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12,000 Dreams Interpreted
12,000 Dreams Interpreted
Paperback      ISBN: 1402784171
A bestselling classic, back and bigger than ever Nearly a century ago, Gustavus Hindman Miller published his groundbreaking masterwork, 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, the most compelling and thorough study of all the symbols that appear in our dreamscape. Miller offered an enlightening introduction to dream history and types, and organized his symbols into eminently logical categories. Now, popular psychic and medium Linda Shields has updated this classic, featuring revisions and additions to more than 2,000 of his original interpretations as well as 2,000 entirely new entries. This brings the book up to speed with our modern life, including objects unknown in Millers time, such as cell phones, computers, televisions, and more. An exciting, enriching, and elegantly packaged revision thats a must-have for anyone who dreams
5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams: A Fast, Effective Way to Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams
5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams
A Fast, Effective Way to Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 1402255985

Packed with sound principles and sage advice, Holloway's practical handbook helps readers hear their inner dream guide. --Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming and The Healing Power of Dreams

Have you ever woken up baffled dreams you had the night before?

Respected dream analyst and intuition expert Gillian Holloway can help you navigate your dreams and pinpoint their meanings with her renowned 5-step approach. Unlike dream dictionaries that merely define symbols, 5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams provides you with a method you can use to uncover how powerful your dreams truly are--and how you can positively apply the messages in your dreams to your everyday life.

What the Experts Are Saying A lovely, friendly, inspiring introduction to the world of dreams. --Gayle Delaney, author of Breakthrough Dreaming and Sexual Dreams A practical, comprehensive guide to dream interpretation. The reader is skillfully led toward personal growth and self-discovery. --Stanley Krippner, editor of Dreamtime and Dreamwork

What Readers Are Saying The 5 steps let me see into my subconscious, enabling me to grow and understand myself better.--Lea H. Your book is very user-friendly and extremely helpful in helping me figure out the messages in many of my dreams. Thank you!--Linda M.
Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom
Active Dreaming
Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom
Paperback      ISBN: 1577319648
Practical Magic for Living the "Life of Your Dreams"

Active Dreaming is a way of being fully of this world while maintaining constant contact with another world, the world-behind-the-world, where the deeper logic and purpose of our lives are to be found. Active Dreaming offers three core areas of practice: talking and walking our dreams to bring energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life; shamanic lucid dreaming; and conscious living.

Active dreamers are choosers. They learn to recognize that whatever situation they are in, they always have choice. They choose not to buy into self-limiting beliefs or the limited models of reality suggested by others. Active dreamers learn to grow a dream of possibility, a dream strong enough to take them beyond fear and despair to a place of freedom and delight.
Advanced Lucid Dreaming - The Power of Supplements
Advanced Lucid Dreaming - The Power of Supplements
Paperback      ISBN: 1430305428

Simply the Most Effective Approach to Inducing Lucid Dreams & Out of Body Experiences. This breakthrough book tells you everything you need to know on how to start experiencing extremely advanced lucid dreams and OBEs using the LDS (Lucid Dream Supplement) induction technique. This is the first comprehensive guide that explains how to use natural, non-prescription, and healthy supplements to induce some of the most profound experiences that humans can achieve.

All about Dreams: Everything You Need to Know about *Why We Have Them *What They Mean *And How to Put Them to Work for You
All about Dreams
Everything You Need to Know about *Why We Have Them *What They Mean *And How to Put Them to Work for You
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0062514113


Why we have them, what they mean, and how to put them to work for you.

Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide
Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams
A Comprehensive Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0957497709
'Just about everything you could possibly need to know about lucid dreaming. A thoroughly enjoyable, compendious and insightful guide for those interested in exploring their inner worlds.' - Dr Keith Hearne

Discover the Universe Inside your Mind

Astonishingly, there is around a 1 in 10 chance that you are dreaming at any given moment... including right now

Every night, you adventure inwards to a universe made from the very fabric of your being: your dreams. Dreaming accounts for around 11% of your daily experience and, amazingly, each year you will spend an entire month dreaming. What if you could 'wake up' to this mysterious world, to learn to consciously explore the inner depths of your mind? Such an experience is indeed possible. It is called 'Lucid Dreaming'.

Isn't it time you woke up to your dreams?

Lucid dreaming is a scientifically verified and learnable skill by which you become aware that you are dreaming, whilst dreaming. Such knowledge imbues you with an almost unlimited control over your dreaming adventures. The power of lucid dreaming will also greatly enhance your waking life, opening new avenues of creativity, confidence, self-improvement, problem-solving, philosophical exploration and so much more. A universe of opportunity awaits you.

Master the art of lucid dreaming

In this deeply comprehensive and modern guide to lucid dreaming, expert lucid dreamer and oneirologist, Daniel Love, will aid you on your unique journey through the fascinating exploration of your mind. This book brings the subject of conscious dreaming fully up to date, including the latest discoveries, research, techniques and much more. It is the perfect guide to help you unlock the hidden potential of your dreams, catering for both beginners and advanced lucid dreamers alike.
'Are You Dreaming?' is a no-nonsense approach to this enthralling phenomenon and is simply one of the most thorough, accessible and in-depth contemporary guides to exploring and mastering lucid dreaming.

The Art of Dreaming: Tools for Creative Dream Work (Dream Interpretation Book, for Readers of Inner Work)
The Art of Dreaming
Tools for Creative Dream Work (Dream Interpretation Book, for Readers of Inner Work)
Paperback      ISBN: 1573245747

Discover a Better Way of Dream Working

"The insights some of Mellick's patients gained from their dreams ring true."--Library Journal

The Art of Dreaming ushers in a new era of dream work with innovative techniques and ideas. Perfect for the creative mind, you'll truly understand the meaning of dreams through this revolutionary approach to dream analysis through artistic expression.

Dream, create, and discover the power of the unconscious mind through these new dream working techniques. Have you ever woken up from a dream wondering what it could mean, only to be disappointed by the generic answers found in traditional dream analysis books? Felt boxed-in and uninspired by the same old prompt to record or write about your dreams? You're not alone. Different than dream books of the past, author Jill Mellick marries the best of dream, art, and psychotherapy books, teaching dream interpretation on a personal level through art, so you'll actually make some headway on your personal journey--whatever that may be.

Discover the true power of vulnerability and create highly personal, inspired art. Dreams are nothing more than our subconscious at play--our most creative interpretations of our deepest desires and fears. By addressing them in different mediums through guided activities, readers learn to work with the deep and essential meanings of their dreams, find the medium which is most natural to them, and create unique, meaningful art.

Inside, find:

  • The basics of dream working and expressive dream working
  • Answers to questions like "Why do I keep having the same dream?" and "How do I do expressive dream work with my nightmares?"
  • Instructions for projects which can completed in 5, 10, or 15 minutes to interpret dreams through art in different mediums

If you liked books about dreams such as Inner Work, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary, or When Brains Dream, you'll love The Art of Dreaming.

The Art of Lucid Dreaming: Over 60 Powerful Practices to Help You Wake Up in Your Dreams
The Art of Lucid Dreaming
Over 60 Powerful Practices to Help You Wake Up in Your Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 0738762652

Learn how to wake up in your dreams for creative insights and beautiful spiritual adventures

The Art of Lucid Dreaming is a quick and easy guide to help you get lucid fast. Dr. Clare Johnson, world-leading expert on lucid dreaming, shares her best practical tips and a unique Lucidity Quiz that identifies your personal sleeper-dreamer type so you can fast-track to the techniques that work best for you. When you are lucid in a dream, you can choose to ask your unconscious mind for guidance, perform healing magic, seek creative solutions to problems, and explore the dream realm more profoundly than ever before.

With over sixty practices and fifteen tailor-made lucidity programs to get you started, this hands-on guide helps you set up your own custom program for achieving lucidity as quickly as possible. Focusing on how to get lucid, stay lucid, and guide your dreams, this book shows how to transform your nightly slumber into an exciting spiritual adventure that fills your life with meaning.

The Art of Procuring Pleasant Dreams
The Art of Procuring Pleasant Dreams
Hardcover      ISBN: 1429096047

Founding Father and all-around Renaissance man Benjamin Franklin considered and wrote about many topics. In this essay from 1786 on restful sleep, Franklin advises exercise before meals, moderate eating ("...full feeding, occasions nightmares and horrors inexpressible; we fall from precipices, are assaulted by wild beasts, murderers, and demons, and experience every variety of distress"), and fresh air in the sleep chamber, to avoid perspiring in a hot bed. Most importantly, he says, one must be sure to preserve a Good Conscience.This short work is part of Applewood's "American Roots" series--tactile mementos of American passions by some of America's most famous writers.

The Art of Spiritual Dreaming: How Dreams Can Make You Find More Love and Happiness
The Art of Spiritual Dreaming
How Dreams Can Make You Find More Love and Happiness
Paperback      ISBN: 1570431493

Learn how dreams can help you gain insights from the past and future, grow in confidence, heal yourself spiritually, and make decisions about your career and finances. Create your masterpiece