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Some Flowers
Some Flowers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810938375
Twenty-seven watercolor plates complement a gardening book in which the acclaimed novelist, poet, and biographer selects twenty-five of her favorite flowers and describes their appearance, origins, characteristics, and the best ways to grow them.
Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0517705656
Wonderfully diverse, wild flowers are a wealth of eye-catching colors, shapes and sizes. With his unique eye, Snowdon turns his attention to the flowers found in hedges, fields, and meadows. Close-up studies - with each flower posed simply against a white background - offer revealing looks at the beauty of the plants, with shape, color, and personality clearly defined. Snowdon treats each botanical subject with the same care and attention that he devotes to the people he photographs, illustrating and emphasizing the individual forms and capturing on film the shapes that most intrigue him. Charming stories present the flowers' physical characteristics, explore the plant's lore and legend, and provide Latin names and practical horticultural information. One learns, for instance, that the stinging nettle not only refreshed thirst in the form of nettle beer but also was used by Greek maidens to intentionally sting for a Good Friday penance; that the foxglove may get its name from "fairy thimble" (Irish translation) or "folk's glove" (the English derivative); and that bracken is painted as "quite the villian," poisonous and a "thug" in the plant world. With 39 plants, photographs, and stories, this lovely book makes an excellent, beautifully illustrated reference for botanists, nature walkers, and amateur plant lovers alike.
Tulipomania: The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower & the Extraordinary Passions It Aroused
The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower & the Extraordinary Passions It Aroused
Paperback      ISBN: 060980765x
Follows the plant from the steppes of Central Asia as it headed west into Europe, becoming even more prized by the time it reached the Netherlands.
Green Flowers: Unexpected Beauty for the Garden, Container or Vase
Green Flowers
Unexpected Beauty for the Garden, Container or Vase
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0881929190
This collection of green-flowered plants showcases a wide spectrum of perennials, annuals, bulbs and orchids. Exquisite photographs combine with descriptions, cultivation advice and interesting background information to inspire all plant-lovers to embrace these flowers. While some will make a subtly sophicated contribution to your home or garden, others, like the remarkably green red-hot poker, the furry-fingered kangaroo paw and the striking rudbeckia that boasts a black cone and green bracts, will stop visitors in their tracks.
Hardcover      ISBN: 382287762x
The Random House Book of Roses
The Random House Book of Roses
Paperback      ISBN: 0394758676
Perennial Gardener's Design Primer
Perennial Gardener's Design Primer
Paperback      ISBN: 1580175430
Two top garden writers and teachers offer a complete guide to planning out a perennial garden that will last years by choosing the perfect plant and plant combinations for a given site, with design solutions for twenty specific types of gardens. Simultaneous.
Meaning of Flowers: Myth, Language & Lore
Meaning of Flowers
Myth, Language & Lore
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811819310
Looks at over sixty blossoms, from the amaryllis to the daisy, providing the legends and lore associated with each one
Success With Orchids
Success With Orchids
Hardcover      ISBN: 1597640999
Some Like It Hot: Flowers That Thrive in Hot Humid Weather
Some Like It Hot
Flowers That Thrive in Hot Humid Weather
Paperback      ISBN: 0941711919
A detailed, richly illustrated guide for Southern gardeners describes a range of flowering plants that flourish in the hot, humid climates of the Southeast and includes instruction in a variety of specialized horticultural techniques, as well as information on hardiness zones, tips on starting a gardening log, listings of plant suppliers, and additional reading materials. Original.