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The Whole Food Bible: How to Select and Prepare Safe, Healthful Foods
The Whole Food Bible
How to Select and Prepare Safe, Healthful Foods
Paperback      ISBN: 0892816260
For people concerned with the quality and integrity of the food they eat and who want to take the guesswork out of shopping, The Whole Food Bible provides a ready source of up-to-date information on all varieties of foods. The author details the latest findings on such topics as food irradiation, pesticides, and chemical food additives, enabling consumers to minimize their exposure to the hazards existing in many foods today. The author also provides extensive information on diet and nutrition and the benefits of eating foods that are organically grown and minimally refined. •  New edition of the best-seller. •  First published by Addison-Wesley in 1991, with more than 35,000 copies sold. •  A handy guide for both the experienced and beginning cook. •  More than 100 simple, healthy, and delicious recipes and a large assortment of tips on how to select and prepare delicious whole foods. Â
Paperback      ISBN: 0937381284
Porter reviews the history of George Washington's favorite beer and teaches you how to create this rich, full-bodied ale for your own enjoyment.
Finnish Cook Book
Finnish Cook Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 0517501112
Presents recipes for both simple dishes and gourmet specialties that reflect traditional as well as modern Finnish cooking
Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table
Tender at the Bone
Growing Up at the Table
Paperback      ISBN: 0767903382
A national bestseller penned by a renowned New York Times restaurant critic explores her intimate relationship with food, begun at an early age, and even includes several favorite recipes. Reprint. $50,000 ad/promo. Tour.
The Way to Cook
The Way to Cook
Paperback      ISBN: 0679747656
Blending classic techniques with free-style American cooking and emphasizing freshness, lightness, and simpler preparations, this treasury of cooking from the "French Chef" features eight hundred master recipes and variations
The Passover Table: New and Traditional Recipes for Your Seders and the Entire Passover Week
The Passover Table
New and Traditional Recipes for Your Seders and the Entire Passover Week
Paperback      ISBN: 0060950269
A critically acclaimed Passover cookbook discusses the history of the Seder and shares some forty-five classic recipes for appetizers, soups, meat, poultry, vegetables, kugels, and desserts. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.
A Cook's Tour: In Search of the Perfect Meal
A Cook's Tour
In Search of the Perfect Meal
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1582341400
From Japan where he eats traditional Fugu, a poisonous blowfish that can only be prepared by specially licensed chefs, to a delectable snack with the Viet Cong in the Mecong Delta, a fascinating book follows the author, who combines his two greatest passions--cooking and travelling, as he embarks on a quest around the world to find the ultimate meal.
The New Food Lover's Tiptionary: More Than 6,000 Food and Drink Tips, Secrets, Shortcuts, and Other Things Cookbooks Never Tell You
The New Food Lover's Tiptionary
More Than 6,000 Food and Drink Tips, Secrets, Shortcuts, and Other Things Cookbooks Never Tell You
Paperback      ISBN: 0060935707
An alphabetical culinary guide furnishes more than 4,500 tips and shortcuts on hundreds of subjects, including cooking techniques, kitchen equipment, food substitutions, labeling, measuring, foods and beverages, and more. Original.
Near a Thousand Tables: A History of Food
Near a Thousand Tables
A History of Food
Hardcover      ISBN: 0743226445
A chronicle of the eight top revolutions in the history of food traces the origins of cooking, from the inception of herding and agriculture, to the industrialization and globalization of food, citing the integral connection between food and the cultures it comes from. 25,000 first printing.
Cooking With Master Chefs
Cooking With Master Chefs
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0679748296
A companion volume to a fall PBS series features interviews with sixteen American master chefs and presents fifty of their recipes, explaining individual techniques that make the dishes memorable. Simultaneous. TV tie-in. 200,000 first printing. $150,000 ad/promo. Tour.