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Mayo Clinic William-sonoma Cookbook: Si
Mayo Clinic William-sonoma Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0737000082
Great Tastes: Healthy Cooking from Canyon Ranch
Great Tastes
Healthy Cooking from Canyon Ranch
Hardcover      ISBN: 0962410225
Martha Stewart's Healthy Quick Cook: Four Seasons of Great Menus to Make Every Day
Martha Stewart's Healthy Quick Cook
Four Seasons of Great Menus to Make Every Day
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 051757702x
A stylish, lavishly illustrated cookbook presents more than 175 sensible, healthful recipes for quick-and-easy dishes, utilizing low-fat cooking techniques and emphasizing fresh, seasonal ingredients. 350,000 first printing.
The South Beach Diet Cookbook
The South Beach Diet Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 1579549578
A companion to "The South Beach Diet" presents more than two hundred recipes that demonstrate how to eat healthfully without compromising taste, outlining the diet's basic philosophies and sharing personal success stories.
Conscious Eating
Conscious Eating
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1556432852
Conscious Eating has been referred to as the "Bible of Vegetarians," for both beginners and advanced students of health. This classic work in the field of live-food nutrition is an inspirational journey and a manual for life. Included is new information on enzymes, vegetarian nutrition for pregnancy, and an innovative international 14-day menu of gourmet, Kosher, vegetarian, live-food cuisine, plus 150 recipes.
The Glycemic Load Diet: A Powerful New Program for Losing Weight and Reversing Insulin Resistance
The Glycemic Load Diet
A Powerful New Program for Losing Weight and Reversing Insulin Resistance
Paperback      ISBN: 0071462694
A cardiologist's revolutionary weight-loss plan that allows dieters to enjoy good carbs while still losing weight The glycemic index has been the basis of many popular diets. But it doesn't take into account the serving sizes people actually eat and eliminates too many foods for dieters to stick with it. Now Dr. Robert Thompson's breakthrough program uses the glycemic load--the glycemic index adjusted for serving size--to take the GI a step forward. The glycemic load is a more accurate and effective tool in controlling weight and insulin resistance, allowing dieters to eat more foods while still burning fat, cutting cravings, and speeding up their metabolism. Safe, simple, and scientifically proven, it's the smartest weight-loss plan yet.
The Healthy Kitchen: Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit
The Healthy Kitchen
Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit
Paperback      ISBN: 0375710310
The author of Eating Well for Optimum Health joins forces with the acclaimed chef in a lively dialogue about healthy ingredients and creative food preparation, discussing such subjects as the real meaning of "organic," the safety of our water, the most health-giving oils, and how much salt and sugar is good for us, while providing tips on losing weight, developing good eating habits in children, and nurturing seniors. Reprint. 150,000 first printing.
The Fiber for Life Cookbook
The Fiber for Life Cookbook
Paperback      ISBN: 1570671346
Learn how to reap the health-benefits of a fiber-rich diet with this collection of gourmet dishes that you'll enjoy serving to your family and friends because they taste good and are satisfying. The fact that they are high-fiber is an added bonus. More health experts are recommending that we eat a few plant-based meals a week and fit more vegetables and whole grains into our diet. A lack of fiber can cause many common complaints and life-threatening conditions whereas including more fiber in your diet can aid digestion and help protect against heart disease and cancer. Renowned cookbook author Bryanna Clark Grogan offers a variety of delicious recipes from satisfying fare to please your family to gourmet recipes for any party. A few of the dishes to enjoy include Chickpea and Walnut Salad, Thai Cabbage Salad, Maple Baked Beans, Savory Mushroom Patties, Velvet Turkish Red Lentil Soup and Fudgey Light Brownies and Pear Upside-Down Cake.
The Healing Cuisine of China: 300 Recipes for Vibrant Health and Longevity
The Healing Cuisine of China
300 Recipes for Vibrant Health and Longevity
Paperback      ISBN: 089281778x
A comprehensive guide to the Chinese art of healing with food • Provides more than 300 authentic Chinese recipes for curing specific ailments and for promoting happiness and vitality • Explains the theories behind traditional Chinese beliefs about health and diet and reconciles these beliefs with contemporary Western medical knowledge • Includes a complete fitness program centered on the popular Chinese qi gong exercises Through 5,000 years of recorded history the Chinese have developed an unequaled pharmacopoeia of food remedies and have turned this knowledge into a delicious cuisine that is simple to prepare. This cuisine has little in common with the dishes on the menus of many Chinese restaurants--which have sacrificed traditional Chinese principles to appeal to high-fat Western tastes. Instead, it emphasizes all-natural ingredients eaten in season and in the most beneficial combinations. The Healing Cuisine of China features more than 300 authentic Chinese recipes, ranging from simple preparations to cure specific ailments to traditional "longevity banquets." The authors also explain the underlying theories behind traditional Chinese beliefs about health and reconcile these ancient beliefs with Western medical knowledge about bacteria, viruses, and other causes of disease. A complete fitness program, centered on the popular Chinese qi gong exercises, and a questionnaire to help readers discover their individual body requirements make this the most comprehensive guide to the healthy lifestyle of China ever published.
The Living Foods Lifestyle
The Living Foods Lifestyle
Paperback      ISBN: 0972149007