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Overturned Chariot: The Autobiography of Phan-Boi-Chau
Overturned Chariot
The Autobiography of Phan-Boi-Chau
Hardcover      ISBN: 082481875x

The name of Phan-Boi-Chau may not be readily recognized by many people outside Vietnam, but within his own country he is one of the most widely known and respected figures in recent history. Phan (1867-1940) was the most prominent leader of the Vietnamese independence movement during the first quarter of the twentieth century and a living link between the older generation who initiated the struggle against French rule in Vietnam and the younger generation who carried that struggle to its conclusion. In 1928, while under house arrest by the French authorities, Phan composed an account of his eventful life. His original text in literary Chinese has been used for this translation, which brings Phan's story into English for the first time. It is accompanied by an introduction and notes incorporating the most up-to-date information about Phan's life and setting his career in the panoramic context of modern Vietnamese history.

My Land and My People: The Original Autobiography of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
My Land and My People
The Original Autobiography of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Paperback      ISBN: 0446674214

Schooled behind ancient palace walls to become the leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama has become a spiritual leader to the world and a leading civil rights advocate. My Land and My People tells the story of his life.

Crossing Three Wildernesses
Crossing Three Wildernesses
Paperback      ISBN: 1566891671

In a harrowing but ultimately triumphant affirmation of the human spirit, celebrated Cambodian poet U Sam Oeur narrates his incredible life story, testifies to the horrors of genocide and shares his fervent prayers for peace and freedom through the process of democracy.

Born in 1936 to a large and moderately prosperous farming family, Oeur spent his childhood herding water buffalo and tending rice paddies in the lush Cambodian countryside. He was educated under the French colonial system and selected to attend California State University in Los Angeles. While in the United States, he awakened to the possibilities of the democratic ideal and went on to receive his MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

Upon returning to Cambodia in 1968, Oeur married, became a captain in Lon Nol's army, served in the National Assembly and was part of the Cambodian delegation to the United Nations. When Pol Pot assumed power in 1975, Oeur, having vowed to help establish democracy in Cambodia and unaware of the events ahead, elected to stay. Driven out of Phnom Phen with millions of the city's residents, Oeur, along with his wife and son, miraculously survived the killing fields, feigning illiteracy and relying upon the skills he had learned as a child to endure six forced-labor camps over the next four years. Millions, however, died during the Khmer Rouge regime, including Oeur's twin daughters.

Crossing Three Wildernesses is a personal account of survival, an astute political analysis and a beautiful illustration of the Cambodian culture--its people, myths and traditions. In a world still plagued by genocide and terror, this remarkable memoir is a moving call to freedom and a passionate plea for peace.

A devout Buddhist, U Sam Oeur is the author of the bilingual collection of poems Sacred Vows. He lives in Texas, where he continues to translate the poems of Walt Whitman into Khmer.

Encounters with Chinese Writers
Encounters with Chinese Writers
Paperback      ISBN: 0819561568
Winner of the New England Book Show Award

It's been a pilgrimage for Annie Dillard: from Tinker Creek to the Galapagos Islands, the high Arctic, the Pacific Northwest, the Amazon Jungle--and now, China. This informative narrative is full of fascinating people: Chinese people, mostly writers, who encounter American writers in various bizarre circumstances in both China and the U.S. There is a toasting scene at a Chinese banquet; a portrait of a bitter, flirtatious diplomat at a dance hall; a formal meeting with Chinese writers; a conversation with an American businessman in a hotel lobby; an evening with long-suffering Chinese intellectuals in their house; a scene in the Beijing foreigners' compound with an excited European journalist; and a scene of unwarranted hilarity at the Beijing Library. In the U.S., there is Allen Ginsberg having a bewildering conversation in Disneyland with a Chinese journalist; there is the lovely and controversial writer Zhang Jie suiting abrupt mood changes to a variety of actions; and there is the fiercely spirited Jiange Zilong singing in a Connecticut dining room, eyes closed. These are real stories told with a warm and lively humor, with a keen eye for paradox, and with fresh insight into the human drama.
The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917
The Anime Encyclopedia
A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917
Paperback      ISBN: 1880656647

Here is the long-awaited, biggest guide ever, the absolute must-have for every fan, collector, library, and video-store browser. Included are over 2,000 Japanese animation films-from today's "PokA(c)mon," "Tenchi Muyo, "and "Sailor Moon" to the classic "Tetsuwan Atomu" ("Astro Boy") and little-known artistic gems like the anime life of Mozart-with key personnel, running time, studio, alternative titles, cross references, critical comment, and sex/violence warnings. Illustrated and fully indexed.

Jonathan Clements has translated over 70 anime and manga and was editor of "Manga Max" from 1998-2000. Helen McCarthy is former editor of "Anime UK" and "Manga Mania" and author of "The Anime Movie Guide," "Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation," and, with Jonathan Clements, "The Erotic Anime Movie Guide."


Also available"

Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation"

PB, $18.95, 1-880656-41-8 CUSA

Hardcover      ISBN: 0393040275

Vietnam: A Book of Changes interprets a culture and landscape largely cut off from the West for the last thirty years, and now open to a market economy and a new relationship to America. The photographs are suffused with the rawness of Vietnamese life lived on the economic and political edge. Under the layer of friendship lies the tension of politics; under beauty lies violence; under the stark faces of remote villagers is the entrepreneurial momentum drawing them to the city; and under the remnants of war is an artistic bohemia grappling with new freedoms and continued censorship.
Vietnam: A History
A History
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0140265473
"A landmark work...The most complete account to date of the Vietnam tragedy." -The Washington Post Book World

This monumental narrative clarifies, analyzes, and demystifies the tragic ordeal of the Vietnam war. Free of ideological bias, profound in its undertsanding, and compassionate in its human portrayls, it is filled with fresh revelations drawn from secret documents and from exclusive interviews with participants-French, American, Vietnamese, Chinese: diplomats, military commanders, high government officials, journalists, nurses, workers, and soldiers. Originally published a companion to the Emmy-winning PBS series, Karnow's defining book is a precursor to Ken Burns's ten-part forthcoming documentary series, The Vietnam War. Vietnam: A History puts events and decisions into such sharp focus that we come to understand - and make peace with - a convulsive epoch of our recent history.

"This is history writing at its best." -Chicago Sun-Times

"Even those of us who think we know something about it will read with fascination." -The New York Times
Asia in the Making of Europe, Volume III, Volume 3: A Century of Advance. Book 4: East Asia
Asia in the Making of Europe, Volume III, Volume 3: A Century of Advance. Book 4
East Asia
Hardcover      ISBN: 0226467562

This monumental series, acclaimed as a masterpiece of comprehensive scholarship in the New York Times Book Review, reveals the impact of Asia's high civilizations on the development of modern Western society. The authors examine the ways in which European encounters with Asia have altered the development of Western society, art, literature, science, and religion since the Renaissance.

In Volume III: A Century of Advance, the authors have researched seventeenth-century European writings on Asia in an effort to understand how contemporaries saw Asian societies and peoples.
Mapping the Silk Road and Beyond: 2,000 Years Of Exploring The East
Mapping the Silk Road and Beyond
2,000 Years Of Exploring The East
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714844098

Mapping Asia presents an authoritative selection of the most important antique maps of Asia and the Middle East produced from the time of Alexander the Great to the early nineteenth century, by cartographers from England, France, Portugal, Holland, Turkey, Italy, and China. A fascinating visual chronicle of the maps and their makers, this book explores the history of Europe's discovery of lands to the east, from Constantinople to present-day Alaska. It tells the stories of the thriving trade that linked east and west beginning with the ancient Silk Road, the explorers - such as Magellan and Sir Francis Drake - who continually searched for new lands and routes to reach the east beginning in the fifteenth century, and the indigenous peoples who struggled to retain their autonomy in the face of European missionary activity and influence.

Early Views of Indonesia: Drawings from the British Library
Early Views of Indonesia
Drawings from the British Library
Paperback      ISBN: 0824818059

Early Views of Indonesia is a catalog of the most important watercolor and pencil drawings from the British Library's superb collection of more than 1,500 drawings of Indonesia dating from the early nineteenth century, most of which have never been published before.