The Golden Rules of Opening Leads: Intermediate
The Golden Rules of Opening Leads
Paperback      ISBN: 0304366633

The Golden Rules of Opening Leads is an excellent book covering a vital but often neglected part of bridge. Some of the oldest golden rules about the game, such as 'fourth highest of your longest and strongest' and 'top of a sequence' govern opening leads. Here you can find all of the rules, with examples relevant to bridge today. If you study this book carefully, you will find that the way to pick killing leads derives from what you hear in the auction and in relating that to what you see in your hand. All bridge players will benefit greatly from reading this book, whether they play rubber bridge or duplicate.

Goren's New Bridge Complete
Goren's New Bridge Complete
Hardcover      ISBN: 0385233248

This thoroughly updated edition of the leading source of advice and technique for bridge players incorporates the complete adoption of the Five Card Majors bidding system

The Great Bridge Scandal: The Most Famous Cheating Case in the History of the Game
The Great Bridge Scandal
The Most Famous Cheating Case in the History of the Game
Paperback      ISBN: 1894154673

In 1965, the bridge world was rocked by an accusation of cheating at the world championships in Buenos Aires. The pair involved were Britain's Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro, two of the world's best players. Now, almost fifty years later, the true inside story can be told - the investigation, the accusation, and the very different results of the World Bridge Federation and British Bridge League inquiries.

Historical Signals and Semaphores Collector's Set [With 2 Decks of CardsWith 2 PostersWith Morse Code Flasher and Training DialWith 4 PostcardsWith B
Historical Signals and Semaphores Collector's Set [With 2 Decks of CardsWith 2 PostersWith Morse Code Flasher and Training DialWith 4 PostcardsWith B
Cards      ISBN: 1572815639

Inspired by actual WWII signal training cards, a double deck of playing cards and companion booklet highlight this handsome gift set. The 48-page illustrated booklet recounts the fascinating historical background of the signal flag, semaphore, phonetic alphabet, and Morse code systems featured in the decks. Packaged in a durable and attractive case, the set includes a recreated Morse code flasher device, a signal training indicator wheel, a full-color poster, and other items of historical interest.

How to Play a Bridge Hand: 12 Easy Chapters to Winning Bridge by America's Premier Teacher
How to Play a Bridge Hand
12 Easy Chapters to Winning Bridge by America's Premier Teacher
Paperback      ISBN: 0517881594

Neither for beginners nor for experts but for the 90 percent of players in between, How to Play a Bridge Hand includes more than 300 of bridge master William Root's favorite hands. Hailed by the American Bridge Teachers' Association as the "Book of the Year." Line drawings.

How to Play Card Combinations: Unlocking the Secrets
How to Play Card Combinations
Unlocking the Secrets
Paperback      ISBN: 0910791635

A master presents, analyzes, and comments on various hands and combinations

Human Bridge Errors: Volume 1 of Infinity
Human Bridge Errors
Volume 1 of Infinity
Paperback      ISBN: 1897106270

Chthonic, the bridge-playing computer is back This time he is attempting to teach humans a little about the game of bridge - not in order to turn them into competent players, because he knows that is impossible. But he thinks he may be able to get the reader to the point where his mobile phone won't laugh at him behind his back (it does, you know). Each chapter of this wickedly funny book highlights a different 'human bridge error', and points out why and how it should be avoided. Chthonic Chthonic, the irascible bridge-playing computer, modestly describes himself as the world's best bridge player. Danny Kleinman Danny Kleinman of Los Angeles is a prolific bridge writer, theorist, professional player, and teacher, who is a regular contributor to several bridge magazines. He is a Contributing Editor of The Bridge World, and is one of the moderators of 'The Master Solvers' Club' in that magazine. He also writes about backgammon, another game which he plays at an expert level. Nick Straguzzi Nick Straguzzi of Mullica Hill, NJ, is a software analyst specializing in artificial intelligence and knowledge management. Nick has researched ways in which computer game theory could be applied to bridge, but concluded that it would be far easier to write about a perfect bridge-playing computer than to actually build one.

Introduction to Defender's Play
Introduction to Defender's Play
Paperback      ISBN: 0879803223
Judgment at Bridge 2: Be a Better Player and More Difficult Opponent
Judgment at Bridge 2
Be a Better Player and More Difficult Opponent
Paperback      ISBN: 1944201076

My second book was Judgment at Bridge, a book that looked at judgment, a quality that goes beyond mere rules. It's something that you learn in bits and pieces, not in great gobs all at once. In Judgment at Bridge, I took my 16 years of experience and put them into the book, hopefully making the introduction to judgment easier than if you had to get it one bid, one card, one disaster, and one success at a time. It was nice to have Alfred Sheinwold write an introduction to it. Things change and today, more and better judgment is needed to keep up with changes in bidding and play. Well, not so much in play and defense but there definitely have been changes in bidding. Judgment at Bridge 2 is more than a sequel. It takes all of Judgment at Bridge and adds to it. Bridge is still not a game of rules. It wasn't back in 1976 and it isn't now. It won't be in 2040, either. Bridge is a game of guidelines and ongoing experiences. In Judgment at Bridge 2, I will show you how to approach the game. What do you need to be a better player? What do you need to be a more difficult opponent? There are a lot of things you can do to achieve both. In addition, I am including a chapter offering opinions on various conventions that you should consider now, conventions you should consider shortly, and conventions and treatments that should be removed from your convention card. There are many aspects to bridge and each comes with different issues.

Knack Bridge for Everyone: A Step-By-Step Guide to Rules, Bidding, and Play of the Hand
Knack Bridge for Everyone
A Step-By-Step Guide to Rules, Bidding, and Play of the Hand
Paperback      ISBN: 1599216159

Bridge is a famously challenging card game, one that's next to impossible to learn without a whole host of visual aids. But books on the subject all too often seem to ignore this. Enter Knack Bridge for Everyone, which takes a step-by-step, visual approach to explaining the game clearly to beginners and intermediates. With 400 full-color photos, as well as numerous charts and diagrams, it begins with the rules and the fundamentals of bidding, play, defense, and scoring. It then takes the bidding up a notch by introducing more bidding techniques and strategies for winning.