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Hardcover      ISBN: 1580089917
A James Beard Award-winner offers a step-by-step instructional for baking the best-loved basics plus new and fresh versions of pies, tarts, cakes, cookies, pastries and breads in a book with 300 recipes and 2,000 thousand photos.
Tartine Bread
Tartine Bread
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811870413
For the home or professional bread-maker, this is the book of the season. It comes from a man many consider to be the best bread baker in the United States: Chad Robertson, co-owner of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, a city that knows its bread. To Chad, bread is the foundation of a meal, the center of daily life, and each loaf tells the story of the baker who shaped it. He developed his unique bread over two decades of apprenticeship with the finest artisan bakers in France and the United States, as well as experimentation in his own ovens. Readers will be astonished at how elemental it is. A hundred photographs from years of testing, teaching, and recipe development provide step-by-step inspiration, while additional recipes provide inspiration for using up every delicious morsel.
Road to Blue Ribbon Baking
Road to Blue Ribbon Baking
Hardcover      ISBN: 159298195x
The Art of the Tart: Savory and Sweet
The Art of the Tart
Savory and Sweet
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0375504923
The noted food writer and author of Last Letters Home offers eighty recipes for her favorite sweet and savory tarts, including sweet corn and spring onion tart and rhubarb meringue pie, among others. 20,000 first printing.
Macarons: Authentic French Cookie Recipes from the Macaron Cafe
Authentic French Cookie Recipes from the Macaron Cafe
Paperback      ISBN: 1569758204
From acclaimed pastry chefs Florian Bellanger and Ludovic Augendre comes the ultimate guide to baking delicious French macarons. These adorable sandwich-like treats have exploded in popularity and have been declared by many to be the hottest dessert since the cupcake. With stunning photographs and easy-to-follow directions, the chefs share their expert secrets for creating the perfect cookie. Featuring delicious favorite flavors — like rich chocolate fudge, nutty pistachio, and creamy lemon as well as more unusual offerings such as white chocolate poppy seed, Earl Grey, and even whiskey soaked — the book includes macaron recipes for every taste.
The Modern Baker: Time-saving Techniques for Breads, Tarts, Pies, Cakes, & Cookies
The Modern Baker
Time-saving Techniques for Breads, Tarts, Pies, Cakes, & Cookies
Hardcover      ISBN: 0756639719
One of America's preeminent bakers and baking teachers introduces cooks to the modern art of baking in a volume that includes descriptions of how batters and doughs are prepared and includes 150 simple, step-by-step recipes for a wide variety of sweet and savory baked goods.
The Tassajara Bread Book
The Tassajara Bread Book
Paperback      ISBN: 039474196x
Gathers recipes for yeasted and unyeasted breads, pastries, sourdough breads, pancakes, scones, bagels, biscuits, muffins, flavored butters, cookies, cakes, and tarts
Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes
Ace of Cakes
Inside the World of Charm City Cakes
Hardcover      ISBN: 006170301x
The Food Network star reveals the secrets behind Charm City Cakes bakery's unique and creative cakes and introduces the innovative team that can make any frosting-coated dream come true, in a full-color scrapbook that shows the talent behind the tastiness. 100,000 first printing.
The Best Bread Ever: Great Homemade Bread Using Your Food Processor
The Best Bread Ever
Great Homemade Bread Using Your Food Processor
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0767900324
The former owner of an award-winning French bistro reveals the secrets of his innovative, amazingly simple techniques for making delicious bread, from choosing the flour to converting a home oven into a bakery hearth, and offers seventy-five recipes.
Sweet and Savory Swedish Baking
Sweet and Savory Swedish Baking
Hardcover      ISBN: 1602397988
A book with 160 color photos offers 200 new and traditional Swedish recipes for cookies, cupcakes, crumbles, birthday cakes, hearty loaves, Swedish crisp bread (and the jams to spread on them), and more, and features such treats as Strawberry Flan with Toffee Cream and Almond Cake with Elderflower and Fresh Berries.