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One To One The Essence of Retail: Branding and Design
One To One The Essence of Retail
Branding and Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9063692641
The book on everything you need to know about retail branding, retail formula development, and out-of-the-box thinking. Follow the customer’s journey from the couch at home to buying the physical product, and cover all the steps in between—offline and online—a practical and inspirational book.
Delete: A Design History of Computer Vapourware
A Design History of Computer Vapourware
Paperback      ISBN: 0857853473
Rather than showcase the success stories of computer design, Delete: A History of Vapourware creates a completely new narrative by investigating the machines that didn't make it. This fascinating book contains an array of previously unpublished, full-colour images of computer hardware that, for a number of reasons, never made it to market.
Max Ingrand: Du Verre a La Lumiere
Max Ingrand
Du Verre a La Lumiere
French    Hardcover      ISBN: 2915542244
European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century
European Design Since 1985
Shaping the New Century
Paperback      ISBN: 1858944570
Decorative Art 20s
Decorative Art 20s
Paperback      ISBN: 3822860514
Taschen's Decorative Art series, whose six installments now span the 20th century up through the 1970s, carefully reproduces the best of Studio Magazine's Decorative Art yearbook. Published annually from 1906 until 1980, the yearbook was dedicated to the latest currents in architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, glassware, textiles, metalware, and ceramics. Since the publication went out of print, the now hard-to-find yearbooks have become highly prized by collectors and dealers. So how can the rest of us have a look? Taschen, of course! Preserving the yearbooks' original page layouts, Taschen's new Decorative Art books bring you an authentic experience of each decade's design trends and styles. Collect them all! This new installment in Taschen's Decorative Art series takes us back to the Roaring Twenties, a time of great optimism and technological progress which saw the birth of new materials and styles in building and design. The Art Deco movement, a great departure from Art Nouveau, surfaced in the early 20s, drawing influences from Futurism, Cubism, Neo-Classicism, and Egyptian and African Art. While Art Deco, flaunting excess and luxury, largely dominated the style of the 1920s, another new movement, Modernism, began to make itself known towards the end of the decade. For the first time, materials such as concrete, plate glass, and tubular metal were beginning to appear; following the dictum "form follows function", utilitarian simplicity and classic geometry were the Modernists' driving principles, as seen in the work of Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and Ludwig Mies van de Rohe, to name a few. Moving from the spirit of the Jazz Age to the cool simplicity of LeCorbusier's early "machines for living", Decorative Art 1920s is a fabulous tour through the groundbreaking innovations of interior design and architecture in the century's wildest decade.
D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself
Design It Yourself
Paperback      ISBN: 1568985525
Not satisfied with the new T-shirts on sale at the local mall? Maybe you'd like a wedding invitation that expresses your own vision, not your party planner's? How about some personalized stationery? An upgrade to your website? A business card? A poster for your political campaign? A CD package for your band? Sound good? Then get up off your couch and Design It Yourself! Avoid graphic identity theft: build your own. Ellen Lupton, bestselling author of Thinking with Type, will show you how. DIY: Design It Yourself, provides you with all the tools you'll need to create your own projects, from conception through production. Here you will find: - simple ideas on how you can 'think like a designer' - clear and coherent explanations of design technologies, from silk-screening to web development - what materials you'll need to get your job done - where to find and buy them - how much time and experience your project demands - diagrams that show how to handle complex tasks - basic typographic dos and don'ts - the history and theory of the DIY design movement - hundreds of innovative and beautiful projects for inspiration No more excuses. With this book, virtually any design task is within your grasp. Just do it (yourself)!
Eco Design: Lamps
Eco Design
by Dopress
Paperback      ISBN: 8416504598
Green products have become a key aspect of virtually all areas of our lives. This book presents cutting-edge lighting and lamp designs by designers from all over the world that through their use of recycling techniques, natural materials, and new technologies are both exceptionally environmentally friendly and highly stylish.
Keepsakes: A Design Memoir
A Design Memoir
Hardcover      ISBN: 1938461258
Stefano Giovannoni
Stefano Giovannoni
Hardcover      ISBN: 8866480525
Presents the work of Italian architect and industrial designer Stafano Giovannoni.
Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors, 1930-67.
Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors, 1930-67.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0831110317
Each of the four volumes of Ingenious Mechanisms is an independent treatise on the subject of mechanisms. The books are similar in size and general character, but the contents are different. The mechanisms described are grouped into chapters according to general types. Together with the complete index, this arrangement by function makes it easy to find the class of movement desired, and enables you to compare mechanisms which are similar in purpose but different in design.