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Shots in the Dark: True Crime Pictures
Shots in the Dark
True Crime Pictures
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0821227750
An illustrated study of the role of crime photography in American history, culture, and law enforcement presents two hundred black-and-white photographs that include an autopsy study of Lee Harvey Oswald, crime scene photographs of the parents of Lizzie Borden, mug shots of such celebrities as Bill Gates and Larry King, and others. Original. 75,000 first printing.
National Geographic Night Vision: Magical Photographs of Life After Dark
National Geographic Night Vision
Magical Photographs of Life After Dark
Hardcover      ISBN: 1426218524
Celebrate the beauty of the world after dark—from starlit skies and glowing city streets to exquisite nocturnal creatures and the wonders that emerge after sunset—with this amazing new book from National Geographic. The world is a different place after dark, and this magnificent photography book illuminates the mesmerizing realm of all things nocturnal. After dark, the light is different; there is an unspoken intimacy; new and different activities occur. And in the natural world, an unseen universe comes alive. Page after page of vivid photos explore the many nuances of night vision—from the sea by moonlight to night markets in Laos to the face of a child lit up by a screen in a darkened room. The range of images is breathtaking: A smoky jazz club. Flowers that bloom only at night. Phosphorescent fish. Lions photographed with infrared cameras. The Eiffel Tower, all lit up. Faces around a campfire. A stadium lit by floodlights. Earth from space. Elegant, sexy, and a little mysterious, this richly illustrated book is a stunning pathway to some of the world's most captivating sights.
It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War
It's What I Do
A Photographer's Life of Love and War
Paperback      ISBN: 0143128418
A MacArthur Genius Grant and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist documents her relentless pursuit of complex truths in the years after September 11, describing her witness to the American invasion of Afghanistan and the lives of people before and after Taliban reign. Simultaneous.
David Hume Kennerly on the iPhone: Secrets and Tips from a Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer
David Hume Kennerly on the iPhone
Secrets and Tips from a Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer
Paperback      ISBN: 1939621135
A Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer offers tips and techniques for using an iPhone to take great pictures, explaining that he divined these secrets during a photograph-a-day mission in 2013.
LEM: Initiation of a Little Buddha
Initiation of a Little Buddha
Hardcover      ISBN: 8869654087
"For three years I followed the monastic community of Luang Prabang, catching the moments of growth and those of emptiness."
National Geographic: Around the World in 125 Years: Africa
National Geographic
Around the World in 125 Years: Africa
Hardcover      ISBN: 3836568764
From Cairo to Cape Town In and out of Africa with National Geographic For over five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs and gripping stories from all corners of the earth. Inspired by our monumental Around the World in 125 Years, this volume curates around 200 captivating images sourced directly from the National Geographic historical archives, including 40 new photographs, that traverse the landscapes, history, cultures, and wildlife of Africa. Our continental journey through amazing Africa ranges from evocative early black-and-white pictures to autochromes, from the golden age of Kodachromes to digital. Along the way, we fly over the misty volcanoes of Uganda in a 1950s plane; follow archaeologists into the cool, musky tombs of Egypt; gaze up at the gleaming skyscrapers of Zimbabwe; admire the ritual masks of the Chokwe tribesmen of Angola; get lost in a labyrinth of alleys and souks in Algeria
Streets of the World
Streets of the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 9089897453
A Nation Challenged: A Visual History of 9/11 and Its Aftermath
A Nation Challenged
A Visual History of 9/11 and Its Aftermath
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0935112766
A photographic chronicle of the "New York Times" coverage of the September 11 attacks includes original background essays by top writers and considers the worldwide aftermath of the attacks.
Hach Winik
Hach Winik
Hardcover      ISBN: 8498014131
Beautiful and haunting, the images in this photographic chronicle represent 10 years among the Lacandon Mayans in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. What results is an intimate portrait that illuminates very essence of the Hach Winik, or ?Real People,
The Other Hundred: 100 Faces, Places, Stories
The Other Hundred
100 Faces, Places, Stories
Hardcover      ISBN: 1780743750
The Forbes 100, the Fortune 500, Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index . . . the list of rich lists is endless. Here instead are the stories of The Other Hundred ? those people who aren’t among the world’s rich, but whose lives deserve to be celebrated. The Other Hundred is an initiative of the Global Institute for Tomorrow, an independent think and do tank, dedicated to advancing an understanding of the reshaping the rules of global capitalism. A judging panel including leading photographers Stephen Wilkes, Richard Hsu and Ruth Eichhorn chose the images to be included in this book from over 11,000 images submitted by 1,500 photographers. The 100 stunning photographs that comprise The Other Hundred provide glimpses into the lives of real people and their struggles, triumphs, hopes and dreams. The Other Hundred project is not a commercial project; a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the subjects of the photographs or organizations dedicated to addressing social issues and inequality across the globe.