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The Mummies of Urumchi
The Mummies of Urumchi
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0393045218
A look at the incredibly well-preserved ancient mummies found in Western China describes their clothing and appearance, attempts to reconstruct their culture, and speculates about how Caucasians could have found their way to the feet of the Himalayan mountains.
The Dancing Goddesses: Folklore, Archaeology, and the Origins of European Dance
The Dancing Goddesses
Folklore, Archaeology, and the Origins of European Dance
Paperback      ISBN: 0393348504
An ethnographic and archaeological exploration of ancient traditions and folklore pertaining to "dancing goddesses" traces their roots in early Roman, Greek and European cultures to reveal the origins of such customs as ritual dancing, coloring Easter eggs and throwing rice at brides. 13,000 first printing.
Pompeii: The Day a City Died
The Day a City Died
Paperback      ISBN: 0810928558
An expert on Pompeii uses photographs, reconstructed city plans, mosaics, and drawings to provide a vivid portrait of life in this Roman city
Unearthing Atlantis: An Archaeological Odyssey
Unearthing Atlantis
An Archaeological Odyssey
Paperback      ISBN: 0679734074
An exploration into the origins of the myth of Atlantis reconstructs the ancient Minoan civilization that flourished on the Greek island of Thera and lays bare its ties to the mythical Atlantis, which vanished during a volcanic eruption. Reprint.
The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up
The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America
The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1591431719
A study of the substantial evidence for a former race of giants in North America and its 150-year suppression by the Smithsonian Institution • Shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been found, particularly in the Mississippi Valley, as well as the ruins of the giants’ cities • Explores 400 years of giant finds, including newspaper articles, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports • Reveals the Stonehenge-era megalithic burial complex on Catalina Island with over 4,000 giant skeletons, including kings more than 9 feet tall • Includes more than 100 rare photographs and illustrations of the lost evidence Drawing on 400 years of newspaper articles and photos, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports, Richard J. Dewhurst reveals not only that North America was once ruled by an advanced race of giants but also that the Smithsonian has been actively suppressing the physical evidence for nearly 150 years. He shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been unearthed at Mound Builder sites across the continent, only to disappear from the historical record. He examines other concealed giant discoveries, such as the giant mummies found in Spirit Cave, Nevada, wrapped in fine textiles and dating to 8000 BCE; the hundreds of red-haired bog mummies found at sinkhole “cenotes
The Bog People: Iron-Age Man Preserved
The Bog People
Iron-Age Man Preserved
Paperback      ISBN: 1590170903
One spring morning two men cutting peat in a Danish bog uncovered a well-preserved body of a man with a noose around his neck. Thinking they had stumbled upon a murder victim, they reported their discovery to the police, who were baffled until they consulted the famous archaeologist P.V. Glob. Glob identified the body as that of a two-thousand-year-old man, ritually murdered and thrown in the bog as a sacrifice to the goddess of fertility. Written in the guise of a scientific detective story, this classic of archaeological history--a best-seller when it was published in England but out of print for many years--is a thoroughly engrossing and still reliable account of the religion, culture, and daily life of the European Iron Age. Includes 76 black-and-white photographs.
La Destruccion De La Atlantida / The Destruction Of Atlantis: Convincente Evidencia De LA Precipitada Caida De LA Legendaria Civilizacion Compelling evidence of the sudden fall of the first legendary civilization
La Destruccion De La Atlantida / The Destruction Of Atlantis
Convincente Evidencia De LA Precipitada Caida De LA Legendaria Civilizacion Compelling evidence of the sudden fall of the first legendary civilization
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0892811412
Presents evidence from geology, astronomy, myths, and ancient texts to prove the existence of Atlantean civilization and its catastrophic end, painting a portrait of a powerful empire corrupted by the lust for wealth and power, and offering an important lesson to our own materialistic civilization poised on the brink of ecological disaster. (New Age)
The Lost Realms
The Lost Realms
Hardcover      ISBN: 093968084x
The Earth Chronicles series is based on the premise that mythology is not fanciful but the repository of ancient memories; that the Bible ought to be read literally as a historic/scientific document; and that ancient civilizations--older and greater than assumed--were the product of knowledge brought to Earth by the Anunnaki, "Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came." The 12th Planet, the first book of the series, presents ancient evidence for the existence of an additional planet in the Solar System: the home planet of the Anunnaki. In confirmation of this evidence, recent data from unmanned spacecraft has led astronomers to actively search for what is being called "Planet X." The subsequent volume, The Stairway to Heaven, traces man's unending search for immortality to a spaceport in the Sinai Peninsula and to the Giza pyramids, which had served as landing beacons for it--refuting the notion that these pyramids were built by human pharaohs. Recently, records by an eye witness to a forgery of an inscription by the pharaoh Khufu inside the Great Pyramid corroborated the book's conclusions. The Wars of Gods and Men, recounting events closer to our times, concludes that the Sinai spaceport was destroyed 4,000 years ago with nuclear weapons. Photographs of Earth from space clearly show evidence of such an explosion. Such gratifying corroboration of audacious conclusions has been even swifter for The Lost Realms. In the relatively short interval between the completion of the manuscript and its publication, archaeologists, linguists, and other scientists have offered a "coastal theory" in lieu of the "frozen trekking" one to account for man's arrival in the Americas--in ships, as this volume has concluded. These experts have "suddenly discovered 2,000 years of missing civilization" in the words of a Yale University scholar--confirming this book's conclusion--and are now linking the beginnings of such civilizations to those of the Old World, as Sumerian texts and biblical verses. For the first time, the entire Earth Chronicles series is now available in a hardcover collector's edition.
Archaeology Workbook
Archaeology Workbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0812211251
Fills a significant gap in the training of archaeologists by supplying a set of inventive, often witty, fictionalized problems in archaeological research.
A Brief History of Ancient Israel
A Brief History of Ancient Israel
Paperback      ISBN: 0664224369
Matthews' A Brief History of Ancient Israel presents a concise history of Israel covering the ancestral period, conquest and settlement, the monarchy, and both the exilic and postexilic periods. Using supplemental figures and insets, the author concentrates on providing a cogent and condensed discussion of events. He examines historical geography, archaeological data, and, where relevant, comparative cultural materials from other ancient Near Eastern civilizations. With an accessible yet high-quality introduction, A Brief History of Ancient Israel will be of value to both students of the Old Testament and the scholars who teach them.