Mediterranean Cooking
1,000 Spanish Recipes
1,000 Spanish Recipes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0470164999
An unparalleled recipe compendium celebrating Spanish cuisine in the latest book in the 1,000 Recipes series.

1080 Recipes
1080 Recipes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714848360
Presents a collection of recipes from every region in Spain for appetizers, sauces, stews, soups, main dishes, flans, vegetable dishes, and desserts.
The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil: Stronger Bones, Cancer Prevention, Higher Brain Function, and Other Medical Miracles of the Green Nectar
The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil
Stronger Bones, Cancer Prevention, Higher Brain Function, and Other Medical Miracles of the Green Nectar
Paperback      ISBN: 1942934734
Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 121, credited one thing for her long life: olive oil. Olive oil enthusiasts and experts Alice Alech and Cécile Le Galliard join forces in this complete guidebook detailing the amazing, almost miraculous, health benefits of olive oil. From slowing the effects of Alzheimer's to building healthy bones, olive oil is unrivaled in its natural goodness. With detailed research from doctors and nutritionists around the globe,The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil reveals seven amazing health benefits of olive oil, the role olive oil plays in the Mediterranean diet, and tips for cooking with, buying, and storing the green nectar.

The A.O.C. Cookbook
The A.O.C. Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 030795823x
From the James Beard award-winning chef and author of Sunday Suppers at Lucques--a long-awaited book of her delectable recipes for the kind of small shared plates that have made her restaurant A.O.C. one of the most popular eateries in Los Angeles. Suzanne Goin developed the idea for A.O.C. at the bar of her restaurant Lucques, where diners would casually enjoy wines by the glass and share several seasonal appetizers rather than sitting down for a main course. So she and her business partner and wine director, Caroline Styne, opened a restaurant where ordering and eating became a communal affair, and simple, seasonal flavors became the stars of every dish, easily enhanced by a perfectly paired glass of wine. Now, Goin shares the recipes for these wonderfully distinct dishes: Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Parmesan; Duck Sausage with Candied Kumquats; Dandelion and Roasted Carrot Salad with Black Olives and Ricotta Salata; California Sea Bass with Tomato Rice, Fried Egg, and Sopressata; Crème Fraiche Cake with Santa Rosa Plums and Pistachios in Olive Oil; S'mores with Caramel Popcorn and Chocolate Sorbet; and many many more. Organized by season, the recipes are adapted to be served as main courses as well as small plates. And each dish comes with Styne's suggestion for the most complementary glass of wine, so you will learn exactly what kind of flavors flatter your favorite varietal. There is something for everyone, every food mood, every time of year--all in this delicious new book.
The Aleppo Cookbook: Celebrating the Legendary Cuisine of Syria
The Aleppo Cookbook
Celebrating the Legendary Cuisine of Syria
Paperback      ISBN: 1566569974
Ancient Grains for Modern Meals: Mediterranean Whole Grain Recipes for Barley, Farro, Kamut, Polenta, Wheat Berries & More
Ancient Grains for Modern Meals
Mediterranean Whole Grain Recipes for Barley, Farro, Kamut, Polenta, Wheat Berries & More
Hardcover      ISBN: 1580083544
"A whole-grain cookbook featuring well-balanced and wholesome recipes inspired by the Mediterranean cuisines of Greece, southern France, Italy, and Turkey"--
Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, And Lebanon
A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, And Lebanon
Hardcover      ISBN: 030726498x
An authority on Middle Eastern and North African cuisine explores the culinary heritage of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon in a colorful cookbook that features more than 150 tempting recipes that transform the unique flavors, foods, cooking techniques, and traditions for the modern home cook. 25,000 first printing.

The Arabian Cookbook: Traditional Arab Cuisine with a Modern Twist
The Arabian Cookbook
Traditional Arab Cuisine with a Modern Twist
Hardcover      ISBN: 1620870487
World-renownedchef Ramzi Choueiry revolutionized Arab cuisine and raised its standards on theinternational culinary stage. Known for being Lebanon’s first television chef andalways having a bright smile on his face, Chef Ramzi now shares his finest andtastiest recipes in The Arabian Cookbook,which combines traditional dishes with a personal twist. With an introductionby Swedish chef Bo Masser and exquisite photographs by Bruno Ehrs, thiscomprehensive cookbook should be in every cook’s collection. Filledwith a bountiful range of appealing dishes, the book features simple recipesthat will make preparing these delectable meals as enjoyable as consumingthem. From classics like baba ghanoush,hummus, falafel, and baklava to the more exotic dishes such as dolmadesstuffed with rice, squid in ink, sour chicken with sumac and walnuts, and fig marmalade withgrape molasses, these tasty recipes bring the Arab culture right to yourkitchen. Experience Arab cuisine with traditional dishes from Lebanon, Morocco,Iraq, and Egypt, and delight in the rich textures, appetizing aromas, anddelicious flavors. Thesefifty-five recipes, ranging from appetizers, dips, and main courses to dessertsand pastries, are perfect for those wishing to broaden their culinary expertise,as well as beginners who want to whip up some easy and delicious Arab dishes.
Around A Greek Table: Recipes & Stories Arranged According to the Liturgical Seasons of the Eastern Church
Around A Greek Table
Recipes & Stories Arranged According to the Liturgical Seasons of the Eastern Church
Paperback      ISBN: 0762778369
Kefi, loosely translated, is the Greek sense of joy, and is often found around the dinner table during large and boisterous family meals of Spanakopita, Keftedes (Greek meatballs), and much, much more. Largely considered a bit of a mystery to Americans, Greek cooking is far more expansive than simply prepping up a few gyro sandwiches and Greek salads. There is an earthiness about Greek cooking, an amalgam of many historic influences. Lighter than southern Italian, much less pretentious than French, much more refined than Middle Eastern, Greek cuisine at its best is aromatic, tasty, and satisfying. Around a Greek Table explores the intricacies of Greek cooking and makes these once-mysterious recipes both understandable and possible. The book also delves deep into stories of Greek life and kefi around the dinner table. The 100 recipes are organized around the Eastern Church's yearly seasons, each explored in one of eight chapters, with historical and personal essays exploring the ancient stories that are told around Greek tables in the honored tradition of combining myths with food.
Around The Roman Table: With More Than 150 Original Recipes
Around The Roman Table
With More Than 150 Original Recipes
Paperback      ISBN: 0226233472
Looks at the dining customs, social traditions, and food of the Roman Empire, and includes recipes reconstructed for the modern cook.