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Design Sponge at Home
Design Sponge at Home
Hardcover      ISBN: 1579654312
Presents seventy design interiors provided by the readers of the DesignSponge website, along with fifty projects with before and after pictures showing transformed rooms, furniture, and accessories.
The Home Depot Kids' Rooms: Designs for Living
The Home Depot Kids' Rooms
Designs for Living
      ISBN: 0696233096
Handmade Gatherings: Recipes & Crafts for Seasonal Celebrations & Potluck Parties
Handmade Gatherings
Recipes & Crafts for Seasonal Celebrations & Potluck Parties
Hardcover      ISBN: 1611800560
Celebrate the seasons and connect with your community through sixteen parties to throw in collaboration with your friends. From the décor, to the entertainment, on down to the recipes themselves, Handmade Gatherings presents inspired suggestions for thoughtful, flavorful, festive communal dining. Here you'll find sixteen parties built around the rhythm of the seasons. Frosty winter fetes, lush springtime soirees, sultry summer get-togethers, and crisp autumn affairs--it's all here. Food, décor, crafts, and more are part of each event, all collectively assembled and executed. Throw memorable gatherings with your loved ones, enjoy the food, connect with your community, and get caught up in the splendor of it all.
The Bungalow: America's Arts and Crafts Home
The Bungalow
America's Arts and Crafts Home
Hardcover      ISBN: 067086353x
The essential popularity of the California bungalow style, which made it one of the most prolific housing styles in American architectural history, and which quickly spread throughout the country, was due to its economy of construction that incorporated the combined structural and decorative use of modest materials. Popular at the turn of the twentieth century and for many years afterword, the bungalow is of special interest today for being the home of the American Arts and Crafts style. In the very early years of the century America was putting down its roots and searching for its own identity in housing architecture. It wasn't until the bungalow style emerged unfettered by Greek, Gothic, or Italianate overtones that America finally had a domestic architectural style to call its own. In this landmark book - the first on this important subject to be published almost entirely in color - one is able to appreciate the almost infinite variety of the bungalow style. The book contains 197 illustrations of which 182 are in full color and include 102 exterior photographs and 80 that show the beauty of the interior architecture, furnishings, and decorative objects. The authoritative introduction to The Bungalow goes into significant and informative detail about the development of the bungalow, the various components of its design, the business of marketing the bungalow, and the preservation of bungalow's today. The main pictorial sections of the book illustrate many houses in the major Craftsman style as well as some of the lesser styles like Swiss Chalet, Spanish Colonial, Prairie, and Oriental. Additional sections are devoted to very large Arts and Crafts houses like the great Gamble House in Pasadena, California, to bungalows with fine restoration work, and to new houses created in the bungalow style.
The Language of Ornament
The Language of Ornament
Paperback      ISBN: 0500203431
Ornament, the art of decorative patterning, includes some of the most spectacular creations of human imagination and skill. Although the fashion for unadorned form pushed ornament to the margins of Western taste in the twentieth century, an ornamental revival is now under way. This book introduces the global panorama of ornament and will be of value to crafts people, collectors, and students of art history. Trilling's approach is both visual and historical. With over 200 illustrations, he presents the dazzling variety of ornament so that the reader can appreciate both its inherent form and the role it has played in everything from the monumental architecture of Mycenaean Greece to the inlaid vessels of Zhou Dynasty China, from the bronze mirrors of Early Celtic Britain to the carved and woven ornament of the Indians of Alaska and British Columbia. The characteristics of individual styles are balanced against their evolution and interaction from the Paleolithic Age to the present day. Special attention is paid to patterns that migrate across large stretches of space and time, showing how ornament becomes a record of cultural interaction through trade, conquest, and the spread of religions. Finally, Trilling explores the fate of ornament since the beginning of modernism in the early twentieth century. Modernism actually nurtured a vibrant and original ornamental style of its own, one so different from traditional ornament that its true nature went virtually unrecognized. Ornament in the postmodern era is open to any number of possible innovations, combining the modernist legacy with forms and principles from the world of traditional ornament. 50 color and 175 b/w illustrations.
French Style and Decoration: A Sourcebook of Original Designs
French Style and Decoration
A Sourcebook of Original Designs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500514003
A visual survey of French decorative art design is a panoply of original sketches, engravings, and printed patterns from the late seventeenth century through today, in a tribute that offers insight into the region's influence on the development of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and International Modernism.
SoulSpace: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life -- Creating a Home That is Free of Clutter, Full of Beauty, and Inspired by You
Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life -- Creating a Home That is Free of Clutter, Full of Beauty, and Inspired by You
Paperback      ISBN: 1608680371
"Expertly designed and decorated homes don't necessarily feel like havens to their dwellers or reflect, inspire, and celebrate what is essential about their inhabitants. Lauded designer and architectural conservator Xorin Balbes created the eight-stage SoulSpace transformation process to help his clients do just that. Through the stages -- assess, release, cleanse, dream, discover, create, elevate, and celebrate -- readers explore not only the design of their living spaces but also their own interiors: the ways they think, feel, and sense. Through client stories, exercises, Q & As, and bountiful photos and illustrations, Balbes guides readers to decode clues to what they wish for, deny, and need to move forward. Empowered with this self-knowledge, they are free to declutter, refresh, and enhance their living spaces. Suitable for any budget and for one wall or one room, apartments or mansions, Balbes's wonderfully unique technique nurtures and transforms both souls and their spaces"--
Faux Taxidermy Knits: 15 Wild Animal Knitting Patterns
Faux Taxidermy Knits
15 Wild Animal Knitting Patterns
Paperback      ISBN: 1446304531
15 quirky and fun knitting patterns that tap into the massive trend for taxidermy inspired craft projects with an inspired twist! Split into two sections wearables and habitat, this book includes knitting patterns for moose and badger wall hangings and tiger rugs to fox stoles and claw mittens for the modern, young knitter looking for something different and new to make. The style of the book is tongue in cheek with a very English eccentric hunting and shooting theme. Lousie Walker is a young up and coming UK designer, professional knitter and blogger
The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors
The Color Scheme Bible
Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors
Paperback      ISBN: 1770850937
An inspirational and practical reference for home decorating and design contains 150 different color scheme ideas, along with guidelines on how to select colors that will complement each other to achieve a variety of effects and tips on using color to give an illusion of space, create the right ambiance, and complement a distinctive theme or accessory.
Here's How Painting: 29 Projects With Paint
Here's How Painting
29 Projects With Paint
Paperback      ISBN: 1589236297
"Includes all the essential information for painting interior rooms with popular techniques"--Provided by publisher.