Advances in Rugby Coaching: An Holistic Approach
Advances in Rugby Coaching
An Holistic Approach
Paperback      ISBN: 1138805734
"Contemporary sports coaching studies have moved beyond simple biophysical approaches to more complex understandings of coaching as a set of social relationships and processes. This is the first book to examine what that means in the context of one majorinternational sport, rugby union. Drawing on cutting-edge empirical research in the five most powerful rugby-playing nations, as well as developments in pedagogical and social theory, the book argues for an holistic approach to coaching, coach development and player and team performance, helping to close the gap between coaching theory and applied practice. With player-centered approaches to coaching, such as Game Sense and Teaching Games for Understanding, at the heart of the book, it covers key contemporary topics in coach education such as: Long term coach development Experience and culture in coaching practice Positive coaching for youth rugby Improving decision-making ability Collaborative action research in rugby coaching Informed by work with elite-level rugby coaches, and examining coaching practice in both the full and sevens versions of the game, this book encourages the reader to think critically about their own coaching practice and to consider innovative new approaches to player and coach development. It is essential reading for all students of sports coaching with an interest in rugby, and for any coach, manager or administrator looking to develop better programmes in coach education"--
Complete Conditioning for Rugby
Complete Conditioning for Rugby
Paperback      ISBN: 0736098305
A focused conditional program has become essential ton on-field rugby success. Pook presents a comprehensive training approach that builds players' physical abilities as well as the rugby-specific skills their positions require.
The Essential All Blackography: The Indispensable Guide to Every All Black
The Essential All Blackography
The Indispensable Guide to Every All Black
Hardcover      ISBN: 1927262941
A new edition of the indispensable guide to every All Blacks from the very first player—James Allan in 1884—to the most recent crop selected for the All Blacks end-of-year tour in 2016. A headshot of every player is accompanied by a potted biography, including playing statistics. Includes the evolution of the All Blacks jersey, and a comprehensive statistical section.
Focused for Rugby
Focused for Rugby
Paperback      ISBN: 1450402127
To be a complete rugby player, you must master both the physical and mental skills of the game. This training program will sharpen your mental skills and unleash your full potential.
The Game: A Collection of the Best AFL Stories
The Game
A Collection of the Best AFL Stories
Paperback      ISBN: 1743313179
From the magnificent moments on the field to the moments of despair off it, this collection of AFL stories will captivate fans of the game and those interested in great sports writing. Featuring a range of columnists and reporters, including the award-winning Greg Baum, Caroline Wilson, Rohan Connolly, Emma Quayle, and Jake Niall, this collection captures the moments from the turn of the century, delving behind the statistics, examining the people, teams, and emotions that make the game. From Carey to Cousins, Judd to Franklin, Sheedy to Lyon, the dark days of the Blues to the dynasties of the Brisbane Lions and Geelong, and everything in between, it offers a winning combination of fascinating topics and top-notch writers. Whether the memories of yesteryear are still vivid or flickering, here is your chance to relive those moments in fine detail.
Know the Game Complete Skills Rugby
Know the Game Complete Skills Rugby
Paperback      ISBN: 1472919602
The Know the Game: Complete Skills series is a perfect introduction to a sport for every budding player. Each book aims to teach young players the basic skills they need to start enjoying the sport, by giving them plenty of simple practice drills and showing how the star players do it. In this book, players will learn: Passing, catching and kicking Rugby terms / Positions in rugby / Passing / Catching / Kicking Tackling, contact, teamwork and tactics Scoring a try / Avoiding a tackle / Tackling / Contact / Teamwork / Tactics Clearly illustrated and written by a professional coach, this book will give every young player all the skills he or she needs to enjoy rugby.
Legacy: 15 Lessons in Leadership: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life
15 Lessons in Leadership: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life
Paperback      ISBN: 147210353x
The All Blacks are the world's most successful sporting outfit, undefeated in over 75% of their international matches over the last 100 years. What is the secret of their success? And what can we - as individuals, companies and teams - learn from them?
Legacy: lo que los all blacks pueden ensenarnos sobre el deporte y sobre la gestion de empresas,  15 lecciones sobre liderazgo /  What the Blacks Can Teach us
lo que los all blacks pueden ensenarnos sobre el deporte y sobre la gestion de empresas, 15 lecciones sobre liderazgo / What the Blacks Can Teach us
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 849450648x
Quince practicas y poderosas lecciones de liderazgo para la vida y la empresa. Legacy es un libro unico, el libro de cabecera ideal para aquellos lideres de cualquier area, que hara reflexionar al lector sobre cuales son los secretos del exito sostenido; como conseguir mantener altos estandares de calidad, dia tras dia, semana tras semana, ano tras ano; como manejar la presion; como mantenerte al mas alto nivel empresarial; que dejaras atras cuando te retires. Pero sobre todas las preguntas, cual sera el legado que dejas? Un libro imprescindible, repleto de lecciones para la vida, que dejara huella en todos los lectores.
Moz: My Story
My Story
Hardcover      ISBN: 1907637575
The autobiography of one of Rugby League's most well-known stars, renowned for his hard-hitting tackling.

Periodization in Rugby
Periodization in Rugby
Paperback      ISBN: 1841262536