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The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
The Artist's Way
A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Paperback      ISBN: 0874776945

Presents a twelve-step program to increase creativity

Splash 5: Best of Watercolor : The Glory of Color
Splash 5
Best of Watercolor : The Glory of Color
Hardcover      ISBN: 0891349049

The "Splash" series showcases the very best of watercolor art currently being created in America. In each brilliant gallery, 100 or more of the finest artists comment on the techniques and insights behind their masterpieces.

Each work of art is presented in full color and as large as possible so that every luminous detail stands out. The resulting treasure trove is a visual treat for anyone who appreciates art.

Wallpaper: The Ultimate Guide
The Ultimate Guide
Hardcover      ISBN: 1590204344

This stunning book gets to the heart of the exciting contemporary wallpaper scene. Dividing the book into the three main areas of design - pasted pictures, fabulous florals and architectural illusions each section starts with what is happening now, then traces the history back through the key moments, developments, designers and manufacturers to the origins of the style. New young designers and established manufacturers, funky new layered images and classic designs, the latest visual technology and hand-painted historical scenes.

Each section also explains how to use this type of wallpaper in a variety of ways and rooms to obtain different effects. Expert advice on working out color schemes, mixing florals with geometrics, using large and small prints, zoning and other techniques is included.
Paperback      ISBN: 0812221656

Whether called maiolica or majolica, vivid tin-glazed ceramics have delighted pottery lovers for centuries with a depth and luminosity that cannot be achieved using other decorative techniques. This unique ceramic process offers endless possibilities for functional pieces as well as more sculptural works. Ceramicists who wish to begin exploring this historic and increasingly popular coloring method will find everything they need to know in Maiolica, a handbook by celebrated potter and educator Daphne Carnegy.

This practical, concise guide covers the essential steps of creating maiolica ware, from clay selection to glaze firing. In a down-to-earth tone, Daphne Carnegy explains how to choose the right clay body, compose glazes, and use glaze application techniques such as brushwork, wax resist, decals, lusters, and enamels. Maiolica includes glaze recipes and a chapter on troubleshooting, as well as important health and safety information. Each procedure and concept is presented in clear detail, accompanied by color photographs and easy-to-read tables. In addition to providing how-to instruction, this inspiring book celebrates maiolica traditions as far back as ninth-century Mesopotamia. It also shares useful insights from many of the best artists working in the medium today.

With 100 full-color illustrations and supportive instruction from one of the world's finest potters, this beautiful and useful book is an excellent choice for novice potters and ceramics teachers alike.

Graphicstudio: Uncommon Practice at Usf
Uncommon Practice at Usf
Hardcover      ISBN: 1907804358

This new volume explores the incredible body of art from Graphicstudio (GS), the print atelier at the University of South Florida that has housed artists including Louise Bourgeois, Jim Dine, Alex Katz and Roy Lichtenstein. Founded in 1968, the studio has developed an international reputation and work produced at GS can now be found in private and museum collections across the US and throughout Europe.

This volume presents over 109 artworks by 45 GS artists including Chuck Close, Guillermo Kuitca, Roy Lichtenstein, Christian Marclay, Philip Pearlstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Ruscha and Kiki Smith. The range of artworks work includes etchings, photo- and direct gravures, inkjets, cyanotypes, lithographs, woodcuts and screen prints, as well as sculpture in bronze, concrete, basalt and cast epoxy resin.

Through interviews with seven artists and printmakers, including Janaina Tsch pe, Trisha Brown, Christian Marclay, Keith Edmier, Teresita Fern ndez, Vik Muniz and Allan McCollum, curator Jade Dellinger examines a number of key GS projects. These illustrated case studies show how the ideas for works came about and the unique process and approach of GS and its printmakers in collaborating with artists in the development of unique works of art.

The volume also features four illustrated interviews with the current and past GS directors, including Alan Eaker, Margaret A. Miller and Hank Hine and former GS master printer Tom Pruitt.

The accompanying exhibition opens February 1, 2014 at Tampa Museum of Art with further venues tbc
Doodling for Tree Huggers & Nature Lovers: 50 Inspiring Doodle Prompts and Creative Exercises for Outdoorsy Types
Doodling for Tree Huggers & Nature Lovers
50 Inspiring Doodle Prompts and Creative Exercises for Outdoorsy Types
Paperback      ISBN: 1633220524

Combine your love of the great outdoors and doodling with this fun, quirky, and inspirational doodle journal

Designed to appeal to seasoned artists and doodle enthusiasts alike, Doodling for Tree Huggers & Nature Lovers is packed with more than 50 fun and inspirational prompts, doodling exercises, and outdoorsy factoids. With her cute and clever art style, professional illustrator Gemma Correll takes readers on a doodling journal that sparks the imagination and spurs doodlers to explore, experiment, and brainstorm unique ways to doodle their favorite outdoor places and activities. Doodling for Tree Huggers & Nature Lovers combines the allure of a traditional nature journal with witty humor and whimsical doodles, taking doodlers on an adventure that covers everything from camping and conservation to forest animals and plant life--all while encouraging artists and doodle enthusasts to develop their own style and techniques. With its portable format and plenty of open doodling pages, this series is perfect for on-the-go creative types.

Skies & Clouds: The Watercolor Techniques Of 23 International Artists
Skies & Clouds
The Watercolor Techniques Of 23 International Artists
Hardcover      ISBN: 1929834357

Combining the most popular medium - watercolour - with the most significant element of the landscape - the sky - this spectacular gallery of paintings will appeal to a variety of readers. It includes: 23 start-to-finish, step-by-step demonstrations showcasing a spectrum of methods for painting emotive and moody skies; An eclectic mix of styles from household name artists; Insight into the way each artist's vision is translated onto the paper, for readers seeking to bring their own vision to light; With chapters from artists in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, this book provides the credibility and scope every painter seeks in a painting guide.

Impressionist Art 1860-1920
Impressionist Art 1860-1920
Hardcover      ISBN: 3822896543
Drawing With Crayons, Pastels, Sanguine, and Chalks
Drawing With Crayons, Pastels, Sanguine, and Chalks
Paperback      ISBN: 0812019318

Teaches the techniques of each medium by showing and commenting on the working and finished stages of projects by various artists. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Creative Illustration & Beyond
Creative Illustration & Beyond
Paperback      ISBN: 1600583725

You learned the fine art of doodling with Walter Foster's bestselling Creative Doodling & Beyond. Now take your doodled designs to the next level with the entertaining, engaging, and creative ideas and activities in Creative Illustration & Beyond. From illustrating characters from basic shapes and stylizing everyday objects to creating dynamic illustrative layouts and intricately rendered word art, professional artist Stephanie Corfee captivates and charms doodle enthusiasts and aspiring illustrators from the very first page of this colorful and interactive illustration journal. After a brief introduction to illustration tools and materials, Stephanie dives right in with imaginative warm-up exercises, followed by motivating prompts to get the creative juices flowing. Next, an assortment of step-by-step projects guides readers through the creative process for transforming doodles and designs into inviting and colorful illustrations that can be used for a variety of purpose, including postcards, stationery, scrapbook pages, wall art, room d cor, jewelry, and much more Throughout the book, artists are invited to practice their techniques, sketch concepts, make notes, and brainstorm creative illustration ideas right inside the beautifully designated spaces. The perfect follow-up to Creative Doodling & Beyond, Creative Illustration & Beyond is as approachable to the beginner as it is appealing to lifelong doodlers and illustrators of all skill levels. Packed with inspiration, tips, and stunning illustrations designed to encourage and educate, this engaging and colorful book is sure to delight the doodler at heart.