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Getting Started in Watercolor
Getting Started in Watercolor
Paperback      ISBN: 0891341641

Describes the brushes, paint, and paper used in creating watercolors, discusses washes, overpainting, color lifting, tones, and composition, and shows a variety of landscapes and seascapes

Watercolor: Pour It on
Pour It on
Hardcover      ISBN: 1581801610

This enjoyable guide takes the fear out of "letting loose" the flow of watercolor, empowering artists to create glazes and paintings rich in depth and luminosity.

Rembrandt: The Master and His Workshop : Paintings/Drawings and Etchings
The Master and His Workshop : Paintings/Drawings and Etchings
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300051913

Contains two volumes which together discuss Rembrandt's life, technique, the organization of his workshop and the critical response to him. They present studies of 51 paintings, 40 etchings and 40 drawings definitely attributed to Rembrandt and discuss work attributed to his pupils.

2 volume boxed set: vol. one is "Paintings," vol. two "Drawings & Etchings.

Modern Acrylics: Innovative Mediums, Tools, and Techniques for Today's Artist
Modern Acrylics
Innovative Mediums, Tools, and Techniques for Today's Artist
Paperback      ISBN: 1600582206

Over the past decade, manufacturers have made drastic improvements to acrylic paint that make it wonderfully appealing to the fine artist. An extensive array of acrylic mediums is available, allowing artists to lengthen the drying time of the paint, completely alter the paint's consistency, add an iridescent sheen, and much more. This book offers all the information a contemporary artist needs to be on the cutting edge of this versatile medium.

Enchanting Fairies: How to Paint Charming Fairies and Flowers
Enchanting Fairies
How to Paint Charming Fairies and Flowers
Paperback      ISBN: 1581809565

Follow Barbara Lanza down a magical path as she shows you how to capture the wonder and mischief of fairies. Then learn to add elements such as wings, nature-inspired clothing and romantic settings. With brilliant colors and some basic techniques, your fairies will take flight

Barbara illustrates the simple steps behind some of her favorite fairy friends:

  • Baby, adolescent and adult fairies
  • The fairies of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire
  • A fairy for each season, from the Spring Fairy cradled in her crocus bassinet, to the silvery, grand Winter Fairy
  • Fairies to fill your days, from the Morning Fairy emerging from her morning glory bloom, to the Night Fairy, with spectacular wings the colors of the luna moth
These and other fanciful fairies are pictured amid mushrooms and butterflies, lounging on clover beds and dancing across flower tops. Recreate each project as is or use as a starting point--customize colors, settings and embellishments to dream up your own original fairy creations.

"We peek into the fairies' world, and see joy and mischief in balance with nature, and when we recreate their spirit in our art, we are in harmony with nature, too."

Relief Painting
Relief Painting
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764165348

The newest addition to Barron's growing series of Pocket Art Guides, this book instructs in effective ways of layering paint on canvas in order to create an effect similar to low-relief sculpture. Art students and amateur painters will find practical advice and instruction in Barron's Pocket Art Guides, series. Each title treats a specific aspect of painting or drawing, and includes many tips that even experienced professionals will find helpful. These information-packed books are handy artists' companions for the reference shelf, but are also small enough to carry along with art supplies on field trips. All titles feature instructive captioned color illustrations and enlightening notes on how famous artists solved specific problems.

The 613
The 613
Hardcover      ISBN: 0399173765
Artist Archie Rand creates a glorious reimagining of the 613 Jewish commandments using comic strips and pulp fiction jackets to capture each mitzvah. A gift for the eyes, this unique collage of images, ranging from Lox to superheroes, is not your Bubbe's graphic novel.

If Leviticus seems an unlikely text for a comic strip, look again. Or rather look at Archie Rand's magnificent series of commandments, The 613. The beauty, terror, and fun are all there in one magic, mesmerizing wall of colored shapes and visual oratory. It's a splendid series.
--John Ashbery

" R]ichly colored, always stirring works of visual art... The 613] is something like seeing a cinema-sized version of ancient wisdom transmuted through a comic (and then blown up again)."

"A new book by a trailblazing artist...The 613 pairs mitzvahs with appropriated images from Mad Magazine, pulp and 20th-century illustration. Sometimes the connections are obvious, sometimes intriguingly oblique. It is outrageous and inviting, in-your-face and mysterious, making Rand's case 613 times over."
--David Van Biema, Religion News Service

Archie Rand's career as an artist spans five decades and myriad themes and genres. Among his pioneering explorations, The 613 is surely one of his most ambitious feats yet. Without any idea where the work would be exhibited, Rand began transforming each and every one of the 613 mitzvahs, or commandments, into its own breathtaking painting, a series that took five years to complete.
Each of the gorgeous and perplexing panels features a vibrant, unexpected image that brings forth the heart of its law and commands our eyes to linger. Rand is startling and original in his rich color choices, bold characters, and extraordinarily expressive approach. The New York Times describes the paintings as rendered in the style of comics and pulp fiction book jackets, a dash of Mad magazine, a spoonful of Tales of the Crypt, some grotesques, some superheroes, always action, emotion, drama. Whether grotesque or dramatic, each painting provokes a sense of wonder and self-reflection, making The 613 a book to be visited time and time again. Perfect for readers of art, religion, or popular visual culture, The 613 may be the most audacious and distinctive gift book of its kind.
The Painter's Methods and Materials
The Painter's Methods and Materials
Paperback      ISBN: 0486218686

Many of the valuable techniques and materials formerly used in painting have been lost or forgotten. With the convenience of the art supply store, the artist is no longer forced to acquaint himself with many of the operations performed by the great craftsmen-painters of the past. The result is that the modern painter often does not understand the chemical and physical reasons for the steps he follows. This book bridges the gap between artist and craftsman, and gives the reader insights into the classical techniques of the great masters as well as the procedures followed today.
Professor Laurie has based his book on an intensive study of great master paintings and manuscripts as well as on actual experiment. He covers techniques for painting on wood panels, paper, walls, and canvas, and for dealing with watercolors, tempera, fresco, pigments and colors, balsams, resins, turpentines, varnishes, waxes, sizings, and various oils such as walnuts, linseed, and poppy. The reader will also find much information on the behavior of light through various refractions, prism effect in layers of paint, and the cleaning and preservation of pictures.
The discussion is illustrated by 48 full-page plates. These reproductions of actual paintings by major and minor masters -- Rembrandt, Lippi, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Rubens, Hals, and others -- were selected to show specific points of painting condition or technical procedures. Microphotographs are used to show cross-sections of painting, age cracks, flaking, pigment particles, and similar material.

Principles of Chinese Painting
Principles of Chinese Painting
Paperback      ISBN: 0691003009

The description for this book, Principles of Chinese Painting. (PMAA-24), Volume 24, will be forthcoming.

Painting Watercolors
Painting Watercolors
Paperback      ISBN: 0891346163
Make your first steps in watercolor fun and rewarding

Watercolor's vivid colors and fresh, direct brush strokes make it the most exciting way to paint. "But," you think, "Learning to paint must be hard and frustrating." Not with Cathy Johnson as your teacher Here, she makes learning to paint in watercolor fun--even easy

With Painting Watercolors, you'll learn to paint by picking up a brush and painting--not by reading about a bunch of confusing theories.

Cathy tells you everything you need to begin--including:

- Which tools and materials you should buy to get off to a good, affordable start
- When, what, even where to paint
- Explanations of watercolor terms (such as "washes" and "puddles")
- Easy and useful painting tricks--such as glazing and drybrush.

Exercises help you loosen up and learn the ins and outs of putting paint on paper. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions show you how to paint water, believable skies, a variety of trees in different seasons and other popular elements. Plus, a dozen demonstrations show you how paintings come together, from initial sketch to final brushstrokes.

With Cathy's help, you can start painting right away