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Italian - English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Italian - English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 1465436324
Newly revised and updated, the Italian-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is a quick and intuitive way to learn and recall everyday words in Italian. The Italian-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary introduces a range of useful current vocabulary in thematic order, using full-color photographs and artworks to display and label all the elements of everyday life — from the home and office to sport, music, nature, and the countries of the world — with panel features on key nouns, verbs, and useful phrases. The Italian-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary features: - A quick and intuitive way to learn and remember thousands of words. - A complete range of illustrated objects and scenes from everyday life. - Fast and effective learning for any situation, from home and office to shopping and dining out. - Detailed index for instant reference. - Handy size ideal for travel. The illustrations in the Italian-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary provide a quick and intuitive route to learning a language, defining the words visually so it is easier to remember them and creating a colorful and stimulating learning resource for the foreign-language and EFL/ESL student.
DK Bilingual Visual Dictionary Italian-English
DK Bilingual Visual Dictionary Italian-English
Paperback      ISBN: 0756612969
Featuring hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations, these dramatic language references are organized by common subject categories, including home, eating out, transportation, health, and work, to provide quick and easy access to foreign terms, and encompass thousands of annotated terms and comprehensive indexes.
Harper Collins Italian Dictionary: Italian-English, English-Italian : Concise Edition
Harper Collins Italian Dictionary
Italian-English, English-Italian : Concise Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 0060956771

A New Look at Language

- From digital TV to millennium bug, teleconferencing to teleworking, the HarperCollins Italian Concise Dictionary keeps you up-to-date with contemporary Italian. Additionally, special entries throughout the text illuminate aspects of Italian life and culture.

- Plus vocabulary relating to the internet (browser, homepage, Internet, website).

- Exclusive KeyWord feature provides extra help with translating the most essential vocabulary.

- Modern and user-friendly, this dictionary gives priority to contemporary language and expressions, providing the information you need to know to write a paper, read a book, or tell a story.

Read & Think Italian
Read & Think Italian
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 1259836339
A first-class ticket to building key Italian language skills From the bestselling Read & Think series, this fully-illustrated guide brings the Italian language to life! In addition to introducing, developing, and growing key vocabulary, this book gives you an insider’s look at Italian life—from Italy’s coffee culture to regional festivals, and from biographies of famous Italians (from Leonardo to Sophia Loren) to articles on the history and gastronomy of the country. Including more than 100 engaging articles written by native Italian-speakers, each one provides a bilingual glossary on the same page, allowing you to learn without stopping to look up new or unfamiliar words. Each chapter contains several exercises to reinforce comprehension and the new premium edition features streaming audio recordings of more than 40 readings (70 minutes) and over 7,000 vocabulary items by flashcard, easily accessible online or on any mobile device, through the unique McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app.
Italian Phrase Book
Italian Phrase Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0789432366
Berlitz: Italian Standard Dictionary: Italian - English: Inglese - Italiano (berlitz Standard Dictionary) (italian and English Edition)
Berlitz: Italian Standard Dictionary: Italian - English
Inglese - Italiano (berlitz Standard Dictionary) (italian and English Edition)
by Berlitz
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 9812683615
This brand new Standard Dictionary has a long-lasting vinyl cover and is exceptionally easy to use. It features up to 130,000 entries, covering a wide range of vocabulary plus many idiomatic expressions and extra grammatical information. A clear layout with bright, blue headwords allows you to locate the word you need in no time at all!
Get Talking + Keep Talking Italian: Total Audio Course
Get Talking + Keep Talking Italian
Total Audio Course
Italian    Compact Disc      ISBN: 1444184245
Combining all the learning from the popular Get Talking Italian in Ten Days and Keep Talking Italian - Ten Days to Confidence, this beginner audio course will give you the skills and confidence to speak and understand Italian.
Italian Verbs
Italian Verbs
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0764120638
Approximately 300 most commonly used Italian verbs are presented, one verb per page, and conjugated in all tenses. Here's a handy quick-reference guide for students of Italian, as well as for English-speaking travelers to Italy.
Italian for Children
Italian for Children
Paperback      ISBN: 0071744908
Yes, learning Italian can be fun for your child! Developed by language-learning expert Catherine Bruzzone, the Italian for Children program is a fun and effective way for your child to learn the Italian language and culture. This introduction gets your son or daughter speaking Italian right from the very beginning and keeps him or her engaged with a wide range of activities and games that keep language-learning fun. A complete program, this package features: - A full-color illustrated guidebook that features cartoons, characters, and fun facts - Three audio CDs that guide your child through the course and teach language through a combination of Italian-language songs, games, and activities - An activity book filled with interactive puzzles and games that reinforce new language skills - Advice for you on helping your kid get the most out of thelanguage-learning experience. - Free print and audio downloads. Topics include: Saying hello, Saying "yes" and "no", Saying where places are, Talking about family, Around the house, Saying what you like to do, Describing things, At the zoo, At a picnic, Happy Birthday!
Italian Verbs & Essentials of Grammar
Italian Verbs & Essentials of Grammar
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 007149801x
Your one-stop guide to mastering the basics of Italian Can one book have all you need to communicate confidently in a new language? Yes, and that book is Italian Verbs & Essentials of Grammar. It offers a solid foundation of major verbal and grammatical concepts of the language, from pronouns to idioms and expressions and from irregular verbs to expressions of time. Each unit is devoted to one topic, so you can find what you need right away and get focused instruction immediately. Concise yet thorough, the explanations are supported by numerous examples to help you master the different concepts. And for those tricky verbs, Italian Verbs & Essentials of Grammar includes a Verb Index of the most common verbs, cross-referenced with the abundant verb tables appearing throughout the book. This book will give you: - An excellent introduction to the basics of Italian if you are a beginner or a quick, thorough reference if you already have experience in the language - Contemporary usage of verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and other grammar essentials - Examples that reflect contemporary usage and real-life situations