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The Random House Book of Roses
The Random House Book of Roses
Paperback      ISBN: 0394758676
The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: Planting & Pruning Techniques
The Well-Tended Perennial Garden
Planting & Pruning Techniques
Hardcover      ISBN: 0881928038
With more than 130,000 copies sold since its original publication, The Well-Tended Perennial Garden has proven itself to be one of the most useful tools a gardener can have. Now, this new, expanded edition promises to be an even more effective ally in your quest to create a beautiful, healthy, well-maintained perennial garden.
Hardcover      ISBN: 382287762x
National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers: Eastern Region
National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers
Eastern Region
Paperback      ISBN: 0394504321
Facilitates the identification of eastern North America's wildflowers
Grasses And Bamboos: A Practical Guide
Grasses And Bamboos
A Practical Guide
Hardcover      ISBN: 1883052491
Ornamental grasses have gained in popularity over the past several years, from being found mainly along interstate exits to becoming focal points in residential landscapes. Tropical plants are all the rage now, with many Northern gardeners incorporating traditionally tropical plants into their landscapes--and bamboos are finding a nice home in areas where they never would have been dreamed about before. Readers will find practical growing techniques and creative display ideas for grasses and bamboos. Cooke starts with A Touch of Botany, a painless overview of grass structures and functions. Readers will learn the best ways to cultivate and propagate grasses and bamboos. They will also find 14 landscape plans to feature these popular plants. Each plan focuses on a different theme, from a prairie planting, to a tropical jungle, to a pond garden, to blue- and green-toned gardens. Cooke offers other scenarios for planting grasses and bamboos--how about rooftop plantings or a bamboo hedge? An A-to-Z listing of grass species gives basic cultural information, including USDA Zone the plants will grow in. The book concludes with a list of suppliers where gardeners can find the best grasses and bamboos.
Venezuelan Orchids Illustrated Volume 5
Venezuelan Orchids Illustrated Volume 5
Hardcover      ISBN: 281AKJ1006729

Dust Jacket : Very Good

Rebecca's Garden: Four Seasons to Grow on
Rebecca's Garden
Four Seasons to Grow on
Hardcover      ISBN: 0380975750
An illustrated book of gardening tips for beginners is arranged by season and contains easy-to-understand information about everything from houseplants and vegetable gardens to plant doctoring and fertilizing.
Naturalizing Bulbs
Naturalizing Bulbs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0805046313
Explains how to plant bulbs where they can succeed on their own with little or no maintenance, and describes the conditions required by hundreds of popular bulb species
Bulbs in the Basement, Geraniums on the Windowsill: How to Grow and Overwinter 165 Tender Plants
Bulbs in the Basement, Geraniums on the Windowsill
How to Grow and Overwinter 165 Tender Plants
Paperback      ISBN: 1603420428
The secret is out: cooler-zone gardeners are discovering that with a little wintertime TLC, plants that have long been considered "annuals" can thrive for many years. These plants — including geraniums, gladioli, dahlias, begonias, rosemary, lavender, and even impatiens — aren't annuals at all. Rather, they are tender perennials. Not hardy enough to survive winter on their own, they can be moved indoors during the cold months, and then returned to the garden in spring. Many are even more beautiful in their second and third years! Bulbs in the Basement, Geraniums on the Windowsill by Alice McGowan and Brian McGowan, is the first comprehensive resource on the care and maintenance of tender plants. In this zone-defying guide, readers will find simple techniques for overwintering, followed by 160 detailed plant profiles. Profiles include individulaized advice for overwintering and indoor care. The growing advice is clear and time tested; the authors themselves spent decades introducing and nurturing tender plants at the renowned Blue Meadow Farm Nursery in Montague, Massachusetts. From familiar snapdragons to the more exotic bush morning glory (a woody vine whose fragrant white blooms will cheer any indoor setting in late winter), tender perennials are appealing to a wide and diverse audience — perennial pros looking to expand their plant palettes, container gardeners hoping to create a more colorful indoor landscape during the cold months, and thrifty gardeners of all skill levels. Both inspirational and practical, Bulbs in the Basement, Geraniums on the Windowsill will revolutionize perennial gardening, allowing enthusiastic growers in any location to enjoy their favorite plants year after year.
Modern Miniature Daffodils: Species and Hybrids
Modern Miniature Daffodils
Species and Hybrids
Hardcover      ISBN: 0881921181
Discusses indoor and outdoor cultivation, hybridizing, pests, and diseases. Lists and describes species and hybrids, and presents the time, color, and size of blossom, cultural information, and the natural range. Well illustrated. No subject index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.