How to Read Your Opponents' Cards: The Bridge Experts' Way to Locate Missing High Cards
How to Read Your Opponents' Cards
The Bridge Experts' Way to Locate Missing High Cards
Paperback      ISBN: 0910791481

Each chapter takes a principle, helps the reader understand it, and gives examples, plus a quiz on the subject. A great help if you seem to guess right half the time or less when playing the dummy.

Human Bridge Errors: Volume 1 of Infinity
Human Bridge Errors
Volume 1 of Infinity
Paperback      ISBN: 1897106270

Chthonic, the bridge-playing computer is back This time he is attempting to teach humans a little about the game of bridge - not in order to turn them into competent players, because he knows that is impossible. But he thinks he may be able to get the reader to the point where his mobile phone won't laugh at him behind his back (it does, you know). Each chapter of this wickedly funny book highlights a different 'human bridge error', and points out why and how it should be avoided. Chthonic Chthonic, the irascible bridge-playing computer, modestly describes himself as the world's best bridge player. Danny Kleinman Danny Kleinman of Los Angeles is a prolific bridge writer, theorist, professional player, and teacher, who is a regular contributor to several bridge magazines. He is a Contributing Editor of The Bridge World, and is one of the moderators of 'The Master Solvers' Club' in that magazine. He also writes about backgammon, another game which he plays at an expert level. Nick Straguzzi Nick Straguzzi of Mullica Hill, NJ, is a software analyst specializing in artificial intelligence and knowledge management. Nick has researched ways in which computer game theory could be applied to bridge, but concluded that it would be far easier to write about a perfect bridge-playing computer than to actually build one.

Introduction to Defender's Play
Introduction to Defender's Play
Paperback      ISBN: 0879803223
Judgment at Bridge 2: Be a Better Player and More Difficult Opponent
Judgment at Bridge 2
Be a Better Player and More Difficult Opponent
Paperback      ISBN: 1944201076

My second book was Judgment at Bridge, a book that looked at judgment, a quality that goes beyond mere rules. It's something that you learn in bits and pieces, not in great gobs all at once. In Judgment at Bridge, I took my 16 years of experience and put them into the book, hopefully making the introduction to judgment easier than if you had to get it one bid, one card, one disaster, and one success at a time. It was nice to have Alfred Sheinwold write an introduction to it. Things change and today, more and better judgment is needed to keep up with changes in bidding and play. Well, not so much in play and defense but there definitely have been changes in bidding. Judgment at Bridge 2 is more than a sequel. It takes all of Judgment at Bridge and adds to it. Bridge is still not a game of rules. It wasn't back in 1976 and it isn't now. It won't be in 2040, either. Bridge is a game of guidelines and ongoing experiences. In Judgment at Bridge 2, I will show you how to approach the game. What do you need to be a better player? What do you need to be a more difficult opponent? There are a lot of things you can do to achieve both. In addition, I am including a chapter offering opinions on various conventions that you should consider now, conventions you should consider shortly, and conventions and treatments that should be removed from your convention card. There are many aspects to bridge and each comes with different issues.

Killing Defence at Bridge
Killing Defence at Bridge
Paperback      ISBN: 0304357774
Killing Defence at Bridge is one of the great classics of bridge. It carries the mark of a genius and was the first in a series of major books written by Hugh Kelsey, who became internationally recognised as a leading authority on the analysis of bridge. He coupled this incisive thinking with a brilliant skill with words and made the most complex techniques in bridge sound simple and easy to grasp. Killing Defence features a foreword by Ron Klinger, one of bridge's leading teachers.

Killing Defense at Bridge
Killing Defense at Bridge
Paperback      ISBN: 0575065184
Knack Bridge for Everyone: A Step-By-Step Guide to Rules, Bidding, and Play of the Hand
Knack Bridge for Everyone
A Step-By-Step Guide to Rules, Bidding, and Play of the Hand
Paperback      ISBN: 1599216159

Bridge is a famously challenging card game, one that's next to impossible to learn without a whole host of visual aids. But books on the subject all too often seem to ignore this. Enter Knack Bridge for Everyone, which takes a step-by-step, visual approach to explaining the game clearly to beginners and intermediates. With 400 full-color photos, as well as numerous charts and diagrams, it begins with the rules and the fundamentals of bidding, play, defense, and scoring. It then takes the bidding up a notch by introducing more bidding techniques and strategies for winning.

Last Call in the Menagerie
Last Call in the Menagerie
Paperback      ISBN: 1771400161

Just about every bridge player over forty has read Victor Mollo's Bridge in the Menagerie, a book that is on any list of the all-time top ten on the game. Towards the end of his life, Mollo continued to write stories about the same well-loved characters (the Hideous Hog, the Rueful Rabbit, Oscar the Owl, and the rest), but they appeared in various magazines around the world, and if you weren't a subscriber, you didn't get to read them. This is the final MPP anthology of these lost Menagerie gems, collected for the first time in book form (following The Hog Takes to Precision, Diamonds are the Hog's Best Friend and Swings and Arrows). Victor Mollo is everyone's favorite bridge humorist, and a genuinely new book from him will be greeted as something to be treasured. Illustrations by bridge cartoonist Bill Buttle add to the fun.

Learn Bridge in One Hour
Learn Bridge in One Hour
Paperback      ISBN: 1419653350

Learn Bridge in One Hour by Samir Riad will show you a new way to learn a complex game in ten easy steps. The key to success is learning while you play. You don't have to memorize anything at first, just use the reference tables provided in each section to guide you through bidding, scoring, and playing the hand. You'll quickly learn the basics of the game. George Washington played bridge and now you can, too. Appropriate for all ages, the author hopes to induct a whole new generation of players into the fun game of bridge.

The Little Book of Bridge: Learn How to Play, Score, and Win
The Little Book of Bridge
Learn How to Play, Score, and Win
Hardcover      ISBN: 1507207999

A comprehensive guide to the classic card game of bridge, including an overview of the basics, tips and techniques how to play--and strategies to win; perfect for new bridge players and experienced pros alike.

Bridge is all about memory, bidding, and skill. It is one of the most popular card games in the world, and is played by millions of people worldwide in tournaments, clubs, and cruises, as well as online. New to the world of bridge? No problem Learning any new game can be challenging, especially one as complicated as bridge. But mastering a complex game can be very rewarding. Whether you are a complete novice or a casual player looking to brush up on your skills and techniques, The Little Book of Bridge can help you play your cards right and get ahead in this classic game.

With a comprehensive breakdown of all the cards involved in the game, detailed information on scoring, tips on how to improve your skills, strategies for winning, and a tear-away cheat sheet, this guide will have even the newest bridge enthusiast winning in no time flat.