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The BBQ Companion: 180+ Barbeque Recipes from Around the World
The BBQ Companion
180+ Barbeque Recipes from Around the World
Paperback      ISBN: 1742709362
The BBQ Companion is a celebration of the barbecue and its global idiosyncrasies, exploring and enjoying the diversity of the barbecue world across a diverse range of cultural dishes. In this ultimate barbecue cookbook, the humble backyard barbecue is a force to be reckoned with. These recipes offer up everything from juicy meats like Mexican suckling pig and Indian spice-crusted fish, to Caribbean jerk chicken and Singapore chili crab, Barbecue spice-crusted tuna with tahini dressing to succulent vegetarian dishes like Artichokes with lemon, honey, thyme, and almond or Grilled Haloumi with lemon and mint—you’ll have your friends talking about your barbecue for years. In this compendium you’ll also find the best drinks and desserts to accompany your meal, along with recipes for all the rubs and marinades, breads, salads, and vegetables you’ll ever need to make your barbecues the best in the neighborhood. Whether your pride and joy is a wire rack over an open fire, a sturdy kettle barbecue, or a deluxe gas-fired hot plate, The BBQ Companion is full of easy recipes that get the home fires burning.
BBQ Sauces, Rubs & Marinades For Dummies
BBQ Sauces, Rubs & Marinades For Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 0470199148
A tasty assortment of sauces, rubs, and marinades for the backyard grilling and barbecue enthusiast features more than one hundred tempting recipes, including regional favorites, to spice up one's cooking, accompanied by helpful tips and tricks from around the country. Original.

Be the BBQ Pitmaster: A Regional Smoker Cookbook Celebrating America's Best Barbecue
Be the BBQ Pitmaster
A Regional Smoker Cookbook Celebrating America's Best Barbecue
Paperback      ISBN: 1943451265
Beef versus pork, dry rub or wet, Texas and the rest—it’s no secret that American barbecue is the subject of heated regional rivalries and debate. While you don’t need to pick sides to prep and smoke competition-worthy ribs, briskets, and other favorites, it never hurts to learn secrets that America’s award-winning pitmasters took years to unlock. WithBe the BBQ Pitmaster, you’ll elevate your backyard barbecue with advice, anecdotes, and recipes from over a dozen pitmasters representing diverse regions, cultures, and barbecue styles. · Straightforward illustrations and advice for selecting woods and meats, or trying new spices and techniques · Step-by-step instructions and insider tips for smoking beef, pork, poultry, and other proteins · Authentic recipes and secrets from award-winning pitmasters who represent the best in American barbecue · Additional recipes to fill your plate with classic sides, inspired salads, and swoon-worthy desserts · A detailed guide and FAQ for moving beyond the basics to enter BBQ competitions with your own winningest recipes
Beerlicious: The Art of Grillin' and Chillin'
The Art of Grillin' and Chillin'
Paperback      ISBN: 0771073674
World Famous BBQ chef Ted Reader combines his favourite passions -- beer & BBQ -- and launches his most daring collection of grilling recipes yet! In this cookbook you will find recipes from Ted Reader, his family, friends and fans. Each recipe is made with a different beer that Teddy chose for unique reasons and flavours. He believes that the essence of great backyard grilling and smoking comes from having fun and if you know Ted, you know that he lives to have fun. Written in Reader's classic friendly and accessible style and accompanied by incredible food photography, Beerliciousis this season's must-have BBQ book. It provides BBQ enthusiasts with fantastic recipes and offers insight about what beers pair best with each dish.
Beginner's Dutch Oven Cookbook
Beginner's Dutch Oven Cookbook
Paperback      ISBN: 1462121004
Best Served Wild: Real Food for Real Adventures
Best Served Wild
Real Food for Real Adventures
Paperback      ISBN: 1493028707
There's joy in eating under the stars--and now deliciousness, too! “Roughing it” doesn’t have to include the food you eat when you’re in the backcountry. Even when you’re miles from a full spice rack and only have a single-burner backpacking stove to work with, you can—and should—eat well.Best Served Wild offers up good backcountry food meant to be shared with friends around an open campfire. In Best Served Wild, adventure writer Brendan Leonard and food writer Anna Brones team up to bring you recipes for taking your backcountry food game beyond freeze-dried backpacking meals and brick-like energy bars. They share recipes for everything from single day adventures to overnight trips to multi-day outings—real food for real adventures.
Betty Crocker Outdoor Cooking With Betty
Betty Crocker Outdoor Cooking With Betty
Hardcover      ISBN: 1328846059
Enjoy a blast from the past with this newly released version of Betty Crocker’s classic guide to dining and entertaining outdoors. An authentic reproduction of a cookbook classic from 1961, packed with retro appeal. Illustrated with delightful period line drawings and color photos, Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cooking with Betty is a charming look back at outdoor dining in the 1960s. This hardcover reprint features 200 tried-and-true recipes for barbecues, picnics, camping trips, and boating excursions–including Beef Tenderloin Roast, Grilled Lobster Tails, and French Fried Onion Rings–plus expert tips on barbecue equipment and techniques. There are even illustrated instructions for an authentic “Down-East” clambake. Following in the bestselling footsteps of previous Betty Crocker Facsimile Editions, this nostalgic guide to outdoor cooking and entertaining is sure to be a hit.
Betty Crocker's Kitchen Library
Betty Crocker's Kitchen Library
Hardcover      ISBN: 0028627709
Now, you can have everything you need to shine in the kitchen in one convenient package. First, to cover everything you need to know to cook, turn to Betty Crocker's New Cookbook. This hardcover edition makes it a snap to find just the piece of information you need, or your favorite recipe. Whether it's how to make the perfect cup of coffee or identifying types of mushrooms, this is the book you'll turn to again and again. Then, conquer the never-ending issue of what's for dinner with Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cookbook. Sit down to a real dinner with the help of these 350 tempting recipes. Full of streamlined recipes and new ideas, all cooks will enjoy these clever recipes that make home cooking possible every night. From Thai Chicken with Basil to Pesto Vegetables to Quick Cherry Cobbler, you'll agree that Betty Crocker has the answer to dinner. This convenient -- and economical -- library brings the best of Betty Crocker into your home, for great meal after great meal.
Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book: Recipes and Secrets from a Legendary Barbecue Joint
Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book
Recipes and Secrets from a Legendary Barbecue Joint
Paperback      ISBN: 0307408116
The first cookbook from the six-time winners of the World Championship BBQ Cook-Off passes on family secrets for making great barbecue, including dry rubs, glazes, sauces, and slathers, as well as recipes for side dishes and desserts. Original.
The Big Green Egg Book
The Big Green Egg Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 1449471153
The popularity of the top-selling kamado style cooker, the Big Green Egg, continues to grow across the US and overseas. This is an all-new collection of 55 recipes introduce myriad flavor capabilities from top International chefs for using the Big Green Egg. This book takes cooking with the Big Green Egg to the next level with 55 recipes for professional chefs and experienced home cooks along with profiles of 15 International chefs, explaining how they discovered the Big Green Egg, as well as why and how they are using it in their professional kitchens. Inside you'll find recipes ranging from smoked fish to grilled pizza, and roasted carrot salad to apple tart. Just some of the recipes include: --Eggplant Steaks with Fennel-Rosemary Dressing and Buffalo Mozzarella --Smoky Burger with Miso Butter, Kimchi, and Fried Egg Yolk --Smoked Warm Salmon on Beet and Broad Bean Salad with Horseradish Sauce --Calzone with Sausage and Ricotta --Indian Lamb Spareribs with Chapati and Apple Yogurt --Baked Truffle Potatoes with Mushrooms and Vanilla Oil --Pumpkin Tarte Tatin with Creme Fraiche --Pork Belly with Sage, Roasted Grapes, and Bean Salad --Puffed Pancake with Peaches and Plum Compote --Ice Cream Cake with Whipped Cream and Blackberries