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Expressive Oil Painting: An Open Air Approach to Creative Landscapes
Expressive Oil Painting
An Open Air Approach to Creative Landscapes
Paperback      ISBN: 1600611516
Become a Landscape Painter There's a world of difference between painting what you see and conveying what you feel. Expressive Oil Painting shows you how to create engaging landscapes that capture a sense of light, depth, movement and above all, your own unique impressions of the world around you. Within Expressive Oil Painting, discover: - Fundamental concepts of oil painting—including supplies, work habits, drawing, color and composition?explained in a friendly, straightforward way - A diverse sampling of ideas and approaches for painting landscape elements, capturing mood, painting en plein air, simplifying the complexity of nature and determining reference values - Nine in-depth landscape painting demonstrations illustrating techniques from basic to advanced Whether you're working on location or from reference photos, this book will empower you to pain "light on your feet," improvising according to the needs of each particular subject and the conditions of the moment. With nature as your inspiration and this book as your guide, you'll find your way straight to the heart of landscape painting, bringing greater sensitivity, intuition and authenticity to your work.
101 Textures in Oil & Acrylic
101 Textures in Oil & Acrylic
Hardcover      ISBN: 1600582990
101 Textures in Oil & Acrylic features step-by-step instructions for mastering a variety of the most common surfaces, including sand, water, metals, foliage, wood, bark, fabrics, stone, grass, and many more. Each page features two similar textures for readers to paint in oil or acrylic using the easy-to-follow steps. Half the battle of achieving precise, realistic results in oil and acrylic painting comes down to one’s ability to accurately render surfaces and textures—a challenging feat for even experienced artists. Although many art instruction books focus on learning to paint specific subjects, many fall short when it comes to offering instruction on techniques that help one capture textures adequately. In 101 Textures in Oil & Acrylic, experienced and talented artist Mia Tavonatti provides artists with the essential skills required to render realistic surfaces in oil and acrylic. Artists will discover tips and tricks for working with both mediums, as well as a variety of techniques, including blending, layering, working with oil and acrylic mediums, creating an underpainting, and more. In addition to valuable step-by-step instructions, general color recommendations offer a helpful “get started quick
Masterpieces and Museum-Quality Indian Modern & Contemporary Paintings
Masterpieces and Museum-Quality Indian Modern & Contemporary Paintings
Paperback      ISBN: 189020658x
Produced in conjunction with the Auction of the same name, this publication showcases one of the finest collections of Indian Modern & Contemporary Paintings ever brought together for sale. The Works have been historically contextualised through seven sections, The Art of Portraiture/ Studies of the Female & Other Life Forms/ Religious Icons & Narrative/ Folk & Tribal Art as Inspirational Platform/ Demons of Unrelenting Introspection/ Social Responsibility as the Aesthetic Work Ethic/ Nature, Landscape & Cityscape as Inspiration, with clear pricing and illustration references. A well-researched text provides valuable curatorial and documentational support presented through the now-acclaimed design formats of Tuli & Trivedi. Detailed Artist Bibliographies constitute an additional and valuable research resource. This volume is the fifth in the Auction Series published by Osian's as part of its larger programme to establish a credible and integrated infrastructure for the arts in India.
Sumi-E: Just for You
Just for You
Paperback      ISBN: 0870113690
Introduces the Oriental art of painting flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, and elements of the landscape using a brush and black ink
Jerry Yarnell's Landscape Painting Secrets
Jerry Yarnell's Landscape Painting Secrets
Paperback      ISBN: 1581809514
Let Jerry teach you how to Master Landscapes You can master landscape painting with the help of popular painter Jerry Yarnell. In Landscape Painting Secrets, Jerry explores the different areas of landscape painting that often create problems for beginning and intermediate artists. All of the major landscape elements are covered - from rocks, dirt roads and grass to still and moving water to atmospheric conditions like rainbows, falling snow, storm clouds and lightning. Dozens of thumbnail studies break each element down step by step with clear instructions and photographs so no stroke is uncertain. These individual studies let you practice and explore new techniques without the worry of ruining a complete painting. Once you've mastered the techniques, Jerry will help you apply what you've learned in three complete landscape scenes that include detailed instructions and photographs. Grab your paints and brushes and get started today!
Relief Painting
Relief Painting
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764165348
The newest addition to Barron's growing series of Pocket Art Guides, this book instructs in effective ways of layering paint on canvas in order to create an effect similar to low-relief sculpture. Art students and amateur painters will find practical advice and instruction in Barron's Pocket Art Guides, series. Each title treats a specific aspect of painting or drawing, and includes many tips that even experienced professionals will find helpful. These information-packed books are handy artists' companions for the reference shelf, but are also small enough to carry along with art supplies on field trips. All titles feature instructive captioned color illustrations and enlightening notes on how famous artists solved specific problems.
Early Greek Vase Painting: 11Th-6Th Centuries Bc: A Handbook
Early Greek Vase Painting
11Th-6Th Centuries Bc: A Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0500203091
This book completes John Boardman's study of Greek vase painting in the World of Art. The author demonstrates that all the components of Greek art that were to culminate in the Classical styles of the fifth century can be traced in the development of vase painting in early Greece, from the eleventh to the sixth centuries B.C. The vases are the most prolific source for this study, as well as being invaluable documents of society, religion, trade, and colonization. The works discussed here display the Greek painter's craft at its most mathematical, its most colorful, and in its most directly narrative mode. The later achievements of Greek art can only be fully understood in light of this formative period of variety, competition, and experiment.
Dogs & Puppies in Acrylics
Dogs & Puppies in Acrylics
Paperback      ISBN: 1844488160
Offers step-by-step instructions on painting five different types of dogs and puppies along with six pull-out reusable tracings.
Enchanting Fairies: How to Paint Charming Fairies and Flowers
Enchanting Fairies
How to Paint Charming Fairies and Flowers
Paperback      ISBN: 1581809565
Readers discover how to draw children, adolescents, and adults and add wings and pointy ears to create fairies filled with sweetness and mischief in a drawing manual that provides demonstrations, tips, and techniques for capturing the essence of fairies. Original. 15,000 first printing.
Patterns of Intention: On the Historical Explanation of Pictures
Patterns of Intention
On the Historical Explanation of Pictures
Paperback      ISBN: 0300037635
Defines and explains various concepts regarding the painter's intentions in order to provide a basis for understanding of a work of art