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Networking Is a Contact Sport: How Staying Connected and Serving Others Will Help You Grow Your Business, Expand Your Influence-or Even Land Your Next Job
Networking Is a Contact Sport
How Staying Connected and Serving Others Will Help You Grow Your Business, Expand Your Influence-or Even Land Your Next Job
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935618083
How did Joe Sweeney… …get Bob Costas to come to Milwaukee (in the middle of winter)? …become the “wingman” to the archbishop of New York City? …take Brett Favre’s off-the-field income from $65,000 to more than $4 million? The answer is simple. Networking. Master networker Joe Sweeney shares his networking secrets from a long and successful career as a business owner, sports agent and executive and investment banking consultant. His first secret: master networkers are focused on giving, not getting. With today’s difficult economy and uncertain workplace, networking has never been more important. Sweeney’s simple but effective 5/10/15 networking plan will give you a leg up in the current job market, help you stay employed, or, if you’ve been laid off, find your next job. The cliché that who you know is more important than what you know has never been truer. Sweeney illustrates his insights with dozens of helpful examples from his own life (along with a few fascinating insider sports stories). With special sections on networking for women and minorities, insights into the usefulness (and handicaps) of social networking sites, how to get (and why you need) a wingman and profiles of other master networkers, Networking Is a Contact Sport is a practical and essential guide for anyone who wants to get ahead in today’s economy.
Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into Contacts
Fast Track Networking
Turning Conversations into Contacts
Paperback      ISBN: 1601631219
"Lucy Rosen is one of the Most Effective Networking Professionals in the Corporate World. I Highly Recommend that [Everyone] Read this Book!"---Alison Berke Morano, Chairwoman, Florida Democratic Party Chairs Association "Lucy's Unique Approach to Networking, and her Easy-to-Implement Plan to Step up Networking efforts, is Exactly what Today's Professionals Need to be Doing in Today's Competitive Business Environment."---Donna Drake, Producer and Host, "Live it Up!" Whether you are looking to secure a new deal---or land a new job-Fast Track Networking gives you the tools you'll need to put the power of networking to work for you. You'll be amazed at the opportunities that will unfold once you begin to network correctly...and unconditionally.
It's Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace
It's Always Personal
Emotion in the New Workplace
Hardcover      ISBN: 1400067979
A groundbreaking report on the roles of gender, emotion and power in the workplace counsels readers on how to thrive in emotionally charged business environments, outlining holistic methods for understanding what triggers human feelings and promoting rational behavior during conflicts.
Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age
Reclaiming Conversation
The Power of Talk in a Digital Age
Paperback      ISBN: 0143109790
Argues that today's digital culture is undermining relationships, creativity, and productivity, and pushes for the return of face-to-face interaction among people.
How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age
How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age
Paperback      ISBN: 1451612591
A 75th anniversary adaptation of the original landmark best-seller explains how to apply Carnegie's advice to a world driven by electronic communication devices, sharing advice on topics ranging from e-mail etiquette to cyber bullying. Reprint.
We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter
We Need to Talk
How to Have Conversations That Matter
Paperback      ISBN: 006266901x
“WE NEED TO TALK.” Now in paperback, public radio journalist Celeste Headlee's insightful and urgent book on how to bridge what divides us--by having real conversations BASED ON THE TED TALK WITH OVER 10 MILLION VIEWS NPR's Best Books of 2017 “We Need to Talk is an important read for a conversationally-challenged, disconnected age. Headlee is a talented, honest storyteller, and her advice has helped me become a better spouse, friend, and mother.” (Jessica Lahey, author of New York Times bestseller The Gift of Failure) Today most of us communicate from behind electronic screens, and studies show that Americans feel less connected and more divided than ever before. The blame for some of this disconnect can be attributed to our political landscape, but the erosion of our conversational skills as a society lies with us as individuals. And the only way forward, says Headlee, is to start talking to each other. In We Need to Talk, she outlines the strategies that have made her a better conversationalist—and offers simple tools that can improve anyone’s communication. For example: - BE THERE OR GO ELSEWHERE. Human beings are incapable of multitasking, and this is especially true of tasks that involve language. Think you can type up a few emails while on a business call, or hold a conversation with your child while texting your spouse? Think again. - CHECK YOUR BIAS. The belief that your intelligence protects you from erroneous assumptions can end up making you more vulnerable to them. We all have blind spots that affect the way we view others. Check your bias before you judge someone else. - HIDE YOUR PHONE. Don’t just put down your phone, put it away. New research suggests that the mere presence of a cell phone can negatively impact the quality of a conversation. Whether you’re struggling to communicate with your kid’s teacher at school, an employee at work, or the people you love the most—Headlee offers smart strategies that can help us all have conversations that matter.
Ask John: Straight-Talking, Common Sense from the Front Line of Management
Ask John
Straight-Talking, Common Sense from the Front Line of Management
Paperback      ISBN: 1848317891
John Timpson, CBE, is one of the United Kingdom's most successful businessmen. His eponymous high street chain has almost 1,400 branches and a turnover of $300 million. John's column in the Daily Telegraph (UK), "Ask John," has been dispensing straight-talking, no-nonsense business advice for more than five years. This book collects and expands the very best from that column, from why low cost will never be a real substitute for proper customer service to the etiquette of employing interns. Timpson offers practical business advice for CEOs of multinationals and independent family businesses alike.
Blindspots: 21 Good Reasons to Think Before You Talk
21 Good Reasons to Think Before You Talk
Paperback      ISBN: 1620554461
Examines 21 unquestioned assumptions that cloud our collective consciousness • Reveals faulty thinking and conceptual blindspots that distort beliefs in science, philosophy, and spirituality--from “the universe exploded from nothing in a Big Bang
Say What You Mean!: A Troubleshooter's Guide to English Style and Usage
Say What You Mean!
A Troubleshooter's Guide to English Style and Usage
Hardcover      ISBN: 1567922635
Say What You Mean! lays down the laws for writing simple, effective, and unambiguous sentences, the kind that deliver the facts, influence opinion, and make things work throughout the English-speaking world - and that you and every other American grown-up must know how to write if you want to be understood by others. Since it was published in England in 2001, Say What You Mean! has become a must-read among journalists, writers, educators, and language-mavens - everyone who needs to know the difference between lesser and fewer, disinterested and uninterested, and hire, rent, and charter.
The Silent Language
The Silent Language
Paperback      ISBN: 0385055498
A study of the non-verbal language which exists in every culture, the elaborate patterns of behavior through which we communicate