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The Explorer's Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials
The Explorer's Garden
Rare and Unusual Perennials
Paperback      ISBN: 0881929174
Describes and illustrates a variety of perennials the author has encountered in his travels around the world hunting plants in the wild.
Container Theme Gardens: 42 Combinations, Each Using 5 Perfectly Matched Plants
Container Theme Gardens
42 Combinations, Each Using 5 Perfectly Matched Plants
Paperback      ISBN: 1612123988
Demonstrates how to create designer container gardens using groups of five readily available plants carefully selected to be ideal growing companions, sharing recommendations for various preferences from a simple salad garden to a combination for attracting hummingbirds. Original.
Some Flowers
Some Flowers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810938375
Twenty-seven watercolor plates complement a gardening book in which the acclaimed novelist, poet, and biographer selects twenty-five of her favorite flowers and describes their appearance, origins, characteristics, and the best ways to grow them.
Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Flowers
Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Flowers
Paperback      ISBN: 0794601871
Features the most brilliant blooms and blossoms from the tropics and includes scientific, family and common names of each flower in Indonesian, Malay and Thai.
Naturalizing Bulbs
Naturalizing Bulbs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0805046313
Explains how to plant bulbs where they can succeed on their own with little or no maintenance, and describes the conditions required by hundreds of popular bulb species
Burpee Basics Bulbs: A Growing Guide for Easy, Colorful Gardens
Burpee Basics Bulbs
A Growing Guide for Easy, Colorful Gardens
Paperback      ISBN: 0028626370
Concentrating on widely available garden bulbs and basic cultivation requirements, a guide divides the flowering classes of bulbs into spring, summer, and fall bloomers and shows beginning gardeners how to grow them without chemicals
Born in the Spring: A Collection of Spring Wildflowers
Born in the Spring
A Collection of Spring Wildflowers
Paperback      ISBN: 0821402269
A must for flower and art lovers, Born in the Spring is a unique collection of line drawings and magnificent watercolors of spring wildflowers. All of the drawings and paintings were done from living plants, in minute detail, with complete botanical accuracy. There are over 90 illustrations, 46 of which are in full color. The text accompanying each plate enables the reader to easily locate the flower in its natural setting. The text also includes the origins of the common and botanical names, and bits of history and lore connected with the flowers. Some are hardy aliens that have come from all over the world, while others are fragile natives described by the earliest settlers; some are now becoming rare.
Perennial Combinations: Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right from the Start
Perennial Combinations
Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right from the Start
Hardcover      ISBN: 0875968066
An award-winning garden designer offers a splendidly illustrated guide to the planting of perennials, giving advice on building a garden that is in bloom from spring to fall, on attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, and many other practical tips. 20,000 first printing.
Green Flowers: Unexpected Beauty for the Garden, Container or Vase
Green Flowers
Unexpected Beauty for the Garden, Container or Vase
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0881929190
This collection of green-flowered plants showcases a wide spectrum of perennials, annuals, bulbs and orchids. Exquisite photographs combine with descriptions, cultivation advice and interesting background information to inspire all plant-lovers to embrace these flowers. While some will make a subtly sophicated contribution to your home or garden, others, like the remarkably green red-hot poker, the furry-fingered kangaroo paw and the striking rudbeckia that boasts a black cone and green bracts, will stop visitors in their tracks.
Perennials for Minnesota and Wisconsin
Perennials for Minnesota and Wisconsin
Paperback      ISBN: 1551053853
With detailed accounts of 86 different perennials, along with information on 605 recommended varieties and cultivars perfect for Minnesota and Wisconsin gardens, this handy book takes the guesswork out of perennial gardening. The authors share their commonsense and practical advice to help you transform any patch of ground into a spectacular garden you can enjoy year after year: * Flower and foliage colors * Height and spread ranges * Blooming periods * How and when to start your plants * Planting strategies * Light, water and nutrient needs * Choosing the best perennials for different growing conditions * More than 500 color photographs.