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The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook
The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0740791435
Blue Chair Fruit: Jam, Jelly & Marmalade is the definitive jam book of the 21st century.Bringing together a strong focus on sustainability and the seasons and on using the widest possible array of fruits and flavors, this book shows both the home and professional cook how to successfully make over 100 vivid-tasting preserves throughout the year.
Ripe: The Search for the Perfect Tomato
The Search for the Perfect Tomato
Hardcover      ISBN: 1582434263
Describes the history of tomatoes, their importance to cultures around the world, the plight of migrant laborers, and the journey of a typical tomato from field to table.

Fast, Fresh & Green: More Than 90 Delicious Recipes for Veggie Lovers
Fast, Fresh & Green
More Than 90 Delicious Recipes for Veggie Lovers
Paperback      ISBN: 0811865665
This new bible for all things vegetable from Fine Cooking's Vegetable Queen is ideal for the millions of eaters who want to get the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and greens into their daily diet. Susie Middleton shares her love of healthful, delicious veggies with a guide to shopping for and cooking delectable meatless meals, including such delights as Spinach with Shallots and Parmigiano and Roasted Eggplant, Bell Pepper, and Fresh Basil Salad. More than 100 recipes for appetizers, snacks, entrees, and side dishes, many of them vegan, make Fast, Fresh & Green an excellent resource for vegetarians and omnivores.
Herbs: A Country Garden Cookbook
A Country Garden Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0002554534
A guide for cooks who love using fresh herbs combines full-color photographs with recipes for a variety of honeys, teas, oils, and spices that contribute to such recipes as Carrot Soup with Onion and Dill Cream, Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Mustard Glaze.
Portobello Cookbook: 40 Quick and Easy Recipes
Portobello Cookbook
40 Quick and Easy Recipes
Hardcover      ISBN: 1885183755
Portobello mushrooms are the most flavorful--and popular--of the cultivated "exotic" mushrooms that are now found in supermarkets and specialty shops throughout the United States and Canada. From the simple grilled portobello--many diners' first experience with this mushroom--to portobello lasagna and portobello potpie, these aromatic mushrooms are deliciously satisfying and are low in fat and calories. The portobello's popularity is increasing steadily; according to the U.S. Mushroom Council, portobello sales in the United States have doubled in the last three years, up to 30 million pounds. Jack Czarnecki, America's foremost authority on cooking mushrooms, has written the first book focusing exclusively on the versatile portobello. The Portobello Cookbook provides some forty recipes for basic preparations, main courses, side dishes, and snacks, and it will help cooks explore new culinary ideas. Using flavors and cooking methods from around the world, Czarnecki presents recipes for such treats as Portobello Tempura with Beer Batter, Portobello and Lemongrass Soup, Portobello-Vegetable Stir Fry, Provence-style Portobello Ragout, Shaved Portobello Salad with Balsamic Vinegar, and many more. Most of the recipes are simple and quick to make--using a minimal number of ingredients--and they deliver great flavor. This volume is beautifully designed and illustrated by Alexandra Maldonado.
The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese
The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese
Paperback      ISBN: 1933392347
Presents 345 cheesemakers in the United States, with each profile describing the cheesemaker and its history, cheeses, location, and availability.
The Juicing Book: A Complete Guide to the Juicing of Fruits and Vegetables for Maximum Health
The Juicing Book
A Complete Guide to the Juicing of Fruits and Vegetables for Maximum Health
Paperback      ISBN: 089529253x
Gives recipes and advocates the use of the juice of fruits and vegetables for reliving certain physical ailments
The New American Cheese: Profiles of America's Great Cheesemakers and Recipes for Cooking With Cheese
The New American Cheese
Profiles of America's Great Cheesemakers and Recipes for Cooking With Cheese
Hardcover      ISBN: 1556709900
Celebrating the great cheese renaissance in America, this luscious illustrated cookbook pays tribute to the nation's new love affair with a favorite food, looking at the art of cheesemaking and sharing a host of inventive recipes designed to make cheese lovers smack their lips. BOMC.
The Sweet Potato Lover's Cookbook: More Than 100 Ways to Enjoy One of the World's Healthiest Foods
The Sweet Potato Lover's Cookbook
More Than 100 Ways to Enjoy One of the World's Healthiest Foods
Paperback      ISBN: 1402239114
Who would have imagined that the simple sweet potato could offer so many delicious possibilities? The Sweet Potato Lover's Cookbook showcases recipes that take advantage of and feature this stellar vegetable. With their nutritional value, great taste, and use worldwide, sweet potatoes truly are one of nature's most unique gifts to the world. This cookbook is the perfect resource for making sweet potatoes a regular, flavorful part of one's menu. Tempt your taste buds with: • Orange Butter Sweet Potato Waffles • Sausage and Sweet Potato Soup • Candied Sweet Potatoes • Easy Caramel Sweet Potato Pie • And more!
The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminis- Vegetarian Critical Theory
The Sexual Politics of Meat
A Feminis- Vegetarian Critical Theory
Paperback      ISBN: 0826411843
This tenth anniversary edition of a book that might seem like some strange side-dish next to the more meaty entrees concerned with race, class, gender, and sexuality is a testament to the book's importance, one based on establishing connections between eating and being. Ms. Adams views eating as more than pleasure, business, and nutrition, seeing it intermixed in a succotash of linguistic, cultural, and political practices connected to man/woman and human/animal relations. Read this book to find out about the "absent referent," usually an animal absented by being linguistically appropriated to dramatize the speaker's experience ("He treated me like a piece of meat,"), the ancient but "absented" vegetarian themes in literature, and the absented vegetarian canon great works by great writers on vegetarianism passed over by otherwise omnivorous instructors. Even after 10 years and a fresh-in-the-trenches breed of anarchovegans fighting the good fight, Adams still has vital things to say to those thinking about slaughtered flesh. The tenth edition contains a new preface and an updated bibliography. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (