501 Latin Verbs
501 Latin Verbs
2nd Edition    Latin    Paperback      ISBN: 0764137425
The most commonly used 510 Latin verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English translation. Each verb is completely conjugated and presented in all forms. The bookÂ’s additional features include example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and a grammar review.
Aeneid: Books I-VI
Books I-VI
by Virgil
Paperback      ISBN: 1853994960
The first volume of R.D. Williams' classic edition of the Aeneid, covering books I-VI.
Aeneid VIII
Aeneid VIII
by Virgil
Paperback      ISBN: 0521290473
Book VIII is one of the most attractive and important books of Virgil's Aeneid. It includes the visit of Aaneas to the site of the future Rome, the story of Hercules and Cacus, the episode between Venus and Vulcan and the description of the great symbolic shield of Aeneas. Mr Gransden's introduction relates this book to the Aeneid as a whole considers the text in various aspects: the topography, Virgil's sense of history, his typology and symbolism, his literary style and his influence on subsequent vernacular poetry. The commentary discusses points of special interest and difficulty in interpretation, style and prosody and gives detailed explanation of the many allusions in Book VIII to customs, legends, traditions and historical events. This is primarily a textbook for university students and sixth-formers, but it also contains material which may be of interest to students of English and comparative literature.
Annales Ecclesiae Rutheae
Annales Ecclesiae Rutheae
Hardcover      SKU: 1199252719
An Answer Key to a Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin: A Supplement to the Text by John F. Collins
An Answer Key to a Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin
A Supplement to the Text by John F. Collins
Paperback      ISBN: 0813214696
This long-awaited volume provides an answer key to the drills and exercises contained in each of the units of John F. Collins's bestselling A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin. Written for those charged with the responsibility of teaching the Latin of the church, the primer aims to give the student

The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary
The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary
Latin    Paperback      ISBN: 055359012x
An expanded new edition of the classic Latin-English dictionary features a comprehensive format, more than seventy thousand words and phrases, a classical and ecclesiastical pronunciation guide, a listing of mythological, geographical, and historical names, and other useful features. Original.
Botanical Latin
Botanical Latin
Paperback      ISBN: 0881926272
A classic primer for learning grammar, syntax, punctuation, and vocabulary, as well as fascinating information on Latinate geographical names and color terms.
Cassell's Latin and English Dictionary
Cassell's Latin and English Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 0020133405
The greatest name in foreign language dictionaries is Cassell, the preeminent publisher of dictionaries for over 120 years.

For fast, easy reference and comprehensive listings, Cassell's Concise Latin-English, English-Latin Dictionary is unbeatable. It contains in concise form the words most frequently used in scholarly and academic usage.

Cassell's Concise Latin-English, English-Latin Dictionary is easy to read and full of complete usage information that's simple to access. This invaluable volume, backed by the world's foremost language authority, is the most effective concise dictionary available to the Latin language

Cassell's Latin Dictionary: Latin-English, English-Latin
Cassell's Latin Dictionary
Latin-English, English-Latin
Hardcover      ISBN: 0025225804
The dictionary incorporates modern English idiom and current Latin spelling and includes general classical information where appropriate
Catullus: The Poems
The Poems
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1853994979
Catullus, who lived from about 84 to 54 BC, was one of ancient Rome’s most gifted, versatile and passionate poets. Living at a time of radical social change at the end of the Roman Republic, he belonged to a group of young poets who embraced Hellenistic forms to forge a new literary style, the so-called 'neoterics'. This comprehensive edition includes the complete, unabridged and unbowdlerised poems and is the definitive student edition of Catullus' work. The extensive introduction covers topics including the role of Catullus' literary paramour Lesbia, the few biographical certainties known about Catullus' life and other figures from the contemporary political scene. In addition to this, there is a brief overview of the poems' textual history, discussion of Catullus' style across the collection and linguistic discussions of morphology, vocabulary, syntax and metre. The commentary notes include individual introductions and bibliographies to each poem, as well as line by line notes which translate difficult phrases and gloss obscure words. In addition to this, more detailed explanations of poetic, structural and contextual points are also provided.