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The Mystic Foundation: Understanding And Exploring the Magical Universe
The Mystic Foundation
Understanding And Exploring the Magical Universe
Paperback      ISBN: 0738709794

The sheer number of mystical traditions in the world can be overwhelming to seekers new to the metaphysical world. Summing up the universal truths underlying many mystic institutions, The Mystic Foundation is an initial step toward understanding the wisdom of each.

This nondogmatic primer outlines the mystical teachings of Paganism, Christianity, Islam, and other spiritualities spanning Eastern and Western traditions. Penczak transforms complex subjects and ideas--such as the powers of creation, life forces, elements, the world beyond, spirit entities, sacred space and time, magick, and metaphysical skills-into easy-to-understand concepts. Each chapter features exercises-including meditation, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and psychic travel-to help seekers "go within" and ground themselves in a variety of mystic beliefs. By the end of the book, readers will have a solid foundation in mysticism for choosing a path of their own.

"Those looking to broaden their spiritual perspective will be well-served by this highly accessible primer."--Publishers Weekly

The Secret Country of Yourself: Discover the Powerful Magic of Your Endless Inner World
The Secret Country of Yourself
Discover the Powerful Magic of Your Endless Inner World
Paperback      ISBN: 0738752150

Explore the wild beauty of your soul for healing, clarity, and purpose

The secret country of yourself is your unique inner cosmos, the place you visit in your dreams and fantasies. The experiences you have there reflect all that has happened and all that can happen, and when you visit your secret country with intention, you can transform your life.

This book is a gateway to your secret country. It's a tour guide for an experiential journey to your inner temple and library, your sanctuary and your shadow house. With hands-on techniques such as spells, prayers, elemental workings, guided visualizations, and shamanistic journeys, this book's goal is to help you know yourself, heal yourself, and become more of who you are.

In The Secret Country of Yourself, Jenya T. Beachy takes us on a transformational journey through shadowlands and starry steppes into the deepest heart of Self. On this magickal quest you will discover and retrieve parts of yourself that you lost along the way, you will heal parts that have been hurting, and you will come out with a more complete awareness and understanding of the Secret Country within.--Lasara Firefox Allen, author of Jailbreaking the Goddess

Sisters of the Dark Moon: 13 Rituals of the Dark Goddess
Sisters of the Dark Moon
13 Rituals of the Dark Goddess
Paperback      ISBN: 0738700959

Explore Dark Moon Energy Through Ritual
Mysterious but not frightening, the Dark Moon (the night before the New Moon) is less familiar yet equally as powerful as the Full Moon. There are no secrets on the Dark Moon Path, but there is hidden wisdom.
"Sisters of the Dark Moon" presents the thirteen Dark Moons of the year by the zodiac sign in which they fall, along with rituals designed to help you experience and learn from their energies. You'll explore the Dark Moon lessons of:
• The Unseen in Aquarius   • Risk in Leo
• Time in Pisces                      • Silence in Virgo
• Identity in Aries              • Descent in Libra
• The Body in Taurus   • Intuition in Scorpio
• Knowledge in Gemini   • Creativity in Sagittarius
• Emotion in Cancer              • Power in Capricorn
            • The Dark in Arachne (a spirit sign)
Deepen your understanding of the Moon as the Goddess as you experience the intuitive and deep healing powers of the dark.

Rituals for Beginners: Simple Ways to Connect to Your Spiritual Side
Rituals for Beginners
Simple Ways to Connect to Your Spiritual Side
Paperback      ISBN: 0738747653

Discover simple, meaningful rituals you can use to enrich your life in ways large and small. Join renowned author Richard Webster as he shares ideas for honoring important transitions such as birth and marriage and for practicing uplifting habits like forgiveness, gratitude, and blessings. Explore tips for making everyday tasks into moments of spiritual connection. Celebrate the changing seasons, develop a closer relationship with the divine, or create your own rituals based on your innermost feelings and desires. Rituals for Beginners also includes techniques for gaining newfound prosperity and attracting the life you want as you perform ceremonies infused with spiritual meaning.

Witta: An Irish Pagan Tradition
An Irish Pagan Tradition
Paperback      ISBN: 0875427324

Discover how you can bring the secrets of the Old Religion of Ireland into your life today for positive change and personal development, when you read "Witta" by Edain McCoy.
The beauty and simplicity that is paganism may never be more evident than in Witta, the Old Religion of Ireland. Witta was born of a people who loved their rugged, green Earth Mother and who worshiped her through the resources she provided--without the elaborate tools, ritual dress, and rigid, intimidating initiation rites prescribed by other religions. The magick and ritual words come, as they did thousands of years ago, from within the heart of the practitioner.
"Witta" is the first practical guide that teaches Irish paganism as a religious system within the framework of Irish history. It provides an overview of what influenced the Wittan religion. Then it gives you practical, specific guidelines for using and constructing Wittan rituals and practicing Irish spells and magick.
-Discover the connection between Celtic mythology and the tradition of Witta
-Learn how the Druids bridged the gap between the old ways and the new
-Find out how the eight sabbats of Witta differ from those of Wicca
-Explore the meaning and symbology of the tools used in Wittan ritual
-Understand why faeries and spirits are important to Wittan practice
-Find out how the trees in the Celtic Tree system relate to magickal practice
-Uncover the inherent power within homespun spell-crafting
-Construct your own rituals according to Wittan tradition
-Follow practical guidelines for initiating spirit and faery contact
The ancient religion of Witta offers a positive, tranquil, peace-loving path for anyone seeking spiritual alternatives. Let "Witta" be your map for following that path.

21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life
21st Century Wicca
A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0806518871

Introduces Wiccan practice; discusses spells, rituals, altars, and everyday magic; and describes living as part of a coven.

Everyday Psychic Defense: White Magic for Dark Moments
Everyday Psychic Defense
White Magic for Dark Moments
Paperback      ISBN: 073875045x

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones with Easy and Effective Magic

Discover how to detect and deflect free-floating negativity, send deliberate malice back to its source, and cast protections around your home, family, workspace, and valuables--all without damaging your karma. Everyday Psychic Defense provides everything you need to feel more confident and secure against negative influences, including curses, evil or restless spirits, and emotionally draining people or situations.

Providing helpful spells, methods to devise your own spells, and techniques for using household items, this accessible book shows how you can push back with the powers of the mind and spirit. Each chapter explains how a particular form of defensive magic works and suggests simple but powerful harm-repelling spells and daily defenses. Psychic protection can also be a springboard that opens new opportunities for spiritual growth and improved relationships.

How to Become a Witch: The Path of Nature, Spirit & Magick
How to Become a Witch
The Path of Nature, Spirit & Magick
Paperback      ISBN: 073871965x

Set forth on the Witch's path--this friendly introductory guide presents the key beliefs and practices of Witchcraft and offers step-by-step instruction on how to become a Witch. Best-selling authors Amber K and Azrael Arynn K have nearly fifty years of Craft experience between them. They've taught hundreds of students the basics of Witchcraft, and now they're offering readers the same clear, structured guidance here. This Witchcraft book teaches you everything you need to know about Craft essentials:

  • Ritual tools
  • Daily practices
  • Ethics
  • Spellcasting
  • Deepening your connection to nature
  • Divination and dreams
  • Sabbats and Esbats
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Pentagrams and other Craft symbols
  • Training, initiation, and degrees

Learn about Witchcraft as a way of life, how to locate a coven or work as a solitary, and--most importantly--how to grow magickally and spiritually.

The Witch's Athame: The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Blades
The Witch's Athame
The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Blades
Paperback      ISBN: 0738746789

Full of practical applications for both the circle and the home, The Witch's Athame shows you how to utilize the ritual blade to its highest potential. Discover everything you need to know about finding the right athame, personalizing and consecrating it, and using it in your practice.

Tracing this impressive tool from ancient times to the present day, The Witch's Athame presents the symbolism, history, and modern uses of the ritual blade. Also featured throughout are "Getting to the Point," short segments of wisdom by knowledgeable writers. From contemporary athames made of stone and crystal to folklore about knives in magic, this book helps enhance your Craft and appreciation of such a versatile tool.


"The most complete book on the ritual blade that I've ever seen. An informative and fun read."--Christopher Penczak, author of the award-winning Temple of Witchcraft series

"Solid, accessible, and a genuine pleasure to read. Mankey is sure to teach you something, no matter how long you've cherished your own ritual blade."--Thorn Mooney, high priestess of the Foxfire Coven

Wiccan Magick: Inner Teachings of the Craft
Wiccan Magick
Inner Teachings of the Craft
Paperback      ISBN: 1567182550

Empower your spellwork and enhance your magickal prowess with this in-depth guide to Wiccan magick. Raven Grimassi reveals initiate-level Craft teachings gathered over the course of more than thirty-five years of study and practice.

You'll discover the occult properties of natural objects and the means by which their power can be tapped. The secrets of lunar light and lunar magnetism are revealed in this book, along with techniques to bind or release this ancient energy source. You'll learn about solar and lunar consciousness, magickal reasoning, the astral realm and the odic force, and their significance in spells and rituals.

Gain a true understanding of the essence of magick--its core principles, philosophies, and inner mechanics--and its connection with the Wiccan mysteries with this extensive guidebook on Wiccan Magick. Then set forth on your own magickal journey...