Italian Cooking
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Hardcover      ISBN: 0714868884
Explore one of Italy’s best‐kept culinary secrets and hottest new travel destinations with the latest addition to Phaidon’s series on regional cuisines compiled fromThe Silver Spoon. Puglia offers more than 50 all‐new, authentic and easy‐to‐follow recipes fromThe Silver Spoon kitchen that showcase the full culinary range of one of Italy’s most distinctive regions. From simple antipasti (Fried Mussels) and classic pasta dishes (Orchiette with Turnip Tops), to delicious desserts (Chocolate with Figs), home cooks will be immersed in the food culture of one of most fascinating areas of Italy. Gorgeous specially commissioned photography of landscapes and regional products compliment the recipes and texts, which explore the province’s unique culture, key ingredients, producers and food markets. Puglia transports home cooks from their kitchens to the olive groves and Mediterranean beaches of Italy’s longest coastline and will have them cooking like an Italian in no time flat.
Italy Dish by Dish
Italy Dish by Dish
Paperback      ISBN: 1892145901
Italy Dish by Dish describes more than 3,000 dishes you’ll find throughout every region of Italy. Even if you speak fluent Italian, regional terms for food and dishes can be confusing. No longer—with this translator you’ll know exactly what’s on the menu, how it’s cooked, what ingredients it contains, and how it fits into la cucina italiana. Lovers of good food and Italian culture will find this guide an irresistible and indispensable stew of culinary information, definitions, and local lore. And any cook will soon realize that the detailed descriptions of hundreds of dishes also serve as mini recipes that can easily be followed to create hundreds of authentic meals at home.
Versatile: Cooking & Living Italian
Cooking & Living Italian
Hardcover      ISBN: 1851496831
An Italian cookbook that follows the journey of an Italian mother, from her childhood to motherhood and all the recipes in between.
A Passion for Fruit
A Passion for Fruit
Paperback      ISBN: 1862055610
Inspired by the exquisite paintings of the 17th-century Florentine artist Giovanna Garzoni, Mike Newton’s color-drenched photographs bring to life the beauty of luscious, sun-ripened fruit. To complement these images, celebrated Italian cook Lorenza de’Medici offers an elegant narrative and 100 Tuscan-inspired recipes. Among the delicious main dishes are Pork Loin with Apricots, Duck Breasts with Cherry Sauce, and Fig and Tuna Skewers, and to end the meal, there are plenty of enticing desserts, including Chocolate Peach Tart and Strawberry Tiramisu. It is a book to inspire cooks, art lovers, and gardeners alike.
Verdure: Vegetable Recipes from the Kitchen of the American Academy in Rome
Vegetable Recipes from the Kitchen of the American Academy in Rome
Hardcover      ISBN: 1936941031
Until 2007, a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome—arguably, the most prestigious prize awarded to archaeologists, painters, architects, scholars, and artists—had one huge drawback: the food. The dining room, ideally a place for Fellows to gather and for disciplines to “cross-pollinate,
Patricia Wells at Home in Provence: Recipes Inspired by Her Farmhouse in France
Patricia Wells at Home in Provence
Recipes Inspired by Her Farmhouse in France
Paperback      ISBN: 0684863286
A culinary tour of the author's farmhouse in Provence offers 175 recipes, including olive oil brioche, grape harvest cake, and duck with lime and honey
Food Wine Rome
Food Wine Rome
Paperback      ISBN: 1892145715
Food Wine Rome is a tightly focused guidebook and traveler’s companion to the culinary delights of Rome. For each neighborhood, listings are in three categories: 1) dining: restaurants, trattorie, osterie; 2) gourmet shopping: bakeries, markets, salami makers, cheesemongers, and more; 3) wine: shops and wine bars. A dozen or more sidebars add entertaining and informative bits of city lore, culture, customs, quotes, and anecdotes to bring alive the city’s historic culinary richness: the Roman love affair with artichokes; the watermelon festival held for years on August 24, when giant, ripe watermelons would be released into the river upstream and Roman kids would dive into the river to grab them; Lucullus’ Kitchen Garden; the Cacio e Pepe Family of Pastas; the cult of the strawberries of Nemi (one of whose devotees was Caligula); Papal cuisine; the Renaissance of Rome’s wines; Holy Water and the Aqueducts; Spring Fever (lamb, favas, artichokes, zucchini flowers); and dozens more. A glossary of essential Roman/Italian food terms helps make shopping, marketing, and eating fun and rewarding. It is illustrated with scores of atmospheric photographs and an overall map of central Rome, plus detailed maps for each of Rome’s nine central neighborhoods, so that readers can find addresses immediately.
Extra Virgin: Cooking With Olive Oil
Extra Virgin
Cooking With Olive Oil
Hardcover      ISBN: 1841720887
Mike Isabella's Crazy Good Italian: Big Flavors, Small Plates
Mike Isabella's Crazy Good Italian
Big Flavors, Small Plates
Hardcover      ISBN: 073821566x
Top Chef All Star finalist Mike Isabella puts his gnocchi where his mouth is with 200 Mediterranean recipes
Francesco's Kitchen: An Intimate Guide to the Authentic Flavours of Venice
Francesco's Kitchen
An Intimate Guide to the Authentic Flavours of Venice
Hardcover      ISBN: 0091922283
Shows us how to prepare 150 Venetian recipes ranging from Antipasti, sauces, soups and fish, to meats, pasta and puddings. The author demonstrates how Venetian food is a fusion of ingredients brought together over centuries as merchants and traders travelled the Mediterranean. Each chapter is introduced with the history and origins of the recipes.