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Western Garden Book
Western Garden Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0376038756

The Western Garden Book presents hundreds of pages worth of gardening wisdom from the editors of Sunset magazine. The Western reader will find plenty of ideas and tips on growing beautiful gardens, primarily in the Western United States.

The City Gardener's Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Small-Space Gardening
The City Gardener's Handbook
The Definitive Guide to Small-Space Gardening
Paperback      ISBN: 1580174493

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to know to successfully design and maintain an urban garden in whatever space and conditions you have available. As Katherine Powis writes in the foreword, "City gardeners are up against it: the concrete and grit, the lack of light, the cramped spaces, and sun-scorched, wind-burned rooftops. And that's just what this book is about." Linda Yang gives you the information and guidance you need to create beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces, profiling dozens of beautiful, hardy plants that thrive in cities and offering expert advice on everything from preparing your soil to managing pests. Filled with charming anecdotes and stunning photographs, The City Gardener's Handbook will inspire you to bring the joys of the garden into your metropolis.

The New Seed Starter's Handbook
The New Seed Starter's Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0878577521
The New Seed-Starter's Handbook by Nancy Bubel

Why start plants from seed?

* Earlier harvests
* Greater variety
* Healthier seedlings
* Lower costs
* Satisfaction

For the most complete, up-to-date information on starting plants from seed, turn to The New Seed-Starter's Handbook. Written by a gardener with 30 years of experience, this easy-to-use reference explains everything you need to know to start seeds and raise healthy seedlings successfully. You'll find:

* The latest research in seed starting
* The best growing media
* The newest gardening materials
* Solutions to seed-starting problems
* Source lists for seeds and hard-to-find gardening supplies

And An encyclopedia section lists more than 200 plants--including vegetables and fruits, garden flowers, wildflowers, herbs, trees, and shrubs--with details on how to start each from seed.
Native American Gardening: Stories, Projects, and Recipes for Families
Native American Gardening
Stories, Projects, and Recipes for Families
Paperback      ISBN: 155591148x

Readers will learn about the relationships between people and the gardens of Earth, seed preservation, Native diets and meals, natural pest control, and the importance of the Circle of Life.

Ortho's All About Successful Perennial Gardening
Ortho's All About Successful Perennial Gardening
Paperback      ISBN: 0897214714

Plants need your assistance to live up to the label perennial. You will learn exactly how to help your perennials thrive. From groundwork and plant selection to deadheading and dividing, detailed pictures and text cover the most popular perennials -- ensuring the success of plants and gardeners alike. Features: Assured Beauty; Professional Techniques; Details on caring for more than 200 perennials; Professional tips and techniques for proven results.

Perennial Combinations: Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right from the Start
Perennial Combinations
Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right from the Start
Hardcover      ISBN: 0875968066

Perennial combinations are the building blocks of beautiful, successful gardens. Choosing perennials that look great and grow well together is a skill that can take years to develop, but with this book, you're guaranteed to make perfect plant choices right from the start. In Perennial Combinations, expert plantsman, C. Colston Burrell hand-selects 120 of the best perennial combinations for homeowners, then offers his expert advice on how to grow and use the combinations to create great gardens.

Each combination is featured in a stunning color photograph accompanied by a numbered photo key and plant list, so it's easy to find and buy exactly the right plants to re-create the combination in your own garden. Each combination features just two to six plants, so they're perfect for even the smallest garden space. You can plant each combination just as it appears in the book, or for a bigger color splash, just repeat the combination or mix it with others that are suited to the same conditions. You'll find combinations for stunning bloom from spring through fall; combinations especially suited to challenging sites like heavy clay soil or seaside gardens; and combinations just for fun, like fragrant combinations and combinations that attract butterflies.

C. Colston Burrell has lived and gardened in different climates across America, so he's made sure this book is useful to gardeners from California to Maine. He's also a professional garden designer, and he's applied his talents to create 22 original garden designs that feature the book's individual combinations. Plus every page includes his personal gardening wisdom, so you'll not only know which perennials to plant together, you'll know how to maintain those perennials so your garden will look beautiful year after year.

Influential Gardeners: The Designers Who Shaped 20Th-Century Garden Style
Influential Gardeners
The Designers Who Shaped 20Th-Century Garden Style
Hardcover      ISBN: 1400048117

Shares the techniques and secrets of fifty-six key twentieth-century garden designers in Europe and America, pairing gardener profiles with explanations of important projects and featuring a wealth of archival pictures and contemporary photographs. 15,000 first printing.

Great Garden Formulas: The Ultimate Book of Mix-It-Yourself Concoctions for Your Garden
Great Garden Formulas
The Ultimate Book of Mix-It-Yourself Concoctions for Your Garden
Paperback      ISBN: 0875968481

Whether you're looking for a quick-cooking compost recipe or a safe spray to stop garden-eating pests, you'll find all-new mixtures that really work to solve your garden problems in Great Garden Formulas, edited by Joan Benjamin and Deborah L. Martin.

More Than 350 Formulas for a Great Garden
Compost; Weed Control
Fertilizer; Birds, Butterflies, and Beneficials
Soil Care; Herbs for Every Purpose
Pest Control; Home Remedies
Disease Control; Yard and Garden Designs

Creating and Planting Garden Troughs
Creating and Planting Garden Troughs
Hardcover      ISBN: 1893443000
Gardens of the Wine Country
Gardens of the Wine Country
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811816974

Visit the most exclusive and spectacular gardens of the California Napa Valley, where fragrant flowers, enchanting pathways, and astonishing vistas await at every turn. Gardens of the Wine Country transports you to this lovely region's 40 most glorious private gardens. Molly Chappellet and Richard Tracy walk us through the regal grounds of Beaulieu Vineyard and Francis and Eleanor Coppola's Victorian paradise. We tour the secluded gardens of Peter Newton, stroll among hundreds of rose bushes at the home of Maria Minetti Farrow, and call on many other gorgeous estates. Page after page of lush photographs reveal beautiful verandahs and solariums, ponds and boxwood hedges, wild vines and tailored flower beds. Gardens of Wine Country offers abundant evidence of the joyful dedication that such a fertile region can inspire in those who love gardens.