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Modern Japan: A Historical Survey
Modern Japan
A Historical Survey
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0813337569
Since the second edition (no date noted), Hane (history, Knox College) has decided that neither the political nor the cultural history of Japan after World War II really entered a new period in 1970, and here treats the whole period up to the present as a single, evolving continuity, with one chapter on politics and economics and another on cultural and intellectual developments. The earlier chapters spanning from Tokugawa through the war he has changed little. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia
The Great Game
The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia
Paperback      ISBN: 1568360223
Describes the nineteenth-century struggle between Britain and Russia for control of Central Asia
Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Journeys of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Paperback      ISBN: 0520238729
The authors take readers deep into the heart of this ancient country in search of the cultural, social, and religious drives that inform their traditional way of life. Simultaneous.
War, Evil, and the End of History
War, Evil, and the End of History
Paperback      ISBN: 0971865957
From the maverick author of the international bestseller Who Killed Daniel Pearl? — "a gripping blend of reportage and philosophy," according to The New York Times — comes another startlingly original work of literature. In WAR, EVIL AND THE END OF HISTORY, Bernard-Henri Lévy continues his daring investigation into the breeding grounds of terrorism with a series of riveting first-person reports from five of the world's most horrific "forgotten" war zones. In Sri Lanka, he conducts a clandestine interview with a terrified young woman escaped from a suicide-bomber training camp . . . he journeys, blindfolded, into the Colombian jungle to interview a psychotic drug lord who considers himself the successor to Che Guevara and fronts a bloodthirsty "guerilla" army . . . Lévy surreptitiously observes the nameless slaves working the diamond mines that fund an endless war in Angola . . . airdrops into a rebel stronghold in the blockaded Nuba mountains of the Sudan . . . and reports on the ongoing carnage in Burundi between Hutus and Tutsis. But Lévy is more than just a journalist: as France's leading philosopher, he follows the reports with a series of intensely personal and probing "reflections" considering how, in an enlightened, cultured, and well-informed society, these wars have acquired such a perverse "non-meaning." He considers war literature from Stendhal, Hemingway, Proust and others, and issues an excoriating response to those who have glorified it. He reconsiders his own background as a student revolutionary in Paris in May 1968, and as a 22-year-old war reporter in Bangladesh. And, in one of the book's most moving passages, he recounts his travels with Ahmad Massoud, the anti-Taliban Afghan leader assassinated hours before the September 11 attacks. Already a huge bestseller in Europe, WAR, EVIL, AND THE END OF HISTORY is the work of a scintillating intellect at the height of its powers. Bernard-Henri Lévy's previous book foresaw today's headlines about Pakistan's secret trading of nuclear technology and the nexus of terrorist groups behind the murder of Daniel Pearl. WAR, EVIL, AND THE END OF HISTORY is his brilliant foray into the next danger zones.
Angkor: Cities and Temples
Cities and Temples
Hardcover      ISBN: 9748225151
Features the most significant monuments of Angkor, showing the extraordinary achievements of the Khmer civilization.
Shadows and Wind: A View of Modern Vietnam
Shadows and Wind
A View of Modern Vietnam
Paperback      ISBN: 0140285970
Examines the problems facing modern Vietnam, a country emerging from its troubled past into a new world marked by conspicuous consumption and a lifestyle of leisure
War News: A Young Reporter in Indochina
War News
A Young Reporter in Indochina
Hardcover      ISBN: 0671665715
Recounts the experiences of the press corps in Vietnam and the author's difficulty in reporting the true story, detailing his experiences in My Lai and Cambodia and his stint as a prisoner of war
My Land and My People: The Original Autobiography of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
My Land and My People
The Original Autobiography of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Paperback      ISBN: 0446674214
In an inspirational memoir, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader relates his early years, his education, and his struggle to gain his country's freedom from China. Reissue.
Goddess on the Rise: Pilgrimage and Popular Religion in Vietnam
Goddess on the Rise
Pilgrimage and Popular Religion in Vietnam
Paperback      ISBN: 0824828011
Taylor (anthropology, Australian National U.) provides an ethnographic account of pilgrimages and the revival of popular religion in Vietnam. Focusing on the goddess known as the Lady of the Realm, whose shrine near the Vietnam-Cambodia border attracts one of the largest pilgrimages in the country, Taylor's study demonstrates the growing interest in recent years in feminine spirits. It offers insights into the "effervescence, creativity, social complexity, and interpretive ferment of popular religiosity" in contemporary Vietnam, and a unique look at the economic, cultural, and social changes occurring in the country today. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Distant Road: Selected Poems of Nguyen Duy
Distant Road
Selected Poems of Nguyen Duy
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1880684616
Widely considered the most important poet of his generation, Duy began his career as a writer on the battlefields of Vietnam. The power of his highly-crafted poetry stems from its distinct sense of time and place, his unrelenting honesty, and his deep compassion. Born into a peasant family, Duy captures the essence of village life in his poetry. Whether it is love, family, war, present or lost friends, or his own self-mockery, his poetry is infused with an understanding of hardship and suffering. Many of his love poems have become classics in Vietnam.