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Keeping the Rabble in Line: Interviews With David Barsamian
Keeping the Rabble in Line
Interviews With David Barsamian
Paperback      ISBN: 1567510329

Interviews from the early 1990s discuss issues such as health care and crime, foreign affairs, and the role of business in society, provide recommendations for change, and explain Chomsky's theories

More Utopia
More Utopia
Paperback      ISBN: 0521525403

This revision incorporates the many refinements to the translation of Utopia undertaken in 1995. George Logan has also updated the editorial commentary and introduction to take into account the scholarship published since the first Cambridge Texts edition of Utopia appeared in 1989. This edition is the most accessible and student-friendly version of Utopia currently available.

China's New Rulers: The Secret Files
China's New Rulers
The Secret Files
Paperback      ISBN: 1590170725

At the Chinese Communist Party's 16th Congress in November 2002, a group of new leaders took over the world's most populous country. Their accession as the Fourth Generation of rulers of the People's Republic--following the generations of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Jiang Zemin--signaled the end of a long, complex struggle for power.

Yet little has been known outside high Party circles about either that struggle or the men who emerged victorious from it. China's New Rulers, based on confidential Party files leaked to a Chinese writer abroad, offers an unprecedented glimpse into the most orderly succession in the turbulent history of the People's Republic. At its center are detailed descriptions of the nine men who will rule China for the next five years--their backgrounds, their characters, and their visions for the future. Among the challenges they will face are economic reform and China's integration into a global economy, pressures for political liberalization and human rights, ethnic unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang, the status of Taiwan, and relations with the US.

China's New Rulers is an extraordinary account of a high-level political drama that has largely taken place in secret. It portrays many key figures in the Party, government, and military, and provides new information on Jiang Zemin's thirteen years in office. Most importantly, it contains the first insights into matters of great importance to the West: who will lead China, what changes they may bring to their country, and how they may act as international partners and competitors.

Paperback      ISBN: 068482535x

A masterful work by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Herbert Donald, Lincoln is a stunning portrait of Abraham Lincoln's life and presidency.

Donald brilliantly depicts Lincoln's gradual ascent from humble beginnings in rural Kentucky to the ever-expanding political circles in Illinois, and finally to the presidency of a country divided by civil war. Donald goes beyond biography, illuminating the gradual development of Lincoln's character, chronicling his tremendous capacity for evolution and growth, thus illustrating what made it possible for a man so inexperienced and so unprepared for the presidency to become a great moral leader. In the most troubled of times, here was a man who led the country out of slavery and preserved a shattered Union--in short, one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen.
Terror and Liberalism
Terror and Liberalism
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393057755

One of our Most Brilliant public intellectuals, Paul Berman has spent his career writing on revolutionary movements and their totalitarian aspects. Here he argues that, in the terror war, we are not facing a battle of the West against Islam--a clash of civilizations. We are facing, instead, the same battle that tore apart Europe during most of the twentieth century, only in a new version. It is the clash of liberalism and its enemies--the battle between freedom and totalitarianism that arose in Europe many years ago and spread to the Muslim world. The author considers the wars against fascism and communism from the past, and draws cautionary lessons. But he also draws from those past experiences a liberal program for the present--a program that departs in fundamental respects from the policies of the Bush administration.

Terrorism: Opposing Viewpoints
Opposing Viewpoints
Paperback      ISBN: 0737701366

Bill Clinton, Louis J. Freeh, Sam Nunn and others examine the dangers of modern terrorism in this anthology. Chapters include: Is Terrorism a Serious Threat? What Motivates Terrorists? Can Terrorism Be Justified? How Should the United States Respond to Terrorism?

Global Governance: The Battle Over Planetary Power
Global Governance
The Battle Over Planetary Power
Paperback      ISBN: 1583225803

In Global Governance, policy analyst Kristin Dawkins offers a refreshingly hopeful and astute roadmap towards a democratic future, framing the respective roles and accomplishments of corporations, governments, and citizen activists in light of the day-to-day needs of communities around the world. Written with an eye to the realities of power, Global Governance explores the origins and current state of play in the major global institutions, the rising dominance of global corporations and the growing wealth of the world's political elite. In describing the impacts of international trade, aid and development loans on Southern economies and communities, Dawkins carefully explains the way governmental policies overseas become instruments of coercion in the context of globalization.
Writing with a passionate commitment to justice and democracy, Dawkins points out that the U.S. government is becoming increasingly hostile to the UN - even though many of the UN's institutions and treaties were designed to address poverty and the other problems created by globalization. At a time when the UN's very survival is being questioned, Global Governance is an urgent call to revitalize multilateralism and to build powerful new tools for democratic global governance.

Two Treatises of Government
Two Treatises of Government
Paperback      ISBN: 0460873563

John Locke laid the groundwork of modern liberalism. He argued that political societies exist to defend the lives, liberties and properties of their citizens and that no government has any authority except by the consent of the people. When rulers became tyrants and act against the common good, then the people have the right of revolution against them. Writing against the backdrop of Charles II's savage purge of the Whig movement, Locke set out to attack the fabric of the divine right of rulers. The rights of property- owners, of Native Americans, and of women and children, the need for economic improvement, the separation of commands, and the nature and limits of consent--these are all topics within Locke's compass and make this book the subject of intense debate.

This is the first modernized edition of the Two Treatises based on Locke's own corrected text as he left it for posterity at his death.

It includes an introduction, chronology of Locke's life and times, extensive glossary and keyword index.
A Tale of Two Utopias: The Political Journey of the Generation of 1968
A Tale of Two Utopias
The Political Journey of the Generation of 1968
Paperback      ISBN: 0393316750

The ideological passions that, along with critical acclaim, greeted the publication of Paul Berman's A Tale of Two Utopias showed how persistent are some of the battle lines drawn in the tumultuous years around 1968.

A Tale of Two Utopias recounts in clean, clear, often funny style (Washington Post) four episodes in the history of a generation: the worldwide student radicalism of the years around 1968; the birth of gay liberation and modern identity politics; the anti-Communist trajectory of the '68ers in the Eastern bloc; and the ideals and self-criticism of thinkers in America and in France who lived through these events and debated their meaning.

Praised for both sheer intellectual high-spiritedness (Houston Chronicle) and the same sensitivity to the moral needs of the participants, and the same lucid evaluative balance, as Edmund Wilson's accounts of earlier periods (philosopher Richard Rorty), A Tale of Two Utopias firmly establishes Berman as one of America's leading social critics (New Leader) and one of our most gifted essayists (Boston Globe).

The Constitution of the United States: An Introduction
The Constitution of the United States
An Introduction
Paperback      ISBN: 0451627245

The complete text of the Constitution of the United States is accompanied by a helpful glossary of terms, explanatory notes, incisive commentary, and a discussion of the document's historical background and significance. Reprint.