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The Perfect Recipe: Getting It Right Every Time : Making Our Favorite Dishes the Absolute Best They Can Be
The Perfect Recipe
Getting It Right Every Time : Making Our Favorite Dishes the Absolute Best They Can Be
Hardcover      ISBN: 0618132694
A collection of meticulously tested classic recipes such as fried chicken, hamburgers, roast turkey, potato salad, corn bread, strawberry shortcake, apple pie, and brownies in a easy-to-follow and fun to read format.
Essentials of Cooking
Essentials of Cooking
Hardcover      ISBN: 1579651208
In this unrivaled practical guide, one of America's most widely respected cookbook authors distills his vast knowledge and experience into the 100 essential techniques that every cook needs to know. Seven hundred and fifty photographs unravel the mysteries of the method and provide practical application on the spot. Each technique is further explained in terms of how it makes the food taste: What happens, for example, if you cook the fish in butter versus oil? Why does roasting make vegetables taste so good? How do you decide whether you want to make a chicken stew or sautT? Here are answers to just about every cooking question, from the simple to the sublime: how to boil an artichoke or cook a soft-boiled egg, or how to clean soft-shell crabs or even butcher and roast a whole saddle of lamb. Knowing how to execute a technique makes you efficient; knowing why you've chosen that technique makes you a master.
The Book of Yogurt: An International Collection of Recipes
The Book of Yogurt
An International Collection of Recipes
Paperback      ISBN: 0880016515
An international collection of recipes enables cooks to incorporate yogurt in a wide variety of traditional and gourmet foods from hors d'oeuvres to desserts and beverages
Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen
Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen
Paperback      ISBN: 1557883521
A professional caterer shares her insider's secrets of party planning and entertaining with helpful advice on budgeting, decorations, theme parties, menu preparations for different sized gatherings, invitations, and more than one hundred party-tested recipes. Original.
The Little House Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories
The Little House Cookbook
Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories
Paperback      ISBN: 0064460908
A collection of more than one hundred recipes, designed for cooks of any age, captures the true pioneer spirit, featuring dishes such as Long Winter Bread and Green Pumpkin Pie, based on meals described in the beloved Little House books. Simultaneous.
The Harry's Bar Cookbook
The Harry's Bar Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0553070304
A Venice restaurateur and owner of the acclaimed Harry's Bar recalls some of his famous clientele, reveals the secrets of fine Italian cookery, and offers more than two hundred of the restaurant's most treasured recipes. Reissue.
Kitchen Sessions With Charlie Trotter
Kitchen Sessions With Charlie Trotter
Hardcover      ISBN: 0898159970
A collection of recipes drawn from the chef's television show features lobster, scallops, salmon, catfish, pasta, poultry, pork, and beef
The Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection
The Soul of a Chef
The Journey Toward Perfection
Paperback      ISBN: 0141001895
The author explores the lives of the men and women whose goal is to serve perfect food, drawing on the collective experiences of three talented young chefs to reveal the dreams, goals, and ideas of great chefs.
100 Years of Good Cooking: Minnesota Centennial Cookbook
100 Years of Good Cooking
Minnesota Centennial Cookbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0873510143
Features more than 375 recipes from city and farm kitchens across the state.
Fast Appetizers
Fast Appetizers
Paperback      ISBN: 1580080499
Provides more than one hundred recipes for appetizers that can be prepared in fifteen minutes or less, and includes cooking tips and shortcuts