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The Best Bread Ever: Great Homemade Bread Using Your Food Processor
The Best Bread Ever
Great Homemade Bread Using Your Food Processor
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0767900324
The former owner of an award-winning French bistro reveals the secrets of his innovative, amazingly simple techniques for making delicious bread, from choosing the flour to converting a home oven into a bakery hearth, and offers seventy-five recipes.
Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
Hardcover      ISBN: 0312362919
An accessible resource to making artisan breads at home with a minimum of time and effort counsels home bakers on how to prepare larger quantities of dough for use as needed, in a volume of recipes that also features an array of baked desserts. 15,000 first printing.
The Art of the Tart: Savory and Sweet
The Art of the Tart
Savory and Sweet
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0375504923
The noted food writer and author of Last Letters Home offers eighty recipes for her favorite sweet and savory tarts, including sweet corn and spring onion tart and rhubarb meringue pie, among others. 20,000 first printing.
Paris Boulangerie-Patisserie
Paris Boulangerie-Patisserie
Hardcover      ISBN: 0517224909
The compelling aroma of fresh, buttery croissants, the delicacy of Savarin au Chantilly, the bliss of the chocolate-mousse Le Pleyel, these are just a few of the specialties that make Parisian boulangeries and pisseries the best in the world. Now, in the sequel to her acclaimed Paris Bistro Cooking, Linda Dannenberg presents the gourmet breads and pastries from thirteen of Paris's unsurpassed bakeries and pastry shops. PARIS BOULANGERIE-PÂTISSERIE offers more than 70 tempting recipes, including Bombes Amandés (Lemon-Almond Cakes) and Mousse au Caramel et aux Poires (Caramel-Pear Mousse Cake) from Paris's oldest pâtisserie, Stohrer; the signature Délice cake (Chodolate-Cream-and-Chocolate-Macaroon Cake) and lace Florentins from the world-renowned chocolatier Maison du Chocolat; and Pain de Campagne (Hearty Country Loaf) and the classic Gougerés (Giant Gruyére Cheese Puffs) from the archetypal neighborhood bakery Haupois. Linda Dannenberg gathered these one-of-a-kind recipes from the great bakers themselves, and presents them in clear, easy-to-understand recipes specially designed for the American home kitchen. More than 150 spectacular photographs and evocative descriptions of the bakeries and the people behind them bring the essence of Paris to your kitchen. PARIS BOULANGERIE-PÂTISSERIE is rounded out with a comprehensive guide to authentic French utensils (although most recipes can be prepared using equipment found in ordinary kitchens), and a directory that includes sources for everything from crystallized violets to baking stones. PARIS BOULANGERIE-PÂTISSERIE is the quintessential cookbook featuring the peerless baked goods from the most romantic city in the world.
Pastry Paris: In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert
Pastry Paris
In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1892145944
Pastry Paris is a collection of photographs of the world’s most enticing pastries set against the background of one of the world’s most iconic cities. The confections are taken out of their display cases and photographed “on location” at Paris’ best-known sights and everyday streetscapes, illuminating the visual and cultural connections between the city, its architecture, its culture, and its wildly beautiful desserts. Each entry is captioned, and the back of the book serves as a guide to the pâtisseries where each of the pastries is created, with addresses, phone numbers, and métro stops. The quirky, often humorous pairings of desserts and their hometown is a vicarious trip to that delicious city, where art and beauty can be found in everything from doorknobs to petit fours, a city that takes its desserts as seriously as its music, sculpture, and painting.
Hardcover      ISBN: 1580089917
A James Beard Award-winner offers a step-by-step instructional for baking the best-loved basics plus new and fresh versions of pies, tarts, cakes, cookies, pastries and breads in a book with 300 recipes and 2,000 thousand photos.
The Tassajara Recipe Book: Favorites of the Guest Season
The Tassajara Recipe Book
Favorites of the Guest Season
Paperback      ISBN: 039473520x
Selected from the culinary repertoire of the Zen Mountain Center at Tassajara, these nearly one hundred recipes combine the best of gourmet vegetarian cookery with "California cuisine" and include such delicacies as Almond Pate, Green Bean Soup with Basil Butter, and more
Sweety Pies: An Uncommon Collection of Womanish Observations, With Pies
Sweety Pies
An Uncommon Collection of Womanish Observations, With Pies
Hardcover      ISBN: 1561588482
A delectable assortment of pies showcases seventy tempting, traditional, and homestyle recipes, along with photographs, personal anecdotes, and biographical profiles of each baker, in a collection that ranges from Sister Baby's Buttermilk Pie to Miss Hatfield and Her Jelly Pies. 20,000 first printing.
Cover & Bake
Cover & Bake
Hardcover      ISBN: 0936184809
Presents more than two hundred one-dish recipes, including such traditional favorites as lasagna, pot roast, chicken pot pie, and baked macaroni and cheese.
The Baking Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask
The Baking Answer Book
Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask
Paperback      ISBN: 1603424393
Every baker has pondered the wisdom of substituting one ingredient for another ("I don't have any cake flour. Can I use all-purpose flour?"), using a square baking dish instead of the rectangular pan the recipe requires, or constructing a fancy dessert with frozen puff pastry rather than homemade. Baking recipes require precision and attention — exact measurements, correct ingredients, and a confident hand — to mix, cream, froth, and whip. But surely there is some leeway? And if there really is no room for error or substitution, then the curious baker wants to know why. Answering every question about common and specialty ingredients, finicky ovens, the best equipment for every recipe, the science behind the magic of baking, and the unique properties, quirks, and flavors of every kind of baked good, author Lauren Chattman reassures readers with commonsense solutions, foolproof, substitutions, and fun-to-know facts about the history and evolution of favorite baked goods. She even includes recipes that allow readers to practice new techniques and experiment with unfamiliar ingredients. Spelt Brownies, anyone? Portable, browseable, and easy to use, The Baking Answer Book earns a place beside the recipe collections in bakers' libraries, explaining the techniques that don't make sense and solving the mysteries of soggy zucchini bread and cracked cheesecakes.