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Bloody Marys: Sanguine Solutions For a Slew of Situations
Bloody Marys: Sanguine Solutions For a Slew of Situations
      ISBN: 0615471048
Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails
A New Perspective on Cocktails
Paperback      ISBN: 0804186731
Presents step-by-step recipes, organized by seasons, for crafting cocktails at home, including the rye old fashioned, strawberry rhubarb fizz, watermelon daiquiri, and rosemary maple bourbon sour.
Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer
Cocktails on Tap
The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer
Hardcover      ISBN: 1617691429
Collects more than fifty recipes for mixed drinks that use all types of beer as an ingredient, from basic lagers to stouts and sour Belgian ales, including a white collins, harvey weissbanger, beer nog, and mulled ale.
Bartending for Dummies
Bartending for Dummies
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 047005056x
1,000 + recipes and great party tips Get the latest bar buzz on how to host, mix, shake, pour, and more Want to concoct the perfect cocktail? From today's popular Mojitos and Martinis to classics like Manhattans and Margaritas, you'll be able to sip and entertain with a special twist. Get the scoop on everything from liquors, wine, and beer to Scotch, tequila, the latest tools of the trade, and more. Discover how to: - Stock a bar - Mix exotic specialties and hot toddies - Experiment with new flavored rums, vodkas, and cordials - Garnish and serve drinks like a master mixologist - Cure hangovers and hiccups
A Visual Guide to Drink
A Visual Guide to Drink
Hardcover      ISBN: 159240930x
An imbiber’s delight and the first book from the meticulous minds at Pop Chart Lab. Pop Chart Lab was founded in 2010 by a book editor and a designer, with the modest goal of rendering all of human experience in chart form. Since then they’ve charted a wide array of cultural touchstones—everything from the syntax of rapper names to the history of basketball uniforms to a taxonomy of whiskeys from around the world. A Visual Guide to Drink is Pop Chart Lab’s comprehensive volume of its most important topics in graphical form: beer, wine, and spirits. Infographically representing everything from the very many varieties of beer and the vessels to drink them out of, to the cocktails of choice of film and literature’s copious consumers, A Visual Guide to Drink maps, graphs, and charts the history, geography, and culture of the world’s very favorite pastime. The domestic beer-drinking novice and whiskey aficionado alike will relish in the breadth and depth of information presented—from an incredibly detailed map of the wine regions of France to the perfectly practical charted cocktail recipes—as well as the company’s trademark clean and elegant design. The definitive guide to informative imbibing,A Visual Guide to Drink is a fun, functional, and beautiful concoction of data and design that is sure to inspire delight in readers (and drinkers) everywhere.
The Home Distiller's Guide to Spirits: Reviving the Art of Home Distilling
The Home Distiller's Guide to Spirits
Reviving the Art of Home Distilling
Hardcover      ISBN: 1770854770
The Home Distiller's Guide to Spirits brings artisanal alcohol out of its dark moonshine past into its exciting present. This comprehensive guide to the home still is an ideal introduction for beginners and a practical resource for producing distillers. With more than 50 original recipes, it features easy-to-follow advice and step-by-step photography and direction on bottling, canning, and cultures. Topics include: - Brief history of moonshine, how it was developed and why - Overview of the techniques and distilling terms - Description of equipment needed and how to source it - A guide to the different stills available and their uses - List of materials and how to find them, and how to obtain a license - Step-by-step guide to make basic alcohol with an easy first recipe - Description of the types of alcohol that can be distilled at home - Profiles of individual distillers and list of suppliers and resources - Troubleshooting and safety. The Home Distiller's Guide to Spirits covers the five categories of home-distilled spirits: - Vodka, the easiest to start with -- How to make, store and favor - Whisky -- Creating the perfect mash; aging whisky - Rum -- Choosing ingredients, bottling and storing - Gin -- Botanicals; compounding and storing - Flavored and fruit-based: Choosing favor combinations, plus recipes. The Home Distiller's Guide to Spirits is an ideal resource for anyone dreaming of home distilling, or planning to enter the business.
A Glass Apart: Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey
A Glass Apart
Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864705493
This book illustrates the production, history, and appreciation of Irish pot still whiskey and will introduce casual drinkers to the richness of these whiskeys as well as being a collectors item for established whiskey connoisseurs.
Quench: Handcrafted Beverages to Satisfy Every Taste & Occasion
Handcrafted Beverages to Satisfy Every Taste & Occasion
Hardcover      ISBN: 1611801281
Over 100 recipes for soft and hard drinks--including juices, sodas, teas, liqueurs, bitters, and wines--from the author of Handmade Gatherings. From homemade root beer to hard cider, fresh-squeezed ginger lemonade to handcrafted Irish cream, do-it-yourself beverages are gaining interest and intrigue across the culinary spectrum. Professional mixologists and amateur home cooks alike are looking for beverages to inspire and satisfy, sourced from a variety of natural and seasonal ingredients. Quench offers the solution, covering the entire beverage range with hot, cold, fermented, infused, and cured offerings. There's something here for every palate, occasion, and need. Quench promises to help you pour a glass of whatever it is you're thirsting for.
The El Paso Chile Company Rum & Tiki Cookbook
The El Paso Chile Company Rum & Tiki Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0688177603
Presents a collection of rum-flavored fare, including drinks and cocktails, desserts, marinades, and sauces, highlighting such recipes as Classic Hot Buttered Rums, Luau Baby Back Ribs, Rum Marinated Shrimp Skewers, and Spice Island Flan.
Bourbon: A History of the American Spirit
A History of the American Spirit
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062241397
Popular history with a whiskey-soaked edge: Bourbon is Dane Huckelbridge's artful and imaginative biography of our most well-liked, and at times controversial, spirit, that is also a witty and entertaining chronicle of the United States itself. Few commodities figure as prominently or as intimately in the story of the nation as bourbon whiskey. Its primary ingredient was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Its recipe was perfected on the Western frontier. In 1964, Congress passed a resolution declaring it to be a "distinctive product of the United States." First brewed by pioneers in in the backwoods of Appalachia, bourbon whiskey has become a modern multi-billion dollar international industry today. As Dane Huckelbridge reveals, the Kentucky spirit—the only liquor produced from corn is the American experience, distilled, aged, and sealed in a bottle. In telling the story of bourbon, Huckelbridge takes us on a lively tour across three hundred years. Introducing the fascinating people central to its creation and evolution, he illuminates the elusive character of the nation itself. Interweaving the development of bourbon to America's own rise, his engaging and unique study is popular history at its best, offering a lively and informative look at our past through a hilariously thick pair of whiskey-bottle glasses.