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The Answer Is Never: A Skateboarder's History of the World
The Answer Is Never
A Skateboarder's History of the World
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0802139450
A skating journalist traces the history of skateboarding from its origins in Southern California's beach towns forty years ago, describing his personal experiences of the sport in different cultures throughout the world, its influence on major trends, and its top pioneers. Original.
Cards      ISBN: 1572814454
Chinese Chess: An Introduction to China's Ancient Game of Strategy
Chinese Chess
An Introduction to China's Ancient Game of Strategy
Paperback      ISBN: 080483508x
Chinese Chess, or Elephant Chess, has intrigued game lovers for centuries. The Chinese game requires players to master subtle variations of strategy. This guide introduces Chinese chess to Westerners, discussing the board, and the movement and value of the pieces.
At the Beach
At the Beach
Paperback      ISBN: 0816634513
Secrets of the Samurai: A Survey of the Martial Arts of Feudal Japan
Secrets of the Samurai
A Survey of the Martial Arts of Feudal Japan
Paperback      ISBN: 0804816840
Traces the history of the martial arts of Japan from the feudal period, illustrating implements and characteristic dress
Seabiscuit: An American Legend
An American Legend
Paperback      ISBN: 0449005615
The author retraces the amazing journey of Seabiscuit, a horse with crooked legs and a pathetic tail that nevertheless made racing history in 1938, thanks to the efforts of a trainer, an owner, and a jockey who transformed a bottom-level racehorse into a legend. Reader's Guide included. Reprint.
Chirunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running
A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running
Paperback      ISBN: 074325144x
A running coach and nationally ranked ultra-marathon runner draws on the principles of t'ai chi to develop a comprehensive running program that promotes greater speed and distance with less effort while preventing and healing injuries. Original. 50,000 first printing.
50 Circuit Hikes: A Stride-By-Stride Guide to Northeastern Minnesota
50 Circuit Hikes
A Stride-By-Stride Guide to Northeastern Minnesota
Paperback      ISBN: 0816641994
Filled with tempting trails and intriguing trailside lore, this comprehensive guide introduces hikers of all abilities to the unique natural beauty of northeastern Minnesota. Choose a hike to match your mood, time frame, and skill level. Over 225 miles of spectacular scenery to choose from: Lake Superior vistas, woodland trails, hidden waterfalls, rocky outcroppings, wildly dashing rivers. Trails in six counties: Pine, Carlton, Aitkin, St. Louis, Lake, and Cook. Each hike is a loop (or
The Fun Way to Serious Bridge
The Fun Way to Serious Bridge
Paperback      ISBN: 067163027x
The Fun Way To Serious Bridge is for anyone who wants to learn and understand the fundamentals of the mind-stimulating and challenging game of bridge -- and enjoy every minute of it! Harry Lampert combines his skills as a bridge player and teacher with his artistic talents to bring you a totally new FUN way to learn the game. The magic of his superb cartoons and simple, informative language will help you to absorb the principles of serious contract bridge -- and remember them. You'll laugh andlearn every step of the way from opening bids to strip and end plays. Whether novice or seasoned social player, this unique book will make good bridge a simple "trick." You'll learn all about: * Opening bids, suit bids, response and no trump bids, and how to force bids * Competition and the reasons and ways behind it * Big hand bidding such as Blackwood Convention, grand slam force and Gerber Convention * Patterns of play including how tricks are won, the finesse, establishing a long suit, when to pull and delay trumps and entries. * Defensive and advanced play -- plus much more!
Tennis Fundamentals
Tennis Fundamentals
Paperback      ISBN: 0736051511
Learn proper execution of the sport's essential skills and tactics. Forehands, backhands, lobs, volleys, overhead smashes, drop shots, serves, and returns of serve are covered to provide a base for solid technique. Instruction in singles and doubles match play tactics will prepare you to compete in whatever game you choose to play. More than 60 gamelike activities and drills will speed your learning and improve your performance. You'll also feel more informed with the advice provided on grips, footwork, equipment, scoring, and etiquette.