Douglas MacArthur, and James Forrestal and tells how they rushed into unprecedented policies to meet the demands of the Korean War