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Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness: Eat Right to Train Right
Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness
Eat Right to Train Right
Paperback      ISBN: 0425202550

From the coach of several of the world's greatest athletes comes a revolutionary eating plan for all active people--from weekend warriors to elite competitors to those just trying to lose a few pounds and be more fit.

You'll learn:
-The truth and consequences of low-carb diets for athletes
-Chris Carmichael's step-by-step method to match your nutrition to your activity level for better workouts and fewer excess calories
-The best sources of clean-buring fuel for your healthy and active lifestyle
-Which supplements work and which just waste your money
-Specific recommendations for teenage, female, and older athletes
-The complete Carmichael Nutrition Program, which has carried many top athletes to victory
-The ease and benefits of dozens of quick-to-prepare, power-packed recipes

Everything you need to know about food and fitness is outlined in this easy-to-follow, remarkably effective nutritional program. Get on board--once you eat right and train right, there will be noyhting to stop you.

Includes original Carmichael Training System Recipes.

Not only has Chris put together a great read for adults, but any parents reading it can relay the information to their children to get them on the right track early.--Brandi Chastain, U.S. Women's National Soccer Team
Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold 'Em
Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold 'Em
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1580420850

This is a step-by-step comprehensive manual for making money at hold'em poker. Two-two powerful chapters will teach you one lesson at a time. Great practical advice and concepts with examples from actual games and how to apply them to your own play. Lessons include: Starting Cards, Playing Position, Which Hands to Play, Raising, Check-raising, Tells, Game/Seat Selection, Dominated Hands, Odds, and much more. This book is already a huge fan favorite and best seller The author of the best-selling hold'em book of all time brings new winning strategies in a step by step winning method for beginning and intermediate players.

Yukon Alone: The World's Toughest Adventure Race
Yukon Alone
The World's Toughest Adventure Race
Paperback      ISBN: 0805059504

The Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race is one of the most challenging sporting events in the world. Every February, a handful of hardy souls spends over two weeks racing sleds pulled by fourteen dogs over 1,023 miles of frozen rivers, icy mountain passes, and spruce forests as big as entire states, facing temperatures that drop to forty degrees below zero on nights that are seventeen hours long.

Why would anyone want to enter this race? John Balzar-who moved to Alaska and lived on the trail-treats us to a vivid account of the grueling race itself, offering an insightful look at the men and women who have moved to this rugged and beautiful place. Readers will also be fascinated by Balzar's account of what goes into the training and care of the majestic dogs who pull the sleds and whose courage, strength, and devotion make them the true heroes of this story.

The Cube
The Cube
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0062512668

Spread the word . . . but keep the secret

The Cube is an imagination game--and more--that holds a secret you are dared not to reveal. Last seen making the rounds in the coffeehouses of Eastern Europe, the Cube is rumored to be of ancient Sufi origin, but no one really knows for certain. This mystery game just seems to reappear when and where it is needed. Now it is here Inside these pages, the game is revealed along with intriguing stories of others who have played the Cube--including such celebrities as Gloria Steinem, Willem Dafoe, Erica Jong, and Judy Collins.

So don't be square . . . Get Cubed

Beginning Go: Making the Winning Move
Beginning Go
Making the Winning Move
Paperback      ISBN: 4805309555
The must-have resource guidebook for those looking to learn the ancient Asian game of Go

Beginning Go is a clear, concise and thorough introduction to the intricacies of Go that is perfect for first time players. The straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions and detailed examples make it simple to understand how to play. Players will learn the rules, how to keep score, as well as effective winning strategies and tactics to make the game more competitive and fun.

By the time players finish the instructional sections, they'll have all the confidence, skill and techniques they'll need to enjoy playing this fascinating game. What's more, Go's unique handicapping system, which the book explains, allows even absolute beginners to play competitive games with experienced players.
Zen in Motion: Lessons from a Master Archer on Breath, Posture, and the Path of Intuition
Zen in Motion
Lessons from a Master Archer on Breath, Posture, and the Path of Intuition
Paperback      ISBN: 089281361x

Both a fascinating glimpse of the interaction between spiritual master and disciple and a lucid analysis of the Zen path of awareness, this book describes techniques for breathing, standing, walking, concentrating, moving the mind, overcoming ego, healing the body, and finally, opening a -window of opportunity- between stillness and motion that allows the expansion of time and consciousness.

Contract Bridge for Beginners: A Simple Concise Guide for the Novice (Including Point Count Bidding)
Contract Bridge for Beginners
A Simple Concise Guide for the Novice (Including Point Count Bidding)
Paperback      ISBN: 0671210521

Here is the first book on Contract Bridge for beginners which introduces them at once to the generally accepted Point Count method of bidding used by the experts. Written by the leading authority, the foremost teacher, and the most successful bridge player in the world, it will prove a boon to the novice and the average bridge player alike.

The Best Minnesota Sports Arguments: The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Fans
The Best Minnesota Sports Arguments
The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Fans
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1402210612

100 great sports debates for each city-from who was the best coach to what was the best play of all time.
The perfect gift for sports fans-the series that's sweeping the nation, and is already a hit in Boston, Chicago and New York.
The best debates for rabid fans
The Best Sports Arguments gives each city or region all the best arguments of their hometown teams, with expert answers from top sports media figures. In fact, the Best Sports Arguments series is the #1 sports debates series on the market Why?
-Each book features 100 debates, the most of any series
-Each city's book is written by authors well-known in the region, leading to fan recognition and media interest.
-They make perfect gifts for sports fans of any age.
-And the debates go on

American Authors Card Game
American Authors Card Game
Cards      ISBN: 1572814462

Each deck includes color portraits of 13 honored individuals and highlights their

The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions
The Book of Beer Pong
The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions
Paperback      ISBN: 0811866327

As any discriminating player will tell you, Beer Pong is not a fad-it's a True Sport of Champions. What is beer pong? Mash together ping pong, basketball, and darts, add copious amounts of cold beer and heated competition, and youre getting close. The creators of,, and the Official Bombed Beer Pong Kit have written the first and only guide to the worldwide craze. Featuring everything from basic etiquette to expert techniques, tactics for smack talk, cutting-edge ball grips and flight paths, and tips for hosting a tournament, this invaluable tome will make anyone a champion of this burgeoning sport. So, drink up and game on