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The Craftsmen of Dionysus: An Approach to Acting
The Craftsmen of Dionysus
An Approach to Acting
Paperback      ISBN: 1557831556

This book, by Jerome Rockwood and endorsed by actors such as Bruce Willis and Burgess Meredith, has been praised as the best acting textbook on the market today. It covers auditioning, blocking, relaxing, improvisation, standard stage speech, dialects and accents, movement in period plays, and much more.

Getting the Part: Thirty-Three Professional Casting Directors Tell You How to Get Work in Theater, Films and TV
Getting the Part
Thirty-Three Professional Casting Directors Tell You How to Get Work in Theater, Films and TV
Paperback      ISBN: 0879101946

"At last, an in-depth book about the casting process that tells actors what it is like to be on the other side of the desk, and a must read for the aspiring casting director " -Marilyn Henry, coauthor, How to Be a Working Actor

You Can Write a Play!
You Can Write a Play!
Paperback      ISBN: 1557834857

Do you have an idea for a play? A situation or experience from your home or work life? Fantasy? With helpful, clear examples, taken from his own experiences in teaching, directing and playwriting, Milton Polsky shows how to find and shape a dramatic idea and bring it to fruition. In addition to providing many practical exercises, suggestions and tips, he discusses and illustrates with examples from established playwrights "the importance of giving shape to your idea so that what is in your head and heart can be expressed to the fullest." To facilitate this creative process, there are "What if?", "Just for You " "Playwright's Page" sections; diagrams, journal exercises; and for this revised edition, end of chapter "Suggested Activities for the Classroom" (solo and group); addditional appendices, including one on feedback; and over 50 new photos. This invaluable and basic guide to writing plays is ideal for teachers, students, camp counselors, community theatre leaders - and for anyone who knows there's a play inside, trying to get out

Classical Monologues: From Aeschylus to Bernard Shaw : Younger Mens Roles
Classical Monologues
From Aeschylus to Bernard Shaw : Younger Mens Roles
Paperback      ISBN: 1557835756

Sure to become a mainstay of any actor's shelf, Applause is pleased to present the first two volumes of Leon Katz's monumental monologue collection. Covering the full scope of Western Drama, from the Greeks to the 20th Century, these two volumes contain over 250 monologues from sources other than Shakespeare's plays. The works range from the famous to the little-known, covering over 2 000 years of theatrical history. Katz provides an introduction to each monologue that provides an informative and critical context for actors, directors, students and teachers, but are also of relevance to general readers. Each volume is organized into Tragedy/Drama and Comedy divisions, and the monologues are helpfully arranged by period as well as chronologically. Also, the monologues are fully footnooted afor unfamiliar references and definitions and the bibliography provides exhaustive listings of sources for all the plays from which the monologues have been drawn. Simply put, these two volumes are a must for actors, directors, teachers and students of classical theatre

Tony Kushner in Conversation
Tony Kushner in Conversation
Paperback      ISBN: 0472066617

In the Fall of 1992, Millennium Approaches, the first part of Tony Kushner's Angels in America, won England's prestigious Evening Standard award as the season's Best Play. By the Spring of 1993, Millennium had come to Broadway and won its highest honor, the Tony Award for Best Play, and the distinguished Pulitzer Prize for drama as well. Through its epic theatrical panorama of the intimate and political dynamics that arise when individuals, histories, and cultures intersect, Millennium captured the imagination and the conscience of all who saw it. Its ability to deeply move the audience in personal, communal, and political ways was admirably (and astoundingly) matched by the subsequent production of the play's second part, Perestroika, which brought Kushner yet another Evening Standard award and Tony Award for Best Play (1994). Tony Kushner has, almost overnight, become the premier American male playwright to "represent" the 1990s, as David Mamet and August Wilson dominated critical attention in the 1980s.
The phenomenally positive response to Angels in America was matched by the equally enthusiastic reception of its young, politically engaged playwright, who impressed journalists and scholars with his eloquent intellect, wit, and moral convictions. Kushner spoke for a younger generation of American artists and activists whose art is intimately connected to social vision and "revolutionary" possibilities in the public and private sectors. His role as a generational (read "national," "liberal," "socialist," "Jewish," "queer") spokesman has provided him with a public platform from which to address concerns that lie at the center of national debate. In a short time Kushner has captured and retained a nation's fascination, and his opinions are widely sought out on a wide range of topics. And, most often, the platform from which Kushner expresses his ideas is the personal interview, in which he boldly confronts Americans to rethink, even to reinvent, themselves as the Millennium approaches.
Tony Kushner in Conversation is the first book to compile Kushner's most significant interviews of the past decade, tracing his career from its early years to his maturing artistic and political visions. The collection includes pieces that first appeared in an amazingly broad range of periodicals as well as interviews not previously published, such as his appearance on PBS on The Charlie Rose Show.
In addition to Angels in America, Tony Kushner is author of Slavs and is currently finishing work on Henry Box Brown, scheduled to have its world premiere at the Royal National Theatre in the summer of 1997. Robert Vorlicky is Associate Professor of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part
Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part
Paperback      ISBN: 0553272950
When Streisand, Redford, Vereen, Tomlin, Midler, and Hoffman got their first breaks Michael Shurtleff was there.

Michael Shurtleff has been casting director for Broadway shows like Chicago and Becket and for films like The Graduate and Jesus Christ Superstar. His legendary course on auditioning has launched hundreds of successful careers. Now in this book he tells the all-important how for all aspiring actors, from the beginning student of acting to the proven talent trying out for that chance-in-a-million role

Twelve guideposts for actors plus:
Style - Pace - Over-Acting - Distractions - Risks - Drama - Musical Theater - Comedy - Self-Rescue - Seduction - Eye Contact
. . . And more
Thinking Like a Director: A Practical Handbook
Thinking Like a Director
A Practical Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0571199941

Bloom draws on nearly twenty years of directing and teaching experience to convey the full experience of directing for the stage, as well as the mindset that all successful directors possess. More than a mere set of guidelines, Thinking Like a Director details a technique that covers every facet of theatrical production, from first reading through final rehearsals. The key to directorial thinking, Bloom asserts, is a dual perspective--an ability to focus on both the internal lives of the play's characters and the external elements of the play's structure. In this illuminating, engaging, and accessible handbook, the art of dramatic interpretation and the craft of working with actors are integrated into a single, unified method.

Callback: How to Prepare for the Callback to Succeed in Getting the Part
How to Prepare for the Callback to Succeed in Getting the Part
Paperback      ISBN: 087910077x

"Ginger Howard Friedman is one of the most innovative and important teachers of our time."--Jerry Orbach You got the audition. Now how do you get the part? What can you do to ensure getting a callback? And what can you do at the callback to demonstrate that you're the one for that role? In this invaluable book, veteran casting director-playwright-teacher Ginger Howard Friedman shares her trade secrets for successful auditioning. Through creative visualization techniques and exercises, she prepares you for that first, all-important cold reading, and using those same techniques, she enables you to tap into the dreams and goals of your character - and give the strongest audition you can. With her guidance, you'll learn: What tools to bring with you to a cold reading, how to prepare for a callback at your first audition, how to give your audition the energy of an opening-night performance, and how to get the part - and keep it. The author's exercises in creative visualization utilize scenes from such classic and contemporary plays as A Doll's House, Born Yesterday, Equus, The Lisbon Traviata, and Six Degrees of Separation. The techniques developed from these exercises can be used to prepare for virtually any role, whether on stage, screen or television.

James Macneil Whistler: Uneasy Pieces
James Macneil Whistler
Uneasy Pieces
Hardcover      ISBN: 1593720017

James McNeill Whistler was one of the most misinterpreted creative talents of his age. While devoted to the expression of the beautiful, he was among the first to recognize that popularized arts and commercialized leisure were complex, interrelated phenomena that made urban life "modern." Whistler's showmanship had far greater impact than countless imitations of his "The White Girl" and "Portrait of the Painter's Mother" might suggest. His purposeful use of past art; his intermingling of private and public spaces; his ability to tailor his work to the realities of the Victorian marketplace; his understanding and exploitation of shifting economic, class, and gender roles; and his clever use of fashion and decoration all lead us to a richer understanding of "modernism" and a broader assessment of his contribution to it. Whistler's emphatically aesthetic pictures, made the more inscrutable by purposefully confusing titles, remain uneasy pieces to the present time. Probing some of these tensions, Dr. Curry explores the intersection of Whistler's determined aestheticism with the commercial art world. Key examples of Whistler's paintings, drawings, and prints are set against related images from both fine art and popular culture drawn from the past two hundred years. Approximately 250 color and monotone illustrations.

The Life of the Drama
The Life of the Drama
Paperback      ISBN: 1557831106

"Eric Bentley's radical new look at the grammar of a work of exceptional virtue... The book justifies its title by being precisely about the ways in which life manifests itself in the theatre...This is a book to be read again and again." - Frank Kermode, The New York Review of Books