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The Second City: Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theatre
The Second City
Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theatre
Hardcover      ISBN: 1570715610
A history of the influential Chicago improvisational comedy group provides background on its best-known members and how they developed their acts, along with recordings of notable performances.
Stanislavski Revealed: The Actor's Guide to Spontaneity on Stage
Stanislavski Revealed
The Actor's Guide to Spontaneity on Stage
Paperback      ISBN: 1557831033
Sonia Moore reveals the subtle tissue of ideas behind what Stanislavski regarded as his "major breakthrough," the Method of Physical Actions. Moore's exhaustive analyses of Stanislavski's original texts, letters, journals and production notes have yielded a revised understanding of Stanislavki's method - and his secret of inspiration - the key to spontaneity on the stage and the path to fresh and naturalistic performance.
Hamlet: A User's Guide
A User's Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0879100834
"Pennington's great experience of the for it...depth of knowledge...generous perception of many productions and interpretations culminate in a book of infinite value to any actor, director and above all to any passionate playgoer. It is written with passion, humor and excellent read." -Ralph Fiennes
Acting for the Camera
Acting for the Camera
Paperback      ISBN: 0060928190
Culled from Tony Barr's 40 years' experience as a performer, director and acting teacher in Hollywood, this highly praised handbook provides readers with the practical knowledge they need when performing in front of the camera. This updated edition includes plenty of new exercises for honing on-camera skills; additional chapters on imagination and movement; and fresh material on character development, monologues, visual focus, playing comedy and working with directors. Inside tips on the studio system and acting guilds make it particularly helpful for people new to the business, and numerous anecdotes from actors such as Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins and examples from current movies illustrate its many lessons. It is perfect for acting classes, workshops, all actors who work in front of the camera -- and all those who want to.
Your Guide to the Alexander Technique
Your Guide to the Alexander Technique
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0312064942
Provides instructions for exercises designed to reduce stress and muscle tension, and revitalize the body, and includes photographs demonstrating the correct positions for each exercise
Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part
Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part
Paperback      ISBN: 0553272950
Provides acting students with specific advice on handling various auditioning situations and offers behind-the-scenes stories about the beginning days of such stars as Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, and Lily Tomlin.
Duo: The Best Scenes for the 90's
The Best Scenes for the 90's
Paperback      ISBN: 1557830304
Over one-hundred and thirty great scenes erupt from page to stage in this addition to the Applause Acting Series. Each scene has been selected as a freestanding dramatic unit offering two actors a wide range of theatrical challenge and opportunity. Each scene is set up with a synopsis of the play, character descriptions and notes on how to propel the scene to full power outside the context of the play. DUO! offers a full spectrum of age, region, genre, character, level of difficulty, and non-traditional casting potential.
Soliloquy! Tthe Shakespeare Monologues Women
Soliloquy! Tthe Shakespeare Monologues Women
Paperback      ISBN: 0936839791
Your one-stop classical workshop! At last, over 175 of Shakespeare's finest and most performable monologues taken from all thirty-seven plays are here in two easy-to-use volumes (Men and Women). Selections travel the entire spectrum of the great dramatist's vision, from comedies, wit and romances, to tragedies, pathos and histories. Soliloquy! is an excellent and comprehensive collection of Shakespeare's speeches. Not only are the monologues wide-ranging and varied, but they are superbly annotated. Each volume is prefaced by an informative and reassuring introduction, which explains the signals and signposts by which Shakespeare helps the actor on his journey through the text. It includes a very good explanation of blank verse, with excellent examples of irregularities which are specifically related to character and acting intentions. These two books are a must for any actor in search of a 'classical' audition piece.'- Elizabeth Smith, Voice Director, Juilliard
The Life of the Drama
The Life of the Drama
Paperback      ISBN: 1557831106
"Eric Bentley's radical new look at the grammar of a work of exceptional virtue...CENTRAL, INDISPENSABLE...The book justifies its title by being precisely about the ways in which life manifests itself in the theatre...THIS IS A BOOK TO BE READ AGAIN AND AGAIN." - Frank Kermode, The New York Review of Books
The Empty Space
The Empty Space
Paperback      ISBN: 0684829576
Discusses four types of theatrical landscapes; the deadly theatre, the holy theatre, the rough theatre, and the immediate theatre.