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The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon: The Diary of a Courtesan in Tenth Century Japan
The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon
The Diary of a Courtesan in Tenth Century Japan
Paperback      ISBN: 4805314621
Take a firsthand journey into a time, society and world full of intrigue. In the tenth century, Japan stood physically and culturally isolated from the rest of the world. Sei Shonagon—a young courtesan of the Heian period—kept a diary, which provides a highly personal account of the intrigues, dalliances, quirks, and habits of Japan's late tenth-century elite. She was a contemporary and acquaintance of the well-known courtesan Murasaki Shikibu, author of the Japanese masterpiece The Tale of Genji. A perfect companion to that work, The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon brings an added dimension to Murasaki's timeless and seminal novel and further illuminates Japanese court life in all its ritualistic glory. Through his elegant and readable abridged translation, Arthur Waley perfectly conveys Sei Shonagon's girlish temperament and quirky personality. In a place and time where poetry was as important as knowledge and beauty was highly revered, Sei Shonagon's private writings offer a charming, intimate glimpse into a world of innocence and pale beauty. A new introduction by respected Japanese literary scholar Dennis Washburn provides historical insight into Japanese culture, Sei Shonagon's world, and Waley's translation.
The Confusion Era: Art and Culture of Japan During the Allied Occupation, 1945-1952
The Confusion Era
Art and Culture of Japan During the Allied Occupation, 1945-1952
Paperback      ISBN: 0295976462
Six contributors discuss the state of Japanese arts during the allied occupation after the second World War. Topics include missteps by occupation censors, caution and experimentation on the part of nine artists of the era, the preservation of cultural property, and the conflicted roles of women and confused depictions of democracy in film. The editor includes numerous b&w photographs and stills from films, and color reproductions of paintings and of posters for movies, advertising, and emergency food and health announcements. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
The American Occupation of Japan and Okinawa: Literature and Memory
The American Occupation of Japan and Okinawa
Literature and Memory
Hardcover      ISBN: 0415191947
How do the Japanese and Okinawans remember Occupation? How is memory constructed and transmitted? Michael Molasky explores these questions through careful, sensitive readings of literature from mainland Japan and Okinawa. This book sheds light on difficult issues of war, violence, prostitution, colonialism and post-colonialism in the context of the Occupations of Japan and Okinawa.
Yoshimasa and the Silver Pavilion: The Creation of the Soul of Japan
Yoshimasa and the Silver Pavilion
The Creation of the Soul of Japan
Hardcover      ISBN: 0231130562
Yoshimasa may have been the worst shogun ever to rule Japan. He was a failure as a soldier, incompetent at dealing with state business, and dominated by his wife. But his influence on the cultural life of Japan was unparalleled. According to Donald Keene, Yoshimasa was the only shogun to leave a lasting heritage for the entire Japanese people. Today Yoshimasa is remembered primarily as the builder of the Temple of the Silver Pavilion and as the ruler at the time of the Onin War (1467
Geisha, a Life: A Life
Geisha, a Life
A Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 0743444329
A Kyoto geisha describes her initiation into an okiya at the age of five, the intricate training that made up most of her education, her successful career, and the traditions surrounding the geisha culture.
Nisei Daughter
Nisei Daughter
Paperback      ISBN: 0295956887
Tells the story of a Japanese-American woman growing up in Seattle in the 1930s who was subjected to relocation during World War II
Small Man of Nanataki
Small Man of Nanataki
      SKU: 281AKJ1023215
Modern Japan: A Historical Survey
Modern Japan
A Historical Survey
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0813337569
Since the second edition (no date noted), Hane (history, Knox College) has decided that neither the political nor the cultural history of Japan after World War II really entered a new period in 1970, and here treats the whole period up to the present as a single, evolving continuity, with one chapter on politics and economics and another on cultural and intellectual developments. The earlier chapters spanning from Tokugawa through the war he has changed little. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
Everyday Life in Traditional Japan
Everyday Life in Traditional Japan
Paperback      ISBN: 0804813841
A documented survey of the customs and social conditions of the four traditional classes of Japanese society from 1600 to 1850
Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy
Japan 1941
Countdown to Infamy
Paperback      ISBN: 0307739740
A history of the attack on Pearl Harbor from a Japanese perspective argues that the nation's leaders largely understood they were destined to lose the war, offering insight into the tradition-obscured belief system that prompted the country to place its citizens in harm's way.