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Italian Verb Tenses
Italian Verb Tenses
Paperback      ISBN: 1438002920
An introduction to Italian verbs provides coverage of verb tenses, the passive voice, non-finite forms, and conjugation rules and includes crossword puzzles, grammar tips, and topic reviews.
Speak Italian: The Fine Art Of The Gesture : A Supplement to the Italian Dictionary
Speak Italian
The Fine Art Of The Gesture : A Supplement to the Italian Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 0811847748
Attenzione! They say that a gesture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to speaking with your hands, the Italians speak volumes. This quirky handbook of Italian gestures, first published in 1958 by renowned Milanese artist and graphic designer Bruno Munari, will help the phalange-phobic decipher the unspoken language of gestures a language not found in any dictionary. Charming black-and-white photos and wry captions evoke an Italy of days gone by. Speak Italian gives a little hand to anyone who has ever been at a loss for words.
Vocabulearn Italian/Inglese: Level 3
Vocabulearn Italian/Inglese
Level 3
Italian    Compact Disc      ISBN: 1591253012
Harpercollins Italian Dictionary: Includes Thousands of Contemporary Technical, Political, and Business Terms
Harpercollins Italian Dictionary
Includes Thousands of Contemporary Technical, Political, and Business Terms
4th Edition    Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 0060787325
Encompassing more than 110,000 translations and eighty thousand references, this compact Italian dictionary features comprehensive coverage of essential vocabulary, entries on business and computer terminology, extensive coverage of Italian grammar and usage, and special entries that illustrate aspects of Italian life and culture. Original.
Advanced Italian Grammar
Advanced Italian Grammar
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 0071476946
The only way to advance your knowledge of a second language is to practice, practice, practice. From the present tense of regular verbs to direct object pronouns, this comprehensive guide and workbook covers all aspects of Italian grammar that you need to master. Focusing on the areas of Italian grammar that are essential for formulating complex constructions that make speech much more interesting, each unit of Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Italian Grammar features clear explanations, numerous realistic examples, and lots of engaging exercises. Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Italian Grammar makes mastering grammar easy with: -Clear, down-to-earth, easy-to-follow explanations that make even the most complex principles easy to understand -Example sentences that illustrate and clarify each grammatical point -Dozens of exercises in formats suited to every learning style -Practical and high-frequency vocabulary used throughout -A detailed answer key for quick, easy progress checks
Barron's Italian-English Dictionary: Dizionario Italiano-Inglese
Barron's Italian-English Dictionary
Dizionario Italiano-Inglese
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 0764137646
BarronÂ’s is now taking a comprehensive approach to foreign-language reference volumes. This definitive Italian-English dictionary features 100, 000 entries with translations, and makes an ideal reference book for schools, libraries, businesses, and the home bookshelf. Yet its manageable size and reasonable price also makes it a practical learning tool for students taking an Italian language course. It features: - Two full-length sections: English to Italian and Italian to English - American-style English translations of all Italian entries - Headwords printed in a second color for easy reference with translations, parts of speech, and pronunciation guide printed in black - Exemplary phrases using headwords in standard contexts - Separate bilingual lists for numerals, phonetics symbols, abbreviations, and geographical names This all-inclusive dictionary also features full-color atlas-style maps of Italy and adjoining regions, a concise grammar guide, a regular verb conjugation list, and many more language learning aids. Here is a complete and up-to-date bilingual dictionary for libraries, schools, and the home. It can also serve as a helpful take-along book for international travelers. FREE eBOOK VERSION available with purchase! A key feature that sets BarronÂ’s Italian-English Dictionary apart from the competition is the FREE downloadable electronic version of the print dictionary. Users will find a PIN number in the back of each book that instructs them on how to download a copy onto their PDA, smartphone, and/or PC. HereÂ’s a great feature for students and travelers constantly on the go.
Must-Know Italian: 4,000 Words That Give You the Power to Communicate
Must-Know Italian
4,000 Words That Give You the Power to Communicate
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 0071456457
Your search for the right word in Italian is over. Stop hunting blindly through ordinary bilingual dictionaries! With 4,000 words, Must-Know Italian gives you the power to be understood in any situation. You'll never be at a loss for words again - in the classroom il calcolatore (calculator), il, la supplente (substitute teacher) - at the office lo stage (internship), la riunione (meeting) - talking about the environment la conservazione (conservation), riciclare (recycle) - discussing politics la cittadinanza (citizenship), il broglio elettorale (electoral fraud) - shopping l(o)'affare (bargain), la cartina del bancomat (ATM card)
Italian Phrase Book
Italian Phrase Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0789432366
Teach Yourself Keep Talking Italian: Advanced Beginner
Teach Yourself Keep Talking Italian
Advanced Beginner
Italian    Compact Disc      ISBN: 1444184237
Improve your language journey
Berlitz: Italian Universal Dictionary (berlitz Universal Dictionary) (italian and English Edition)
Italian Universal Dictionary (berlitz Universal Dictionary) (italian and English Edition)
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 9812683550
Containing up to 36,000 entries, these dictionaries capture core words of the language, along with the various jargon, plus additional grammatical information. Headwords are written in blue, to improve ease of use and quick reference.