The Complete Dream Dictionary: A Bedside Guide to Knowing What Your Dreams Mean
The Complete Dream Dictionary
A Bedside Guide to Knowing What Your Dreams Mean
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1593371098

If you've ever wondered why nightmarish spiders spook you or why you have such vivid dreams of losing your teeth, read on. Filled with detailed background information and an alphabetical listing of symbols, The Complete Dream Dictionary shows you how to pick up on broad context clues as well as decipher the deeper meaning of specific images that appear in your dreams.
The Complete Dream Dictionary helps you:

  • Improve your dream recall and incubation
  • Spot the metaphors, puns, and archetypes in your dreams
  • Recognize common as well as advanced dream types
  • Create your own personal journal to record dream details
  • Understand common dream themes, including flying, being chased, or giving birth
  • Examine particular symbols in your dreams - from flowers to family members

Whether you're delving into recurring themes such as falling, or simply wondering what an apple or an airport means in your dream, The Complete Dream Dictionary shows you how to put these subconscious messages to good use in your waking life.
The Complete Guide to Dream Interpretation: A Simple, Step-By-Step Process to Biblical Interpretation
The Complete Guide to Dream Interpretation
A Simple, Step-By-Step Process to Biblical Interpretation
Paperback      ISBN: 0800798570
Simple, Dynamic Plan and Comprehensive Dictionary for Dream Interpretation

Too often, books on dream interpretation can wander off into complicated interpretation techniques, clinical language, or an incomplete "CliffsNotes" set of information. With wit and warmth, dream interpretation expert Marsha Trimble Dunstan gives readers a truly simple, comprehensive, and biblical approach to interpreting their dreams.

Thoroughly grounding her teaching in Scripture, Dunstan lays out a concise step-by-step process for straightforward interpretation and then gives a wealth of real, modern-day examples of dreams and their interpretations. Included at the end is one of the most extensive dream symbol dictionaries on the market, with over 3,800 entries, all with biblical references.

If you're serious about discerning what God is saying to you through your dreams, this dynamic book is sure to become a well-used staple next to your bedside, providing you with the practical tools you need night after night.
Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life
Conscious Dreaming
A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life
Paperback      ISBN: 051788710x
A leader of dream workshops and seminars details a unique, nine-step approach to understanding dreams, using contemporary dreamwork techniques developed from shamanic cultures around the world.

Conscious Dreaming shows you how to use your dreams to understand your past, shape your future, get in touch with your deepest desires, and be guided by your higher self. Author Robert Moss explains how to apply shamanic dreamwork techniques, most notably from Australian Aboriginal and Native American traditions, to the challenges of modern life and embark on dream journeys. Moss's methods are easy, effective, and entertaining, animated by his skillful retelling of his own dreams and those of his students--and the dreams' often dramatic insights and outcomes.

According to Moss, some shamans believe that nothing occurs in ordinary reality unless it has been dreamed first. In the dreamscape, we not only glimpse future events, we can also develop our ability to choose more carefully between possible futures. Conscious Dreaming's innovative system of dream-catching and transpersonal interpretation, of dream re-entry adn keeping a dream journal enables the reader to tap the deepest sources of creativity and intuition and make better choices in the critical passages of life.

Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master
Daughter of Fire
A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master
Paperback      ISBN: 0963457454

This diary spans five years, making up an amazing record of spiritual transformation: the agonies, the resistance, the long and frightening bouts with the purifying forces of Kundalini, the perseverance, the movements towards surrender, the longing, and finally, the all-consuming love.

Diccionario de Los Suenos
Diccionario de Los Suenos
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0738750743

Conozca el significado de sus sue os

Tercera edici n revisada y aumentada

El sue o es una funci n vital que aligera la carga energ tica, psicol gica y ps quica del cerebro durante su estado consciente. Se calcula que el ser humano sue a entre cuarenta y cincuenta mil horas a lo largo de su existencia, algo as como una novena parte de su vida.

En el Diccionario de los sue os encontrar una breve recopilaci n de las teor as que fundamentan el saber moderno sobre el proceso biol gico, las caracter sticas y los beneficios del sue o, as como m s de ocho mil interpretaciones incluyendo palabras poco comunes no encontradas en otros diccionarios.

Aprenda el simbolismo contenido en sus sue os y descifre los mensajes que le ayudar n a tomar decisiones importantes en la vida, reconocer oportunidades de trabajo, encontrar el amor y hasta prevenir enfermedades.

Discover one of the most complete dream dictionaries, designed to help you decipher all of your dreams--from the simplest to the most abstract. This book presents more than 8,000 dream interpretations, including rare and uncommon words not found in other sources. (This is a Spanish-language book.)

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols: With an Introduction to Dream Psychology
A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
With an Introduction to Dream Psychology
Paperback      ISBN: 1844039684

Dreams provide vital clues to hidden feelings, fears and desires; understanding your dreams can lead to greater self-awareness and self-healing. Each image that appears in a dream has a meaning, and A Dictionary of Dream Symbols is an invaluable, detailed guide to decoding these meanings. From abandonment to zodiacal sign, the dictionary contains over 700 entries, each of which gives a whole range of possible interpretations, allowing you wide scope for deciphering your dream and for assessing its implications. It also includes an introduction to the psychology of dreams, using the works of Freud and Jung as well as more recent theories of dream analysis.
The Dictionary of Dreams: Dictionary of Dreams
The Dictionary of Dreams
Dictionary of Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 0671762613

What does it mean to dream of running, playing an accordian, catching frogs, riding a stallion, eating honey, dying; or to see an eagle, apples, a tunnel, a shoemaker, or a field of growing wheat in your dreams?

This comprehensive and thorough study of dreams unravels the cloak of mystery surrounding these and hundreds of other mundane or strange items, happenings, places, people, and feelings encountered in the dream world to reveal what they mean in our lives -- unhappiness, financial loss, eventual success, or danger.
Make contact with your inner self through this perfect bedside companion.
The Dictionary of Dreams: Every Meaning Interpreted
The Dictionary of Dreams
Every Meaning Interpreted
Paperback      ISBN: 1577151569
The Dictionary of Dreams provides the necessary tools to interpret almost every dream object and its hidden meaning to better understand what your subconscious is telling you.

Dreams can be fun and adventurous, but also frightening and distorted, and still again, they can be an endless combination of both. From spitting teeth out (a sign of aging), to creepy, crawly spiders (a sign that one feels like an outsider), dreams can mean much more to us once we learn how to decipher their hidden meanings. Whether positive or negative, The Dictionary of Dreams gives you all the tools, symbols, and their true meanings to translate our cryptic nightly images.

Starting with selections from classic texts like Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, and 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller, one of the first authors to complete a thorough study of all the symbols that appear in our dream-scape, this updated edition with a board of popular psychics and mediums will feature revisions (such as cell phones, computers, televisions, and more) of Miller's original interpretations to bring the book up to speed with our modern life.
The Dictionary of Dreams and Their Meanings: Interpretation and Insights Into the Therapeutic Nature of Our Dreams
The Dictionary of Dreams and Their Meanings
Interpretation and Insights Into the Therapeutic Nature of Our Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 1844773930

An analysis and history of dream interpretation, with a lexicon of dream themes, evocatively illustrated.

Dictionary: Dreams-Signs-Symbols: The Source Code: The Ultimate Spiritual Guide to Dream Interpretation
Dictionary: Dreams-Signs-Symbols: The Source Code
The Ultimate Spiritual Guide to Dream Interpretation
Paperback      ISBN: 2923654250

The Dictionary, Dreams-Sygns-Symbols, The Source Code helps us discover, in great depth, the 500 most-common words in dreams and signs. The Source Code brings a whole new vision to the subject and will surely become one of the most important reference books in this field.