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Variety Film Reviews, 1930-1933
Variety Film Reviews, 1930-1933
Hardcover      ISBN: 082405203x
A Guide to the Star Wars Universe
A Guide to the Star Wars Universe
Paperback      ISBN: 0345386256

A guide to the popular science fiction saga contains information on characters, planets, technical terms, historical events, spaceships, alien species, nicknames, droid types, and more

Sports Cinema 100 Movies: The Best of Hollywood's Athletic Heroes, Losers, Myths, and Misfits
Sports Cinema 100 Movies
The Best of Hollywood's Athletic Heroes, Losers, Myths, and Misfits
Paperback      ISBN: 0879103310

(Limelight). From All the Right Moves to Olympia, from Caddyshack to Rocky, Sports Cinema is an in-depth companion guide celebrating movies centered on sports-oriented stories, characters, events, or backdrops, complete with more than 400 black-and-white movie stills. Beginning with The Freshman (1925), Mr. Williams counts down his top movie picks from more than nine decades, based upon hundreds of hours of film watching and his expertise as a lifelong sports fan and sports writer for national and international publications, including Sports Illustrated, The Hollywood Reporter, Olympic Review, Reuters, and the Washington Post . Enhancing his chapter-by-chapter explorations of each film are sports-themed sections, including "The Players," which lists cast members; "The Game," which provides a synopsis of each movie; "Instant Replay," which includes movie commentary by Mr. Williams, as well little-known trivia; and "All-Star Moments," which offers movie highlights. Casual moviegoers, sports fans, and film buffs will get "the story behind the film" from those involved, including actors, directors, and various cast members in the "Post-Game Comments" section.

The Art of Bond: From Storyboard to Screen: the Creative Process Behind the James Bond Phenomenon
The Art of Bond
From Storyboard to Screen: the Creative Process Behind the James Bond Phenomenon
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810954885

Published to coincide with the fall 2006 release of the newest Bond film, Casino Royale, and profusely illustrated with exclusive images from the Eon Archive, this book is a visual tribute to an incomparable cinematic icon.

Manhattan on Film: Walking Tours of Hollywood's Fabled Front Lot
Manhattan on Film
Walking Tours of Hollywood's Fabled Front Lot
Paperback      ISBN: 0879103191

This book offers 18 of the best walking tours you'd ever want to take of the greatest venues of movie scenes in New York City. In one volume, Katz updates the two best-selling Limelight Editions guidebooks, Manhattan on Film and Manhattan on Film 2 to include films released over the past six years as well as changes to New York City neighborhoods, especially lower Manhattan. Each tour is illustrated with photos from each film shot along its route and includes maps and travel tips. No tour takes more than two hours. A list of the films, with page references, provides an easy guide for those who want to quickly look up their favorite movies.

West Side Story
West Side Story
Paperback      ISBN: 0879103787

On the brink of celebrating its 50th anniversary, West Side Story remains one of the classic motion pictures of the musical genre. A joint collaboration between directors Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, it won 10 Academy Awards and produced the longest-charting soundtrack album of all time. This book explores not only the stage origins of the piece, but the incredible impact of the movie version and how it became a touchstone for all subsequent generations interested in dance on film and in great filmmaking in general.

Paperback      ISBN: 0879103817

(Music On Filments). Milos Forman's film Amadeus was a big hit with critics and audiences alike, an unlikely feat for a film about the clash of two rival composers Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In this first book ever written about the making of the classic movie, Ray Morton traces the story of Amadeus from its origins as an acclaimed Peter Shaffer play through its transformation into a dazzling cinematic experience.

Screen World 2006: Film Annual
Screen World 2006
Film Annual
Paperback      ISBN: 1557837074

(Screen World). The 2006 edition of Screen World highlights the surprise Academy Award-winner for Best Picture, Crash, featuring Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, and Sandra Bullock, which also won Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Film Editing; the groundbreaking gay love story Brokeback Mountain, winner of three Academy Awards, with Oscar-nominated performances by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal; the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, which earned a Best Actress Academy Award for Reese Witherspoon and a Best Actor nomination for Joaquin Phoenix; Philip Seymour Hoffman's uncanny, Oscar-winning Best Actor impersonation of Truman Capote in Capote; Best Supporting Actress winner Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener; plus George Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck, and Syriana, the former bringing him Oscar nominations as director and writer, the latter the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Screen World's outstanding features include: * A color section of highlights and a comprehensive index. Full-page photograph s of the four Acadmey Award-winning actors as well as photos of all acting nominees; A look at the year's most promising new screen personalities; Complete film information: cast and characters, credits, production company, date released, rating, capsule plot summary, and running time; Biographical entries: a priceless reference on over 2,400 living stars, including real name, school, and date and place of birth; Obituraries for 2005; The top box office stars and top 100 box office films. Includes over 1000 color and b&w photos.

Paperback      ISBN: 0879103825

In 1973, Cabaret walked away with eight Academy Awards, including gold statues for director Bob Fosse and for its stars, Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey. Based on the long-running Broadway musical, with a memorable score by John Kander and Fred Ebb, Cabaret is a landmark film that broke new cinematic ground by revolutionizing the Hollywood musical through its treatment of adult themes and art house sensibility. With an introduction by Joel Grey, the book chronicles the history of Cabaret from Christopher Isherwood's Berlin Stories to the stage and film versions of John van Druten's play I Am a Camera through the adaptation of the hit Broadway musical for the big screen. Readers will get an insider's look into the making of the film, the creative talent in front of the camera and behind the scenes, and why this divinely decadent musical continues to captivate audiences.

Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom & Discernment
Hollywood Worldviews
Watching Films with Wisdom & Discernment
Paperback      ISBN: 0830837132

Do you watch movies with your eyes open? You buy your tickets and concessions, and you walk into the theater. Celluloid images flash at twenty-four frames per second, and the hypnotic sequence of moving pictures coaxes you to suspend disbelief and be entertained by the implausible. Unfortunately, many often suspend their beliefs as well, succumbing to subtle lessons in how to behave, think and even perceive reality. Do you find yourself hoping that a sister will succeed in seducing her sibling's husband, that a thief will get away with his crime, that a serial killer will escape judgment? Do you, too, laugh at the bumbling priest and seethe at the intolerant and abusive evangelist? Do you embrace worldviews that infect your faith and then wonder, after your head is clear, whether your faith can survive the infection? In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his popular book, Brian Godawa guides you through the place of redemption in film, the tricks screenwriters use to communicate their messages, and the mental and spiritual discipline required for watching movies. Hollywood Worldviews helps you enter a dialogue with Hollywood that leads to a happier ending, one that keeps you aware of your culture and awake to your faith.