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The Best of Cooking With Beer
The Best of Cooking With Beer
Paperback      ISBN: 099626891x
With over one hundred exciting, inspiring recipes for cooking with beer and fantastic photography, this book will be a collector's dream. Featuring favorite recipes fromCraft Beer & Brewing Magazine and our annual Cooking with Beer special issues, this book provides a unique collection of tested recipes from top chefs. Christopher Cina is Executive Chef for the Breckenridge-Wynkoop dining concepts, overseeing the culinary teams, operations, and menus of the breweries’ highly respected restaurants. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has cooked in kitchens around the world. Sara Dumford is a craft-beer enthusiast and culinarian with many years of experience.
Paperback      ISBN: 0937381284
Porter reviews the history of George Washington's favorite beer and teaches you how to create this rich, full-bodied ale for your own enjoyment.
300 Beers to Try Before You Die!
300 Beers to Try Before You Die!
Paperback      ISBN: 1435143884
The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions
The Book of Beer Pong
The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions
Paperback      ISBN: 0811866327
As any discriminating player will tell you, Beer Pong is not a fad it's a True Sport of Champions. What is beer pong? Mash together ping pong, basketball, and darts, add copious amounts of cold beer and heated competition, and you re getting close. The creators of,, and the Official Bombed Beer Pong Kit have written the first and only guide to the worldwide craze. Featuring everything from basic etiquette to expert techniques, tactics for smack talk, cutting-edge ball grips and flight paths, and tips for hosting a tournament, this invaluable tome will make anyone a champion of this burgeoning sport. So, drink up and game on!
Classic Bottled Beers of the World
Classic Bottled Beers of the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1853752193
Beer Brewing for Everyone
Beer Brewing for Everyone
Paperback      ISBN: 0764344994
The Last Course: A Cookbook
The Last Course
A Cookbook
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 037550429x
The creator of of the Gramercy Tavern's award-winning desserts shares 175 easy-to-prepare recipes for everything from Warm Raspberry Verbena Meringue Cake to Apple Tarte Tatin. 30,000 first printing.
Great Beers: 700 of the Best from Around the World
Great Beers
700 of the Best from Around the World
Paperback      ISBN: 0756657989
A full-color, illustrated guide features more than 700 beers from 350 breweries around the world--from bitters, lagers, Belgian beers and weissbiers to stouts, porters, fruit beers, ales and more--including brewery details, histories, recommendations and tasting notes. Original.
My Beer Year: Adventures with Hop Farmers, Craft Brewers, Chefs, Beer Sommeliers & Fanatical Drinkers as a Beer Master in Training
My Beer Year
Adventures with Hop Farmers, Craft Brewers, Chefs, Beer Sommeliers & Fanatical Drinkers as a Beer Master in Training
Paperback      ISBN: 1611802717
A love note to beer--appreciating the history, craftsmanship, and taste of craft beer as told by a woman striving for beer-expert status. Lucy Burningham is a beer lover living in America's capital of craft brews: Portland, Oregon. As a journalist spurred by curiosity and thirst, she made it her career to write about craft beer, traveling to hop farms, attending rare beer tasting parties, and visiting as many taprooms, breweries, and festivals as possible. With this as her introduction, Lucy decided to take her relationship with beer to the next level: to become a certified beer expert, a Master Cicerone. Join Lucy as she studies and sips her way to becoming a Cicerone. Travel with her to Europe to learn from some of Belgium's most influential brewers, and contemplate the craftsmanship and ingredients that go into making a great beer. Dine with her at three-star Michelin restaurants as she examines how the palate interprets flavors and aromas. Hang out with her as she tries her hand at brewing beer herself, both at her home and in a commercial brewery with her mentor, brewer John Harris, for an inside look at brewing techniques. With an eclectic cast of characters, including brewers, maltsters, hop farmers, beer sommeliers, pub owners, and fanatical beer drinkers, Lucy's journey into the world of beer is by turns educational, social, and personal--just as enjoying a good beer should be. In the end, not only will you understand the basics of how beer is made, sold, and served, you'll also understand why the drink inspires fanatical craft brewing fandom, and why a good beer shouldn't be taken for granted.
The Little Book of Craft Beer: A Guide to over 100 of the World's Finest Brews
The Little Book of Craft Beer
A Guide to over 100 of the World's Finest Brews
Hardcover      ISBN: 1784881155
There is an increasing demand for information on the best craft beers around the world, and how best to pair it with food. Look no further: this is your essential guide to knowing everything you need to know about craft beer; how to make it, the different styles and how to match it with food.