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Successful Direct Marketing Methods: Interactive, Database, and Customer-based Marketing for Digital Age
Successful Direct Marketing Methods
Interactive, Database, and Customer-based Marketing for Digital Age
Hardcover      ISBN: 0071458298
Direct marketing has grown beyond its roots in traditional mail order to embrace a host of new technologies, customer relationship-building techniques, and performance measures. Today, businesses and nonprofits of all kinds use direct marketing, which now garners 25% of the U.S. marketer's budget, surpassing newspapers and broadcast TV. Hailed as the “bible” of direct marketing for over 30 years, Successful Direct Marketing Methods has been completely updated and expanded with all the latest tools and techniques needed for success in today's digital, multi-channel marketplace. Written by world-renowned direct marketing experts Bob Stone and Ron Jacobs, the Eighth Edition of Successful Direct Marketing Methods contains major revisions to chapters on the creative process, fully covering the development of direct mail advertising, catalogs, and print advertising. The Eighth Edition also explores such new topics as: - The expanding objectives of direct marketing in the digital age - Techniques for optimizing customer acquisition, up-selling and cross-selling, reducing defections, extending loyalty, and improving retention - CRM applications, data mining, call center, campaign management, and sales force automation - Customer experience management--connecting customers and brands at every touch point - Brand building with direct marketing tools and techniques - The growth of direct marketing in Europe, Asia, and Latin America - Methods of international marketing--both direct and telemarketing Successful Direct Marketing Methods offers professionals a comprehensive roadmap for direct marketing success across today's multiple marketing channels.
Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?
Meatball Sundae
Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?
Hardcover      ISBN: 1591841747
A provocative analysis of current marketing practices by the author of Purple Cow argues that established brands are losing growth potential by using new commercial strategies that are inconsistent with their products, making recommendations for utilizing "New Marketing" options that are more compatible and effective.

Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping
Why We Buy
The Science of Shopping
Hardcover      ISBN: 0684849135
An expert on shopping behavior and motivation offers a witty analysis of consumers' tastes and habits, explaining why point-of-sale purchases are still the most significant, why Internet shopping will not replace the mall, how hardware stores are adapting to women's needs, and more. 75,000 first printing. Tour.
Stumbling on Happiness
Stumbling on Happiness
Paperback      ISBN: 1400077427
A smart, witty, accessible, and laugh-out-loud funny reflection on human nature brilliantly describes all that science has to tell us about the uniquely human ability to envision the future, and how likely we are to enjoy it when we get there. Reprint.
Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery
Presentation Zen
Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0321525655
Provides lessons to help users design and deliver creative presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.
The New Successful Large Account Management: Maintaining And Growing Your Most Important Assets -- Your Customers
The New Successful Large Account Management
Maintaining And Growing Your Most Important Assets -- Your Customers
Paperback      ISBN: 0446694665
For the Accounts You Can't Afford to Lose: The Strategies that Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back Whether your company has $50,000 or $5 million in sales, chances are that at least half of your revenue comes from a few crucial accounts. What does it take to keep them going strong? The authors of The New Strategic Selling and The New Conceptual Selling present a hard-hitting, no-nonsense book of techniques to improve your most important business relationships. Updated with recent examples of actual success stories, this new edition explores how online click speeds have resulted in highly sophisticated customers who expect all services to be done in "real time." Discover: * The Long View: Studying and really understanding your company-and your customer's business-can mean years of selling success * "Lamp" Strategies: Activate a Large Account Management Process strategy to turn your best customers into permanent "external assets" * Trends and Market Forces: Constantly identify and reappraise the conditions that can make your services more crucial than ever * Channels of Communication: The right contacts and communication lines will help you make key changes-before it's too late!
Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Platinum Book of Cha-ching: 32.5 Strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register in Business and Personal Success
Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Platinum Book of Cha-ching
32.5 Strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register in Business and Personal Success
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0132362740
Presents thirty-three tips on personal and business success gleaned from the experiences and wisdom of John Patterson, founder of the National Cash Register Company.
Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts
Build It Big
101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts
Paperback      ISBN: 0793192773
Millions of people around the world are involved in direct selling. There are 12 million in the United States alone! Almost 74 percent of direct sellers are women. An estimated 46 million people in the world are involved in direct selling, according to the Direct Selling Association. In less than ten years this number is expected to grow to an unbelievable 200 million! With more people looking for careers that offer independence, flexibility, and tremendous income potential, this book offers a one-stop source of nuts-and-bolts advice, insights, and practical sales skills. Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts addresses the three most popular models of direct selling: * network marketing (e.g., Amway) * party planning (e.g., Pampered Chef) * person-to-person(e.g., Guardian Life Insurance) The training that many of these companies offer is limited and typically covers only product features and benefits, basic sales techniques, recruitment, and order processing. Through extensive research, the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA) has identified four crucial ""life skills"" that often are neglected or omitted from a company's training and support program: * Financial and tax guidance. * Coaching and leadership skills development. * Business management and technology training. * Daily success practices and implementation. Build It Big unveils the methods and approaches in developing these skills that, DSWA believes, are the true linchpins of growth and long-term sales stability. The disciplined approach and real-life insights from some of the most successful and talented people in the direct selling business will have broad appeal to rookies and veterans alike, especially for people who are opting for direct selling for part-time work, extra income, and the autonomy it offers.
America's Greatest Brands
America's Greatest Brands
Hardcover      ISBN: 0970686048
Covers the history, innovations and achievements of the world's most admired companies. Also features the expert insights and opinions of the American Brands Council, some of the most respected marketing and communications professionals in the world.
How to Get Clients
How to Get Clients
Paperback      ISBN: 0446393150
Tells how to target profitable clients, determine one's market niche, get publicity, save money on advertising, avoid bidding wars, and make effective first contacts