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Botanical Illustration Course: With the Eden Project
Botanical Illustration Course
With the Eden Project
Paperback      ISBN: 0713490748

This is simply the best and most complete course in botanical illustration ever produced, with each chapter a perfectly constructed and self-contained class. Created in conjunction with the internationally renowned Eden Project--home of the only jungle in captivity--it's put together by two leading figures in the Project's famed art school, and uses many beautiful works from its students. Artists and plant lovers will find a wealth of practical information, with easy-to-follow exercises and case studies. The priceless advice encompasses everything from honing observational skills and plant dissection procedures to color mixing and applying watercolor. Adding highlights, producing a pleasing composition, and developing a personal style--all the building blocks for achieving excellence are here.

1900: Art at the Crossroads
Art at the Crossroads
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810943034

Exactly 100 years ago, art was at a crossroads. Painters such as Sargent, Whistler, Homer, and Rouault were widely acclaimed. Cezanne, Degas, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Rodin, Munch, Klimt, and other modern masters were in their prime. And the revolutionaries who would go on to change the course of Western art -- Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian, Kandinsky, and Nolde, among others -- were just getting started.

This book, the companion volume to a major international exhibition, provides an eye-opening look at what these and other artists were creating in this watershed year. Organized by subject -- from bathers, femmes fatales, and self-portraits to rural scenes, religion, and social comment -- and featuring more than 300 colorplates, the book presents both famous and less well-known works. By including a wide range of paintings and sculptures executed at roughly the same time, Robert Rosenblum and MaryAnne Stevens illuminate the cultural crosscurrents that were reshaping Western art -- including nationalism, psychology, and technology -- and help us see familiar masterworks with a fresh eye.

Mandala for the Inspired Artist: Working With Paint, Paper, and Texture to Create Expressive Mandala Art
Mandala for the Inspired Artist
Working With Paint, Paper, and Texture to Create Expressive Mandala Art
Paperback      ISBN: 1633220729

Mandala for the Inspired Artist is sure to spark endless hours of DIY and craft mandala projects and imagination

Learn how to create your own beautiful mandalas using a variety of tools and mediums. One part inspiration, one part how-to, Mandala for the Inspired Artist is chock full of unique and inspirational prompts, exercises, and approachable step-by-step projects that are perfect for crafters of any skill level. From making art with pencils, paints, and paper to tape, nature's textures, and found objects, readers will discover a variety of ways to make unique mandala artwork. This engaging and interactive book is packed with helpful tips and beautiful photographs of finished work to both instruct and inspire. Inside artists will discover how to draw and paint mandalas, how to arrange a mandala, and how to turn their own mandalas into inspiring artwork, home decor, and gifts. Included are interactive pages for brainstorming and sketching, in addition to fun templates for scanning, copying and/or coloring in. Full of inspirational instruction, sophisticated artwork, and a myriad of ideas to explore and build on, Mandala for the Inspired Artist is sure to spur endless DIY and craft projects and spark hours of mandala fun and imagination

Still Looking: Essays on American Art
Still Looking
Essays on American Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 1400044189

When, in 1989, a collection of John Updike's writings on art appeared under the title Just Looking, a reviewer in the San Francisco Chronicle commented, "He refreshes for us the sense of prose opportunity that makes art a sustaining subject to people who write about it." In the sixteen years since Just Looking was published, he has continued to serve as an art critic, mostly for The New York Review of Books, and from fifty or so articles has selected, for this richly illustrated book, eighteen that deal with American art.

After beginning with early American portraits, landscapes, and the transatlantic career of John Singleton Copley, Still Looking then considers the curious case of Martin Johnson Heade and extols two late-nineteenth-century masters, Winslow Homer and Thomas Eakins. Next, it discusses the eccentric pre-moderns James McNeill Whistler and Albert Pinkham Ryder, the competing American Impressionists and Realists in the early twentieth century, and such now-historic avant-garde figures as Alfred Stieglitz, Marsden Hartley, Arthur Dove, and Elie Nadelman. Two appreciations of Edward Hopper and appraisals of Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol round out the volume.

America speaks through its artists. As Updike states in his introduction, "The dots can be connected from Copley to Pollock: the same tense engagement with materials, the same demand for a morality of representation, can be discerned in both."

On Just Looking

"Some of these essays are marvelous examples of critical explanation, in which the psychological concerns of the novelist drive the eye from work to work in an exhibition until a deep understanding of the art emerges."
--Arthur Danto, The New York Times Book Review

"These are remarkably elegant little essays, dense in thought and perception but offhandedly casual in style. Their brevity makes more acute the sense of regret one feels to see them end." --Jeremy Strick, Newsday
Artists in Residence: A Guide to the Homes and Studios of Eight 19Th-Century Painters in and Around Paris
Artists in Residence
A Guide to the Homes and Studios of Eight 19Th-Century Painters in and Around Paris
Paperback      ISBN: 1892145006

Open to the public, the homes and studios of eight celebrated nineteenth-century painters Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustave Courbet, Eugene Delacroix, Gustave Moreau, Rosa Bonheur, Jean-Francois Millet, and Charles-Francois Daubigny provide intimate insights into their work and personalities as well as pleasurable day-long itineraries in and around Paris. A writer and a photographer, both of whose work appears frequently in Architectural Digest, present sumptuous portraits of these painters lives and times.
Travel information includes discriminating hotel and restaurant recommendations; sites of related interest; excursions to nearby chateaux and medieval fortress towns; directions for travel by car and train; museums in Paris with works by each artist; phone and fax numbers and email addresses for all listings."

The Acrylic Artist's Handbook: An Essential Reference for the Practicing Artist
The Acrylic Artist's Handbook
An Essential Reference for the Practicing Artist
Paperback      ISBN: 0785833811

Acrylic is used by many well-known professional artists, but is rather less popular with amateurs. This is surprising, because acrylic is not only the most versatile of all the painting media, but is also highly forgiving. You can paint out mistakes as you work, even making major changes to the color scheme and composition, so that each new painting can become a springboard for ideas. And the range of different effects you can achieve is vast - if you try out some of the exciting techniques and projects in this book you may find yourself falling in love with the medium.

Color Mixing in Acrylic: Learn to Mix Fresh, Vibrant Colors for Still Lifes, Landscapes, Portraits, and More
Color Mixing in Acrylic
Learn to Mix Fresh, Vibrant Colors for Still Lifes, Landscapes, Portraits, and More
Paperback      ISBN: 1600583881

Color is a key component in art and painting and a crucial aspect of successfully completing an acrylic painting. Ideal for beginning and intermediate artists seeking to develop their acrylic painting skills, Color Mixing in Acrylic features a range of techniques and valuable instruction for working with and mixing color in this classic medium. With this comprehensive guide, artists will learn how to mix fresh, vibrant colors in acrylic for painting almost any subject. Beginning with detailed information for using acrylic mixing tools and materials, Color Mixing in Acrylic introduces artists to the basics, including supports, color palettes, painting knives, mediums, and other essentials designed to assist in effectively using this fast-drying paint. Artists will learn about color theory, the color wheel, and basic color-mixing concepts, in addition to learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colors; color complements; hue; value; and saturation. Also included is detailed information for learning to mix common acrylics in every major color group, including vibrant greens for landscapes; soft flesh neutrals for portraits; and tints, shades, and tones for every color in between. Information is packaged in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow format and includes plenty of inspiration, so that artists can put their newfound skills to practical use. With its breadth of detail and helpful instruction, Color Mixing in Acrylic is a must-have resource for any acrylic painter's reference library.

The Story of Painting: The Essential Guide to the History of Western Art
The Story of Painting
The Essential Guide to the History of Western Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564586154

Not since Gombrich's Story of Art has a popular guide to painting been so accessible and influential. This stunning guide to 800 years of Western art moves effortlessly from Byzantium to Bauhaus via 750 full-color photographs and illustrations, and Sister Wendy's benchmark style: informative, conversational, engaging. Movements are highlighted, as are individual artists, and the various techniques they use as masters are brilliantly exposed.

Secrets of Watercolor: From Basics to Special Effects
Secrets of Watercolor
From Basics to Special Effects
Paperback      ISBN: 1440321574
A must-have reference for every watercolorist

This is your complete guide to watercolor--from basic art concepts and techniques to fun special effects and pointers for painting popular subjects. Secrets of Watercolor, From Basics to Special Effects is a handy reference that beginners and experienced artists simply can't be without.

Learn how to:

- Work with the right materials
- Master all essential techniques
- Choose, mix and apply color
- Paint people, landscapes, animals and more
Monet and Modernism
Monet and Modernism
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791326155