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Early Greek Vase Painting: 11Th-6Th Centuries Bc: A Handbook
Early Greek Vase Painting
11Th-6Th Centuries Bc: A Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0500203091
This book completes John Boardman's study of Greek vase painting in the World of Art. The author demonstrates that all the components of Greek art that were to culminate in the Classical styles of the fifth century can be traced in the development of vase painting in early Greece, from the eleventh to the sixth centuries B.C. The vases are the most prolific source for this study, as well as being invaluable documents of society, religion, trade, and colonization. The works discussed here display the Greek painter's craft at its most mathematical, its most colorful, and in its most directly narrative mode. The later achievements of Greek art can only be fully understood in light of this formative period of variety, competition, and experiment.
Painting Better Landscapes
Painting Better Landscapes
Paperback      ISBN: 082303576x
Fifteen lessons concentrate on different aspects of landscape painting, including negative shapes, value relationship, depth, lines and composition of movement, linear perspective, and division of space
Manet: The Still-Life Paintings
The Still-Life Paintings
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810943913
A companion volume to a landmark exhibition presents the still-life paintings of the great Impressionist master Edouard Manet, including a wide variety of oil paintings, watercolors, and prints, as well as an essay by Henri Loyrette, director of the MusTe d'Orsay, on the artist and his work.
A Very Victorian Passion: The Orchid Paintings of John Day, 1863 to 1888
A Very Victorian Passion
The Orchid Paintings of John Day, 1863 to 1888
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500970157
John Day (1824-1888) was an eminent English orchid grower and collector who flourished from the early 1850s until the late 1880s. From 1862 he not only grew orchids but also painted watercolours of the plants in his own collection at High Cross, Tottenham, and in other major collections in and around Victorian London. His paintings of over 2,300 orchids bound in 53 'scrapbooks', constitute a unique archive recording these beautiful flowers, introduced into England from around the world when orchidmania was at its zenith. Day's paintings are not only beautiful: they are also of real scientific value. Day often sent pressed flowers and copies of his paintings to Professor Heinrich Reichenbach of Hamburg, who subsequently deemed many of them new to science. Day's illustrations, therefore, are often of the 'type' plant - the plant upon which the new name was based. The Day archive is used daily by scientists and horticulturists at Kew but has never been published or available more widely. It is an incomparable record of the introduction of novelties from around the world - particularly the New World, India and the Far East - the early hybrids and spectacular species that have been lost to horticulture.
Mediaeval Folk in Painting
Mediaeval Folk in Painting
Hardcover      ISBN: 1863511385
The Tao of Watercolor: A Revolutionary Approach to the Practice of Painting
The Tao of Watercolor
A Revolutionary Approach to the Practice of Painting
Paperback      ISBN: 0823050572
Applying the principles presented in the "Tao Te Ching", this book shows painters how to unite spirit, mind and body to achieve inspired craftsmanship in their works. Painters are shown how to approach the act of painting in a fully conscious manner for continued artistic growth.
Enchanting Fairies: How to Paint Charming Fairies and Flowers
Enchanting Fairies
How to Paint Charming Fairies and Flowers
Paperback      ISBN: 1581809565
Readers discover how to draw children, adolescents, and adults and add wings and pointy ears to create fairies filled with sweetness and mischief in a drawing manual that provides demonstrations, tips, and techniques for capturing the essence of fairies. Original. 15,000 first printing.
Watercolor Journeys: Create Your Own Travel Sketchbook
Watercolor Journeys
Create Your Own Travel Sketchbook
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1581802722
Provides excerpts from the author's personal watercolor sketchbooks as well as hundreds of anecdotal tips and techniques for overcoming the challenges of journaling on the road, from rain and insects to sketching the public without being noticed. Original.
Basic Flower Painting Techniques in Watercolor: Techniques in Watercolor
Basic Flower Painting Techniques in Watercolor
Techniques in Watercolor
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0891347305
This book will show you how 24 watercolor painters capture their subjects' brilliant colors, subtle shadings, graceful shapes and delicate textures. Assembled from some of the best teaching available, this comprehensive, step-by-step instruction will help you create your own, breathtaking watercolor gardens.
Splash 8: Watercolor Discoveries
Splash 8
Watercolor Discoveries
Hardcover      ISBN: 1581804423
Contains samples of watercolor paintings and analyzes and critiques these works by looking at concept, technique, composition, value, color, texture and pattern, style, light, mood, and creativity.