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Gardening for Dummies
Gardening for Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 0764551302
Provides expert advice for creating gardens of all types with tips on growing everything from grass to trees, and features a thirty-two-page, full-color insert and list of mail-order suppliers. Original.
Native American Gardening: Stories, Projects and Recipes for Families
Native American Gardening
Stories, Projects and Recipes for Families
Paperback      ISBN: 155591148x
Readers will learn about the relationships between people and the gardens of Earth, seed preservation, Native diets and meals, natural pest control, and the importance of the Circle of Life.
Jackson & Perkins Selecting, Growing and Combining Outstanding Perennials: Great Plains Edition
Jackson & Perkins Selecting, Growing and Combining Outstanding Perennials
Great Plains Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 1591860903
" Outstanding Perennials" is the book for those who want the latest developments and trends in Perennials, from new varieties to design ideas." Outstanding Perennials" is available in six regional editions. Authors are among the most highly respected gardening experts in their individual regions and share their advice on the Perennials that perform best in their area. Gardeners will be attracted to "Outstanding Perennials" for the same level of trust associated with Jackson & Perkins Roses." Outstanding Perennials" gives gardeners advice on how to select, plant, grow, and provide care for Perennials. An added bonus, "Outstanding Perennials" offers valuable design ideas, based on great Perennial and Rose combinations.
Garden Projects
Garden Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1561580856
Gathers instructions for twenty-two projects originally published in Fine Gardening magazine, including plans for fences, ponds, patios, earth walls, and artificial bog gardens
Creating Japanese Gardens
Creating Japanese Gardens
Paperback      ISBN: 0897214897
These days, people crave gardens that fill the soul and comfort the body. Japanese gardening answers those yearnings. This book demonstrates how to:Create a feeling of sanctuaryMake tranquil spacesArrange plants and ornamentsUse centuries-old garden design techniques:Emphasize personal tasteCalm a busy lifestyleInspire peace of mindReflect nature to create serenity:Appropriate plant selectionsTraditional designContemporary looks
The Sanctuary Garden: Creating a Place of Refuge in Your Yard or Garden
The Sanctuary Garden
Creating a Place of Refuge in Your Yard or Garden
Paperback      ISBN: 0684846373
A guide to gardens that promote contemplation discusses color and light, seating, garden art, and the sacred in nature
Paperback      ISBN: 0761107320
Covering all of North America's climate zones, a reference guide to successful composting includes everything from lists of materials appropriate for composting to balancing minerals for good decomposition, and discusses common compost problems and their solutions. Original.
Gardens of the Wine Country
Gardens of the Wine Country
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811816974
Describes gardens found in the Napa Valley, including Francis Coppola's Victorian garden, the botanic gardens at Trefethen Vineyards, and Jack Chandler's sculpture garden
The Garden Trellis: Designs to Build and Vines to Cultivate
The Garden Trellis
Designs to Build and Vines to Cultivate
Hardcover      ISBN: 1885183186
The Garden Trellis is an exquisitely illustrated, yet very practical garden gift book. Within its covers, gardeners will be inspired to incorporate small trellises in their gardens and will learn how to build nine simple but elegant designs. A section of thirty fully-illustrated plant profiles will help them choose vines--honeysuckle or roses, porcelain berries or moon flowers--that are appropriate for their gardens and for particular trellis designs. Written and illustrated by Ferris Cook, The Garden Trellis is suffused with personal experience as well as horticultural detail and lore. Cook--editor of Garden Dreams (1991) and Invitation to the Garden (1992)--draws upon her own gardening observations to explain how she first approached trellises and vines and what she has learned about them. Filled with anecdotes, this charming book also contains an abundance of practical information. Clear and concise instructions for building the trellises, and a list of materials needed, make The Garden Trellis tremendously useful. It will convince gardeners that trellises can be easy to build and that they can transform their gardens with simple vertical accents. A list of sources for ready-made trellises, plants, and seeds will help even the novice trellis gardener get started.
Minnesota State Horticultural Society's Minnesota Gardener's Guide
Minnesota State Horticultural Society's Minnesota Gardener's Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 1888608986
Gardening is now the favorite leisure pastime in America. Homeowners are realizing the health benefits derived from gardening and the increase in their home's property value. Book retailers are well aware that the trend in gardening books is to regional titles that provide credible information on the plants that perform well in specific regions. Minnesota Gardener's Guide is written by the highly popular gardening expert Melinda Myers. Contains easy to use advice on the top landscape plant choices (more than 160 entries) for Minnesota. Recommends specific varieties and provides advice on how to plant, how to grow and how to care for Minnesota's best plants.