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From the Field: The Best of National Geographic
From the Field
The Best of National Geographic
Paperback      ISBN: 079227394x
A selection of articles and other writings from the one-hundred-year history of National Geographic includes contributions by Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, Joseph Conrad, Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall, and Sir Edmund Hillary
Letters from the Earth
Letters from the Earth
Paperback      ISBN: 0060921056
An American classic, with more than 320,000 copies sold-- some of Twain's most pungent and hilarious writings.
Lethal Laws: Animal Testing, Human Health, and Environmental Policy
Lethal Laws
Animal Testing, Human Health, and Environmental Policy
Paperback      ISBN: 1856494985
For the last 150 years, chemicals have been tested on animals for the alleged purpose of protecting the public from their dangerous effects. Lethal Laws reveals that using animals as human surrogates is not only unethical, it is bad science. Alix Fano provides a meticulous analysis of the technical and scientific problems that have plagued animal tests for decades, but which have not been forcefully challenged until now. She shows how animal testing has been used as an alibi to allow the continued use of thousands of toxic chemicals. In a field dominated by male voices, this is a pioneering work by a woman that effectively demonstrates the causal link between animal testing and environmental degradation, and the subsequent deterioration of human health.
Of Wolves and Men
Of Wolves and Men
Paperback      ISBN: 0684163225
Originally published in 1978, this special twenty-fifth-anniversary edition of the National Book Award finalist includes an entirely new afterword in which the author considers the current state of knowledge about wolves and recent efforts to reintroduce wolves to their former habitats in American wilderness areas. Humankind's relationship with the wolf is based on a spectrum of responses running from fear to admiration and affection. Lopez's classic, careful study won praise from a wide range of reviewers and went on to improve the way books about wild animals are written. Of Wolves and Men reveals the uneasy interaction between wolves and civilization over the centuries, and the wolf's prominence in our thoughts about wild creatures. Drawing on an astonishing array of literature, history, science, and mythology as well as considerable personal experience with captive and free-ranging wolves, Lopez argues for the necessity of the wolf's preservation and envelops the reader in its sensory world, creating a compelling picture of the wolf both as real animal and as imagined by man. A scientist might perceive the wolf as defined by research data, while an Eskimo hunter sees a family provider much like himself. For many Native Americans the wolf is also a spiritual symbol, a respected animal that can make both the individual and the community stronger. With irresistible charm and elegance, Of Wolves and Men celebrates scientific fieldwork, dispels folklore that has enabled the Western mind to demonize wolves, explains myths, and honors indigenous traditions, allowing us to further understand how this incredible animal has come to live so strongly in the human heart.
Walden and Civil Disobedience
Walden and Civil Disobedience
Paperback      ISBN: 0140390448
Thoreau describes his two-year residence at Walden Pond in a small house of his own construction, where he thought about personal freedom, individualism, materialism, and social conscience
Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature
Rachel Carson
Witness for Nature
Paperback      ISBN: 0805034285
A biography of the environmentalist chronicles her development from biologist and nature writer to muckraker and champion of ecological causes
Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
Paperback      ISBN: 0425100634
For untold thousands of years, human beings have thrived on the nutritional and medicinal wealth of the plant life in the natural world. In these fascinating, wide-ranging, wonderfully informative stories, Tom Brown--director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature, and Wilderness Survival School--tells all about the uncommon benefits of the common trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants we find all around us. This indispensible guide includes information on: How to use every part of the plant--leaves, flowers, bark, bulbs, and roots Where to find useful plants, and the best time of the year and stages of growth to harvest them How to prepare delicious food dishes, soups, breads and teas from the riches of the great outdoors An incredible range of experience-proven medicinal uses to treat headaches, burns, digestive disorders, skin problems, and a host of other maladies
The John McPhee Reader
The John McPhee Reader
Hardcover      ISBN: 0374179921
Selections from all twelve of the books by the eminent American journalist deal with such topics as basketball player Bill Bradley, the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and Indian River oranges
Brown Dog of the Yaak: Essays on Art and Activism
Brown Dog of the Yaak
Essays on Art and Activism
Paperback      ISBN: 1571312242
Essays explore the author's relationship with his dog, Colter, and how it has helped him to understand intuition
Travels of William Bartram
Travels of William Bartram
Paperback      ISBN: 0486200132
First inexpensive, illustrated edition of early classic on American geography, plants, Indians, wildlife, early settlers. Naturalist's poetic, lovely account of travels through Florida, Georgia, Carolinas from 1773 to 1778. Influenced Coleridge, Wordsworth, Chateaubriand. "A book of extraordinary beauty..." — New York Times. 13 illustrations.