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Beginner's Welsh with Online Audio
Beginner's Welsh with Online Audio
Welsh    Paperback      ISBN: 0781813670

Welsh is a Celtic language of the British Isles, spoken primarily in Wales. Beginner's Welsh with Online Audio offers a fresh approach for students or travelers who wish to learn Welsh, and the lessons are specially designed to help visitors feel comfortable in Wales. Includes a brief introduction to Welsh history and culture; seventeen carefully-paced and practical lessons with dialogues, vocabulary, and expressions; exercises for each lesson with answer key; Welsh-English and English-Welsh glossaries; and online MP3 audio files for download featuring pronunciation by native speakers.

Beginner's Yoruba with Online Audio
Beginner's Yoruba with Online Audio
Paperback      ISBN: 0781813719

Yoruba, one of the national languages of Nigeria, is spoken by more than 30 million people worldwide. This book's 15 lessons, designed with the beginning student in mind, are ideal for both classroom use and self-study. Each opens with a dialogue about an everyday topic, which is then broken down for the study of grammar and vocabulary. Cultural notes give the material its proper context, and exercises reinforce the student's mastery of the lesson. The accompanying audio (available for free download) further complements the lesson material by helping the student learn the language as spoken. Beginner's Yoruba also includes information on the various aspects of Yoruba culture, including religion, songs and folklore.

Beginning Dakota/Tokaheya Dakota Iapi Kin: 24 Language and Grammar Lessons with Glossaries
Beginning Dakota/Tokaheya Dakota Iapi Kin
24 Language and Grammar Lessons with Glossaries
Dakota    Paperback      ISBN: 0873518462

The Beginning Dakota/Tokaheya Dakota Iapi Kin workbook provides exercises for building vocabulary, practicing conversation, and reading and writing about Dakota history. Now a brand-new teacher's edition offers further support through a full answer key, classroom activities, quizzes, and worksheets that will equip teachers with tested strategies to engage and educate students of the Dakota language.

Nicolette Knudson and Jody Snow along with revered elder Clifford Canku share their expertise through activities that organize the language at its most basic level. Twenty-four lesson plans build on each other and use cultural and historical information to increase understanding of the Dakota language and world view. Exercises, including additional worksheets and suggested activities, offer opportunities to practice the language and enhance comprehension. With these features and more, this teacher's edition is an invaluable tool for instructors at all levels.

Clifford Canku, an elder of the Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota Oyate and assistant professor of practice for Dakota Studies at North Dakota State University, assisted Dakota language students Nicolette Knudson, also a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, and Jody Snow, a language instructor, in creating this helpful resource.

Beginning Dakota/Tokaheya Dakota Iapi Kin: 24 Language and Grammar Lessons with Glossaries
Beginning Dakota/Tokaheya Dakota Iapi Kin
24 Language and Grammar Lessons with Glossaries
Dakota    Paperback      ISBN: 0873517806

Whether building vocabulary, practicing conversation, or reading and writing about Dakota history, this collection of fun and informative lessons provides numerous entry points for language learners inside the classroom and beyond.

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories: A Student's Guide to Nouns in the Old Testament
Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories
A Student's Guide to Nouns in the Old Testament
Paperback      ISBN: 0310530741

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories by J. David Pleins with Jonathan Homrighausen is an innovative study reference intended for both introductory and advanced students of the Hebrew language to help them understand and remember vocabulary based on logical categories of related words. Since our minds acquire and recall language by making associations between related words it is only natural that we would study language in this way. By organizing Hebrew vocabulary into logical categories, as opposed to frequency, students can quickly begin to familiarize themselves with entire groups of terms and more readily acquaint themselves with the ranges of meaning of particular Hebrew words.

This reference tool focuses on nouns in the Old Testament, and includes over 175 word grouping categories including pottery, ships, birds, jewelry, seasons, and many more. For each Hebrew term a definition is given and a reference in the Hebrew Bible appears so readers can see the word in context. For many words additional lexical references are indicated where students can look for further study. Words that hapax legomena (words appearing only once in the Hebrew Bible) are marked with an "H" and words that are rare and appear less than 10 times are marked with an "R." Two helpful appendices equip students for further study, these include 1) a Guide for Further Reading where recommendations are given for helpful resources for studying the larger macro categories and 2) Lists of "cluster verses" where several words in a given category appear together, giving students the ability to see how these words function together in context.

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories is intended to move students beyond rote memorization to a more dynamic grasp of Hebrew vocabulary, ultimately equipping them to read with more fluidity and with a deeper and more intuitive grasp of the biblical text.

Bislama Reference Grammar
Bislama Reference Grammar
Paperback      ISBN: 0824828801

Bislama is the national language of Vanuatu, the world's most linguistically diverse nation with at least 80 actively spoken Oceanic languages used by about 200,000 people. Bislama began as a plantation pidgin based on English in the nineteenth century, but it has since developed into a unique language with a grammar and vocabulary very different from English.

It is one of very few national languages for which there is no readily available reference grammar. This book aims to fill this gap by providing an extensive account of the grammar of Bislama as it is used by ordinary Ni-Vanuatu. It does not, therefore, aim to describe any kind of artificial written norm but sets out to capture a range of different kinds of ways that Ni-Vanuatu will say things in various contexts, both written and spoken, formal and informal.

The thrust of this volume is to show that Bislama has a grammar--an unfamiliar concept for those educated in Vanuatu. It also shows that Bislama is a language of considerable complexity, which will come as a surprise to many of its users, who have been taught to view their language as somehow simple and even deficient.
Boundaries and Passages: Rule and Ritual in Yup'ik Eskimo Oral Tradition
Boundaries and Passages
Rule and Ritual in Yup'ik Eskimo Oral Tradition
Paperback      ISBN: 0806126469

This book brings together as complete a record of traditional Yup'ik rules and rituals as is possible in the late twentieth century. Incorporating elders' recollections of the system of ruled boundaries and ritual passages that guided their parents and grandparents a century ago, Ann Fienup-Riordan brings into focus the complex, creative Yup'ik world view--expressed by ceremonial exchanges and the cycling of names, gifts, and persons--which continues to shape daily life in communities along the Bering Sea coast.

The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek
The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek
Hardcover      ISBN: 9004193189
Winner of the 2016 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award

The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek is the English translation of Franco Montanari's Vocabolario della Lingua Greca. With an established reputation as the most important modern dictionary for Ancient Greek, it brings together 140,000 headwords taken from the literature, papyri, inscriptions and other sources of the archaic period up to the 6th Century CE, and occasionally beyond.The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek is an invaluable companion for the study of Classics and Ancient Greek, for beginning students and advanced scholars alike.
Translated and edited under the auspices of The Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC, The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek is based on the completely revised 3rd Italian edition published in 2013 by Loescher Editore, Torino.
The dictionary is also available as an online resource.

-The principal parts of some 15,000 verbs are listed directly following the entry and its etymology. For each of these forms, the occurrence in the ancient texts has been certified. When found only once, the location is cited.
-Nearly all entries include citations from the texts with careful mention of the source.
-The dictionary is especially rich in personal names re-checked against the sources for the 3rd Italian edition, and in scientific terms, which have been categorized according to discipline.
-Each entry has a clear structure and typography making it easy to navigate.

"For a number of years now, scholars at ease in Italian have benefitted enormously from the riches, layout, concision, and accuracy of Professor Montanari's Vocabolario della Lingua Greca, with its added advantage of the inclusion of names. Hence classicists in general will welcome the English version of this very valuable resource." Professor Richard Janko, University of Michigan

"Franco Montanari is a giant in our field, and his Dictionary is a major leap forward for us...." Professor Gregory Nagy, Harvard University

Bugotu-English/English-Bogutu Concise Dictionary: A Language of the Solomon Islands
Bugotu-English/English-Bogutu Concise Dictionary
A Language of the Solomon Islands
Paperback      ISBN: 0781806607

Bugotu is spoken on the southern coastal portion of Santa Isabel, one of the thirty islands which make up the British Solomon Islands, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This dictionary is a recording of the language spoken by the island's native inhabitants. It comprises 4,700 Bugotu words, and an index of English vocabulary is included.

Building One Fire: Art + World View in Cherokee Life
Building One Fire
Art + World View in Cherokee Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 1616589604

In Building One Fire, Chad Smith and renowned Cherokee-Osage scholar and author Rennard Strickland present a unique look at Cherokee art through the lens of Cherokee philosophy. Since the time when Water Spider brought the gift offire to the Cherokee people, the One Fire, "the Ancient Lady," has been at the center of Cherokee spiritual life.

From this fire, which represents community, thewhite smoke of prayer rises to Nitsudunvha, One Who is Always Above. In return Nitsudunvha sends to each person four sets of gifts with whichto develop mind, body, and spirit. These gifts are brought by four messengers, one from each of thecardinal directions. The gifts of the four messengers, the colors and qualities associated with them, and the four-pointcircle that embraces the sacred fire--all these arepart of Cherokee consciousness and creativity.They take visible form, subtly or directly, in works created by Cherokee artists.

This book presents more than 200 art-works by some 80 artists which speak to what it means to be Cherokee. Cherokee philosopher Benny Smith shares his teachings about Cherokee world view, Cherokee art is laid before the reader in a visual feast, and a special endingsection celebrates the vivaciousness of child artists who represent the next generation's creative Cherokee citizens.